Chifubu MP Arrested for Clobbering Wife

Patriotic Front Chifubu Member of Parliament Frank Ng’ambi has been arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife.

Ng’ambi is alleged to have beaten his second wife, Mubanga Chikomo Ng’ambi, who suffered serious injuries following a marital dispute.

She had the matter reported to police in Ndola, which has led to the arrest of her husband.

Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga has confirmed the development in an interview, stating that the suspect is currently in police custody.

Katanga said Ng’ambi is currently detained at Ndola Central Police station and is expected to appear in court today, Friday, or next week should the matter not be ready.

“Yes I can confirm we received that report, and he is currently in police custody. It is a case of assault and he is likely to appear in court tomorrow (today),” said Katanga.


  1. brian mvula

    Comment the law must take it’s course.

    • watchdog

      Please lock him up and give the keys to Kambwili.

    • kalaba

      Why why why why why why why why why !!!! Ulindoshi iwe!!!

  2. Jeremy real rapper

    Yes we are following this one police do your work…@

  3. Banda

    Dununa Back and his brother pf mwasauka mwane.

  4. Evance kaseba

    I can see second wife always problems thy think thy are Mai gulu’s.

  5. Hammer

    Two issues here: 1. Second wife? Is polygamy allowed in Zambian law? Or a girl friend parading as a second wife . 2. Assault is an offense no matter who is assaulted. Let us nit take matters into our hands

  6. kasonde

    zimba disc theft
    gondwe money theft
    ng’ ambi clobbering wife
    tumbuka’s head lines
    ithink this tribe are problems

  7. Ras

    Lock him up,no one is above the law.You’re an embarrassment to the people of Chifubu. Shame on you!

  8. Chipo

    Police please do your work, assault is an offence

  9. George Sitali

    This ‘dishonourable MP’ is such an embarrassment to the ruling party, and a disgrace to Zambians in general. Always behaving like an actor in an adult film. Surely we’ve had enough of this FRANK NG’AMBI! As a leader, this chap is supposed to be an example, especially to the youth. But his behaviour is so shameful. How can you be battering women like that and expect to go scot-free? Can somebody cage this wild animal for good! So sickening!

  10. Slim D

    Cage that savage for good

  11. Super Ken

    please lock him up, if possible let him also taste chimbokaila meals….

  12. Aaron chisokwa

    Dont just comment like that. Do you even know the source of beatings?
    Or what led him to loose his temper. Fast get enough information , dont just clitisise… As if you ….you are holy.
    Its just that you …. You are not cought yet…
    Find the couse for that beating please!!

  13. david muke


  14. Bushiri

    Good for you husband snatcher

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