OPINION: Kalaba-the Corruption Perspective Misplaced

Democratic Party president Harry Kalaba has barely been out of government. He served as minister a little over 12 months ago.

His portfolio included a role in the Vice-President’s office and later as Minister of Foreign Affairs for close to four years.

Kalaba jumped ship citing corruption in the administration of national affairs. He then formed his Democratic Party whose ticket he is advancing to take over national leadership.

Since his grandiose announcement to leave government, Kalaba has launched scathing attacks at the government of President Edgar Lungu accusing the administration of corruption.

For a man who served government since 2011, Kalaba – a civil servant before then – should know how to be part of an effective system that seeks to rid the country of corruption and mismanagement.

Yet even with the law at his disposal, Kalaba is playing politics. As a leader aspiring for the highest office in the country, Kalaba is expected to rise above pettiness. After all, he has promised a new type of politics.

Alas, he is just one of the many wannabes. His recent interview in which he says Zambia’s corruption fight under President Edgar Lungu is an academic exercise exposes his hypocrisy.

Kalaba is aware that Zambia has various institutions charged with an oversight role to fight graft. But this expectation that the Head of State should micro-manage individuals and selectively engage in a crusade that satisfies a political agenda is misplaced.

Whereas Kalaba’s contention is the recently released Financial Intelligence Centre report in which more than K6.1 million is reported to have been part of suspicious transactions, the Democratic Party leader more than any ordinary person should know how institutions operate.

The FIC report, according to law enforcement agencies, is raw data which is now under scrutiny by investigative wings with the aim of bringing those that responsible to book. So, attempting to scandalize President Lungu for a report under investigation shows the lack of understanding of how these operations are held.

For a man who has sung corruption but never brought a single solid case before the Anti Corruption Commission since leaving government or while serving, going about his business in the manner he does is a sheer political attempt to sound relevant.

Kalaba should demonstrate his capacity to fight corruption by using available institutions, otherwise; he is wasting time and lining up as one of those political leaders whose presence is to make up numbers.


  1. De illest

    zambian politician LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Politician is a play game to seek plot 1 (state house) line up! No one can stop corruption in this erra . Cause corruption was start from God ( Jesus was killed through Juda escariote by 30 pieces of money. Sung Corruption is written in the Bible! Kalaba just fight to enter plot 1 but corruption is a song for every new President !!!

  3. Bashikulu Emma

    Just return to your home.No place is sweeter than home,PF.

  4. Shagi

    A gullible few caint see that Kalaba is a mere wisp of smoke never to be seen or heard from after 2021.

  5. Bana Simon

    Ba Kalaba finished before he even started.I liked him as foreign minister but presidency? No. Not now.Patali. I guess he has his own regrets.

  6. puzzled

    ba zambia reports ninshi namu pepa ibange talk more about ronad clapping chitotela not abena hk

  7. slim

    give me more money then i will vote for you in 2021

  8. Nyengo

    Corruption a weapon 2 fight seating president but we many problem remain unsolved. Corruption cases are presented in parliament and those taken 2 court are different frm president chiluba and banda cases. It time 2 reflect and take a different tactic 2 win support frm pipo. Corruption is a common word 2 cite pipo 2 hate a ruling party yet pipo singing corruption were in same govt and it is hard 2 blieve on a polician if he accuse a fellow politican.

  9. huah sinda

    Hk for president 2021,go hk .

  10. Daniel Banda

    Kalaba is on the dull side of things. A person who held a very high position in the government should know that it is not a president who must fight Corruption single handedly. Kalaba was sitting in the cabinet meetings and chose to close his eyes and remain quiet to the Corruption he now sees and making noise about. For that reason he can’t be trusted as a team builder and player. Therefore can fail to lead the country if elected to the presidency.

  11. Daniel Banda

    Stealing is inherently present in most humans; all of us as descendants of the mother of the people, Eva who plucked the fruit of death despite knowing it was forbidden are tainted. He who has not sinned let him be the first to pick a stone and cast it on the offender. Kalaba shouldn’t just be talking let him sue anyone he knows that he can prove in court to possess corruptly acquired wealth. Not that it should be condoned but that prevention begins with us when we become obedient children of God through Christ whose blood is the only detergent the cleans our tainted inheritance.

  12. Asani


  13. Jomwa

    You knew that of was corrupt why did you take long to resign I feel corruption in Africa will not come to an end reason is simple we are all poor and you rich people want to still from poor Zambian

    • Henry

      You’re right, Corruption is a birth mark on most human beings all over the world. That’s why it’s a biblical sin. Only when one accepts Jesus Christ as his/her personal saviour and pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit to be a controller of the mind can one do away with the power of corruption .


    Leave kalaba alone,kalaba talaba,go ahead kalaba.

  15. Akana kambwili

    Please let us forget about intelligent man, just give us more details about the case of Ronald chitotela who is not yet been announced to be removed out from ministerial position where by he has the case to answer under the court of law. What kind is this coz some how they even encourage stealing to some officials that (ngawaiba tabatamfya) “if you stole you can’t be chased “

  16. me

    Kalaba talaba go go go we love you so much,

  17. Kawalala

    Kalaba you are a thief also you run away with money from pf chikala

  18. H K

    Its foolisness to keep on dinning together with corrupt people. If i had stolen even a ngwee from the taxe payer’s money where do you think i was going to be today with my resignation if not in mukobeko or chimbokaila? Am very innocent my fellow zambian citizens, this regime is full of filthy deals of which i did not want to be part of.

  19. Benjamin zimba

    Hk go ahead we love you

  20. Fisunge l

    All of them are fools just because lungu is quite different from them they want to think there clever kalaba should have been cheated by bushiri and he even invited him to his house that s why Judas was just amongst the disciples for the devil i know is better than the angel I don’t know that’s y our president is so quiet no matter how he’s insulted

  21. Kaimana Kaimana

    A normal person cannot report corruption involving senior government officials to the moribund and compromised institutions like the ACC, DEC, police etc

  22. Adasa

    This Leaders Kaya Che

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