Chanda Orders Stop to Campaigns for Elective Positions

Premature campaigns and positioning for councillor, Mayor and Member of Parliament positions should be stopped immediately, PF Copperbelt chairman Nathan Chanda has warned.

Addressing Party Members in Kitwe, Chanda said reports of people positioning for elective positions will not be tolerated by the party.

He said there is need for order in the way party activities are conducted in the province.

Chanda said President Edgar Lungu can campaign anywhere even on the Copperbelt because he is already the party’s candidate in the 2021 elections.

“We have heard of the campaigns going on, be it councillor, mayor and Member of Parliament. We want to make it clear that we have [incumbent] councillors, mayors and MPs who have a five year mandate which ends in 2021. For now, there is no vacancy. So no campaigns for these positions,” Chanda said.

“But let me put it clear, there is nothing wrong for any member to aspire for any position under the PF ticket be it councillor, Mayor or MP. What we’re saying is that those who want to aspire for these elective positions should manage their ambitions. You can’t be going to campaign in an area where you have a sitting PF councilor, mayor or MP. That amounts to dividing the party.”

He, however, said the high number of people wanting to stand on the PF ticket shows how attractive and democratic the party is on the Copperbelt Province.

“This shows us how productive and  also shows us how the party has grown and continues to be attractive to the general public. If a party is not attractive, people can’t be fighting for positions or adoptions on it. But for now, we have not started any adoptions on the Copperbelt. We want to take this opportunity to ask our councilors, mayors and MPs to work extra hard with the party structures and prove it to the people and the party for readopting,” said Chanda.


  1. Mr. K

    Chanda you are 100%right its 2years before elections why shud one start campaigning when others are working its uncalled for many might belong to the opposion and want confusion in the party if one thinks is credible why not wait for the. D. Day? Crack the whip to offenders

  2. Elijah Chisenga

    They have see no production from you( no fruits) even in the Bible it’s written, a branch which is not producing fruits should be cutting off. People to start campaign Mr CHANDA doesn’t mean the part is growing no,it’s collapsing, on the other hand they are facing danger in 2021, nothing you will cheat people, new face may make s difference

    • Dude

      Stop making reference to the Bible in vain. The Bible is a holy book, you don’t just make reference to it anyhow.

  3. DJ

    President Lungu is allowed to campaign anywhere even on the copperbelt because he is a sole pf presidential candidate in 2021. What about opposition canditates, why is the ecz blocking them even going to churches and markets ? Shame !

    • Mr Peace

      Ask them…

    • Mapesho

      Bcoz he is the President. That’s his privilege. That’s why those tuma “presidents” can’t do that coz they are not. Mind you he can even use govt resources to campaign. e.g when he went to Chipata that’s was a govt sponsored trip. Did you expect the security to fall off and say no this is Pf duties we won’t guard you?

  4. Fisunge

    The best thing you should do is to listen properly he was just telling his people from pf not other political parties he is advising his political party to be patient other political parties are not involved so please an advice to you sir don’t even bring those who have.failed. You

  5. Manda.Bernard

    What brings Government.lts Democracy.lf Government is facing a lot of Pressure from the General Public those are signals of True Democracy.The voice of the people must be respected.

  6. Morgan

    U are rit

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