Isaac Chipampe is New State House Press Aide

President Edgar Lungu has appointed Mr Isaac Chipampe as as State House Press Aide to replace Amos Chanda.

He was until his appointment, Director for Press and Media Development at the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

He also previously served as Managing Editor of the government owned Daily Mail.

He is due to be sworn in this morning at State House.




  2. Mulenga Frank

    May the Lord richly bless him.

  3. The Artillery

    Congratulations Sir…..

  4. FIFA

    Work wisely

  5. Not against

    Wer is Amos going to be deployed 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑


    Humble yourself sir

  7. But

    Why always appointments are for people who are over 50 mostly, but when it comes to political violence it’s the youths.am not be saying that they don’t deserve it no maybe we should put a law which reserve some position the youth,disbled.only kk did that in the first cabinet.the rest do the same.that guy who is dmmu be now used to encourage me after that appointment but he was transferred.atleast Nathan Chanda,kangombe,mailos sampa.anyway you can employee me as a garden aswel coz I only have grade 12 certificate and I have failed to take my self to the college since 2006

    • Daniel Banda

      Appointing senior people should motivate any sensible youth so that you grow up disciplined in every aspect of your life to fifty years or more. Nowadays life span as around 35-45 years, but more youth are dying before that range from avoidable lifestyles such as excessive beer drinking, elicit sex, smoking, etc. If you visit an burial place you find many labels with born 199… died 201… These are the ones who could not listen to anyone including parents. They preferred enjoying life maximally and yet speed kills. Just move slowly and become a senior citizen young man or woman. Even though it is said that life begins at forty it is even sweeter after fifty for those of us who walk in the Lord.

      • Lazi

        You have spoken sense. Such words are not easy to come by. Continue educating the young ones the Lords way.

    • mulobezi

      U sound vibrant bt sorry u ar still far much bhind as far as politks z concerned.wait untll yo time comes.

  8. Jimmy shaba

    Good choice. The man level headed and humble

  9. Jimmy shaba

    Good choice. The man is level headed and mature

  10. Fisunge

    He’s not just over 50 but also experienced in this Media issues kaili this is a serious appointment you need to be extremely careful not working without experience 10 years or more congratulations to the lucky one

  11. Nicholas

    Congratulations Mr chipampe.
    Youths in Zambia are overlooked, during campaigns, protests or rallies political leaders target the youths they come with beautiful and mesmerizing stories e.g creation of jobs, awarding of scholarships/bursaries etc but once the above mentioned is done in favor of the politicians youths are highly overlooked, appointments/positions are for elders that didn’t even pull a muscle and scholarships/bursaries are for there children…. How are the youths going to gain experience without working in that particular field?
    How are they going to qualify for a particular position without education ?
    Could it be that our leaders think we have the muscles in combat but don’t have the brains to work an office?…
    Congratulations Mr chipampe.

  12. Kubeja Badaala

    This is he best choice, Isaac is humble, sober and mature. A caveat though: Amos equally had the above attributes but power and wealth went to he’s head and became arrogant and self centred- remember the audio where he went ballistic insulting Chishimba Kambwili with all manner of verbal abuse. Please do lead an exemplary life as the sky is the limit. Congratulations!!

  13. Kenneth Chimese

    One can safely say Isaac Chipampe has been true to his profession. Congratulations!

  14. Mwelwa Simwanza

    Congratulations Sir

  15. HOMMIE 24

    another thief about to be sworn in

    • Isaac Nthukwa

      Mulesala ifyakulanda… Umucinshi usuma


    From which province

  17. Wilson chanda

    Congrats big man,though don’t expect it easy especially when you respond in a manner which won’t be in line with the thinking of various “zed camps” who always want their opinion to be the best!

  18. Wilson chanda

    Congrats big man,though don’t expect it easy especially when you respond in a manner which won’t be in line with the thinking of various “zed camps”

  19. izzy

    Thanks President lungu for appointing such leaders,Isaac chimpape my name sake, congratulations sir.

  20. Luck Muwaya

    Congratulations Mr chipampe, pafwa bantu pashala abantu

  21. Kings

    The Man Is Okey But The Problem Is At State House. I Hope He ‘ll Manage His Spirit Properly Where Money Game Is Concerned. Do The Job Wisely Comrade Chipampe, You Have The Right To Say No To People Who Want To Mislead You. Defend Your Good Name And Have Respect To All Those Who Deserve It. Congratulations Brother.

  22. BJ

    Mpyanango apyana namabala. Make a difference my kins man. You are humble in the eyes of many pipo. Continue being the same. The office you are going to head is highly political. Not all will take you kindly, especially those in opposition parties. Develop a thick skin to continue who you’re. Congratulations my brother. Be a good ambassador. Ndeloleshafye!!!

  23. Highly connected

    Show your profession sir, don’t expect someone to tell you what to do. I guess you are not empty in your mind .


    He should quickly adjust to the “ubomba mwibala ,alya mwibala” work environment and operationalize this motto at personal level like the rest. congrats sir.

  25. Novel

    Why always appointing Bemba’s,what about other tribes.

  26. Dude

    ECL does not appoint based on tribe but skill and ability. He is not like other parties whose motto is naifwe tukateke po. It’s about ability not tribe. Please have that in your mind!

  27. Sams

    Bt y is it that this information wr nt given earlier ?

  28. Escape from Sobibo

    Chipampe don’t start stealing

  29. SEE MIND

    Congrats Man, but work hard give President a good advisors not wrongs. Shows your carriers. !!!

  30. Mundu Nicholas

    Muuuuuuuu even prime tv is happy about this decision by the president.please big man work well don’t disappointe us God bless you wooooooo

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