CSOs Back FIC’s Work

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have defended the work of the Financial Intelligence Centre, saying statements being generated by government officials were alarming.

The CSOs recalled that President Edgar Lungu and Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Dora Siliya made scathing statements against the recent Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) Trends Report, which were targeted at FIC’s leadership.

“Most recently, in a statement dated 12th June 2019, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services released a statement calling the FIC’s Executive Director, Ms. Mary Chirwa’s response to attacks on her report as ‘unprofessional and uncalled for from a person presiding over an important governance institution’. The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services, Mr. Chanda Kasolo, has further stated that Ms. Chirwa is acting as ‘judge and Jury’ by exposing these criminal activities.  Most alarmingly, Mr. Kasolo has stated on behalf of the government that the Financial Intelligence Centre Act ‘requires to be looked at’. Firstly, Ms. Chirwa has issued a statement on behalf of the Financial Intelligence Centre clearly outlining the legal mandate of the FIC,” CSOs comprising ActionAid, Caritas, Civil Society Constitution Agenda (CISCA) and Chapter One Foundation Limited stated. “Zambia is a signatory to various international agreements on anti-money laundering and terrorist financing that require the FIC to undertake the very investigations that the government is now condemning. In fact, Zambia can be blacklisted internationally for failing to adhere to these international agreements. Secondly, we are concerned that the government has taken a very casual approach to corruption and public accountability in Zambia.”

They stated that the mere fact that those persons referred to in the FIC Report were politically exposed persons (PEPs) seemed to suggest that the government viewed these people as untouchable because they are politically exposed.

“We, the undersigned CSOs, wish to applaud the efforts of the management and Board of the FIC in continuing to perform their legally mandated duties under extreme pressure from those who do not mean well for the Zambian people. The FIC has exposed the high levels of corruption in the country. The money being stolen and misappropriated by the people referred to in the FIC report is money that could go to much needed areas such as civil servants’ salaries, re-opening the Copperbelt University, re-introducing university meal allowances, social cash transfers for the poorest and most vulnerable in society and medicines in our hospitals. The fact that the government wishes these thefts to remain hidden and to go unchecked reflects very badly on the state of governance and public accountability in this country where some are more equal than others,” they stated.

“We must stop corruption in the country and if the government will not do it, the people of Zambia will. We, the citizens of this country are rightfully, and ultimately the judge and jury in as far as our resources are concerned. We are appalled that government clearly wants to shield those who are looting our country’s resources when the majority of citizens are wallowing in poverty. We see nothing wrong with FIC alerting the public that resources that rightfully belong to them are being looted. Only criminals will want such information concealed. We are left wondering what kind of government we have


  1. Ezra Mwanza

    This institution is on the the right path. I mean even the highest office is trying to conceal such dirty acts!??? Enough is enough

    • Future President

      on point madam well spoken,i am as shocked as u r on this one i mean the reaction on fic report by our gvt leaders why r they so quick to condem the report by the fic even before they see the names since they claim not to have them ,the Center did not disclose the names to the public And pep can even be those in oposition,its like u condeming your neighbour for shouting kawalala! after seeing u peping through the window in the night,if your names were not in the report were u going to condem the fic, if only hh or kc or maybe siwale were mentioned i can only imagine what would have been your reaction.

  2. Gangsta grabs

    The truth hurts.These bitches the Lunguz and Doraz are all thieves.Siliya’s pussy is terrorist loose,its there in the report.Most of her finances come from over charging for a fuck on a flopy pussy.Thats stealing,good job guys.

  3. Daniel Banda

    Wolves in sheep’s skins.



  5. Love kay

    This should be going sum where not just to be said talama navo viboza


    FIC is a department of Government. As such they should not assume the role of an NGO. It will not work for them.
    Being right in government function may not mean that you are not wrong!
    Let the FIC look at their terms of reference again, and they will surely discover they have taken a step too many.
    For example, why did they send copies to the Head of State if they have authority to announce? Are they sure, really sure that they know all government functionaries for them to conclude that their investigation is 100% fool proof?
    Why should we still have other investigative wings in government if they are able to conclusively performe all these functions without reference to others?
    In other words, we come back to the same question: why did they announce and only copied to the Head of State? So that He does what?
    No doubt, their action was counter productive and it smells of oil. Let them not answer back, like they are seeking justification. Let others school them. They are not the ford group to be given a government Ad Hoc responsibility, and they won’t be the last either. No one has doubted their qualifications and competencies. It is the act of announcing that most feel was ultra vias their terms of reference.

