East PF Boss Retains Seat

Eastern Province Patriotic Front chairpersonΒ  Andrew Lubusha has retained his position after going through unopposed in the provincial conference held in Chipata today(Tuesday)

Lubusha, who has been provincial chairperson since 2015 went through unopposed after the only challenger Elias Daka withdrew from the race.

Chasefu MP Gerald Zimba is his new vice-chairperson.

Joseph Kolosa retained his position as provincial secretary and Kasenengwa MP Sensio Banda is the new vice-Secretary.

Zefania Mwale continues as provincial treasurer after he went through unopposed.

William Phiri is the new information and publicity Secretary.

Vubwi MP Margaret Miti is the new provincial women chairlady while Nyimba MP Victoria Phiri Mwansa is the womens wing treasurer.

Emmanuel Jay Jay Banda scooped the position of provincialΒ  youth chairperson.

The conference was officially opened by President Lungu and closed by party Secretary General Davies Mwila.


  1. Bashikulu Emma

    Tiyeni nayo

  2. Martin Kunda


  3. munaz bainos

    Cogulatrations 4 de changes

  4. munaz bainos

    Congtrations 4 de changes

  5. Sam

    Go pf

  6. Sam

    Viva pf Viva kum’mawa viva Ba President Ba Lungu for hinting on peace,unity and leaving out Tribalism a disease amongst politicians

  7. Sam

    Not leaving out Tribalism a disease amongst politicians

  8. Zambian

    They will only work for 1 year and some months ninshi bapyamo 2021

  9. Sam

    Mr President talked about a cadre being a good politician, one can’t make a good politician if he is not a cadre!

  10. Gershom ingwe

    Viva kumawa Viva ECL and PF traiblelisim can not take us any where

  11. Indoshi palupe

    Nkani yamu kachasu!

  12. Ecl


  13. Mr Peace

    If you are failing to take yourself somewhere,where do you expect PF to take you?

  14. King cool

    Yes Zambia they will work for two years and get rich quickly and there belly will be big ..caipiila iwe wamene upanga coongo ,,,, two years it’s not a joke,,

  15. King cool

    Yes Zambian they will work for two years and get rich quickly and their belly will be big ,..caipiila iwe wamene upanga coongo ,,,, two years it’s not a joke,, Ine I depends on God..

  16. Christopher lombe

    Congrats πŸŽ‰

  17. Rubbish

    Buy ka chicken πŸ”πŸ“πŸ”πŸ“πŸ”πŸ“πŸ”πŸ“πŸ“πŸ”πŸ“πŸ”πŸ“

  18. Phiri Martinez

    Life is dynamic, In Kk time people could go oppose , even now oppose.Yeah there is shortage of leadership in Zambia as well as reflecting the low level of education.

  19. Highly connected

    Withdrawing, people still vwant to be surpoters. A surpoter is person who can not concrete decision on his or her own.

  20. RB

    Congrats to all. But I have a question here ” WHEN ARE WE GOING TO HAVE ELECTIONS FOR LUSAKA DISTRICT AND PROVINCE”?.

  21. Jomwa

    Wishing you the best but the party is falling due to some sting members who are hindering so people who can make the party grow eastern the party is going down because of the sting people taking a party as ufumu

  22. Mambo

    Oh Lord, have mercy on the Zambian soil

  23. SEE MIND

    Finishes to distroyed economic yet 2yrs 2021 pack and go with P ECL. Waiting Mwana wa mutonga FOR PRESIDENT HH AND VICE =>>KAMBWILI 2021. MWIBILE LIMO !!!

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