18 Bodies Unclaimed at Kitwe Hospital

The Kitwe Teaching Hospital is still holding on to 18 bodies that have remained unclaimed for over 14 days.

And the hospital has appealed to members of the public with missing relatives to check bodies in the mortuary before they are disposed of in the next 14 days.

Hospital spokesperson Phoebe Chileya stated that the bodies were in a decomposed state and unhygienic to the mortuary.

Chileya stated that the hospital would be left with no option but to dispose of the bodies to create space in the mortuary should there by no claimants during the stated time frame.

“The hospital is therefore appealing to members of the general public to come forth and make claims on any unidentified bodies within 14 days so as to decongest the mortuary and facilitate proper hygiene as most of these bodies are in a decomposed state,” Chileya stated.

She stated that among the 18 unclaimed bodies, 12 were unknown and among them is a female adult.

Chileya stated that 13 were brought in by the Police Traffic Officers, four died in the hospital wards while another died at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).


  1. Pwiii

    The economy is biting funeral in cities are expensive.some will come mourn expecting breakfast lunch and dinner, during burial especially in compounds if you book 3 vehicles not even the widow and her children will not be able to attend the burial.kaya

  2. Kubeja Badaala

    So sad. How do people take their relatives to the hospitals and only to abandon them when they die. The council should not even wait for the notice period to dispose of the bodies which in any case are already in decomposition. The police should have their own mortuaries instead of always depositing RTA etc victims in hospital mortuaries.

  3. Titus kaonga

    How can u riev yo love ones in that state,or wat is the meaning of that ,ninshi fikulu saana balufyanya efyo teti tusakamane balupwa besu. Bane mwelupwa poseniko amano.!

  4. Escape from Sobibo

    Learn to travel with ID NRC blah blah blah even phones can help to track relatives or friends

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