  7. Corruption now will be worse

    Intelligence agencies all over the world don’t act on the reports that they gather.They do it on behalf of someone or an organisation and in this case it is the central government who in return are expected to act through the various investigative wings.So the attacks on the FIC is to some level a sign of guilty consciousness.Don’t forget the saga of abuse of office by Dora Siliya and the case died a natural death or was it after interference from someone whom you know!

  8. Highly connected

    Hammer a nail on its head, twisting a law will not help Zambia.

  9. Financial Crimes VIctim and Analyst

    The criminals and those against the FIC Report have been concealing and compounding a lot of felonious financial crimes. The FIC report has vindicated me. I dragged the Attorney General. LAZ!mZIALE, JCC and 14 Lawyers to the Concourt for them to answer, account and make good on restitution towards the gross rights violations, pillaging, metorturing and extorting substantial amounts of money from me, as part of their conspiracy of stealing my UN benefit entitlements, in abuse if the judicial process, illegally funnelling vutal evidence from the record and spiriting illegal ones, in tribalist corruption of Bemba speaking And Easterner Nyanja speaking Judges, who alleged enganged in criminal Maintanance and selective application of the law, as money laundering tactics,min Contarvention of international treaties and conventions, which included amongst others the UN Charter, CPIUN, CEDAW and the CAT. But the Respondents were all ashamed of responding to the alleged contraventions, but they instead committed fraud upon the Concourt and allegally induced it to illegally dismiss my Petition without determining its merits, yet I have an absolute right to remedy. I have demanded that such Ruling be reviewed and I have requested that the Chief Justice and President ECL suspend the President of the Concourt and five of her Judges who allegedly illegally dismissed my Petition, and concealed the fraud committed upon them by the Respondents.; mincluding the implicated High Court Judges and other junior judicial officers who allegedly participated in criminal Maintanance of the civil suits which were used as devices of pillaging, extorting and torturing me, yet they knew very well that the origin and source of those manufactured civil suits was a witch hunt hatred conspiracy, fraud and money laundering acts on my UN benefit entitlements and UNFCU accounts. But they let their jurisdictions be abused in such syndicates;

    I also asked the Chief Justice and President ECL that they convene an independent panel to review and set aside the illegally procured Ruling as it cannot stand, and is thus null and void, from its inception into its future. And I filed complaints and reports with international justice mechanisms. I had already reported to the JCC and because of its failure to act as per its mandate. I also dragged it to the Concourt for accountability and possible shut down together with ZIALE and LAZ. ??ANd this still stands.

    Here we are now that the FIC report has vindicated me. Then I was also let down by the LEAs, as some Police officers, including Chief Constamble Kakoma Kanganja , are suspects in such financial crimes, murder of my daughter and attempted assasination on me. So I filed criminal summons and charge sheets directly at the Magistrates complex, and forwarded them to the DPP,mor allocation to prosecutors,mbut she also has been silent. So I put up a request to international justice mechanisms for an ExtraOdinary Chamber to criminally prosecute the suspects, OR to provide support for private prosecutors to prosecute the suspects in the Zambian Courts of law.
    It’s sad that the majority of Zambians are rub bushing the FIC report,mbut to some of us, we know very well that this is what the Zambian population need, and it is the reason the FIC was set up for. Keep it up FIC, don’t be international misdated by criminals. Let them account.
    The best thing President ECL should do is to give the FIC prosecutors powers, so that they criminally process those mentioned in the report . No one should be allowed to get away with impunity.

  10. Financial Crimes Victim and Analyst

    The tribalism corruption was also progressed by Tonga lawyers and accomplices, in satanist lust and envy of my outdoors and electrical appliances I shipped all the way from Australisia not Zambia. I dragged them all to the Concourt as stated above, but they conspired and committed fraud upon the Concourt, act which still do not negate the fact that they stand criminally accused fir the alleged Organized Finacial crimes… And embarassingly looting of a Director lomat’s souvenirs.

    • Financial Crimes Victim and Analyst

      Diplomat’s souvenirs

  11. Kachepa

    Reading through the FIC act, I find the law stating the FIC must educate the public and not report to the public. Can someone clarify if the law states otherwise. Can the CSO’s clarify what it is they are supporting. They sound to me like glad to bundle against government. Be fair and follow the law. Call a spade a spade. The FiC in reporting to the public is truthfully outside its mandate. Discussing or repro,anding that is not equal to quashing investigations please.

  12. sas4

    Only the Word of God will remain the same and forever ….but all earthly activities will go away.So, let’s all lender the service with integrity as children of the Most High who sees everywhere and dark activities….only God knows. I bless mother Zambia, 1 Zambia 1 Nation.

  13. Chendabusiku

    Why are names of alleged thieves not mentioned for all of us to know who is alleged to have stolen our money?

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