Miner Plunges to Death at Nchanga Smelter

A miner has died after falling off a crane at KCM’s Nchanga Smelter in Chingola.

The miner, identified as Gabbicas Siachipula, 42, of Chiwempala, fell off the crane as he was fixing a roof at the smelter, Copperbelt Deputy Police commissioner Wamunyima Wamunyima has confirmed.

The deceased sustained a cut on the head and bruises on both legs.

“The accident happened yesterday (Thursday) June 13, 2019 around 18:20 hours. Siachipula was an employee and a senior supervisor of Dontek Engineering, a company contracted by Konkola Copper Mines. He fell from the height about 20 metres high of the crane as he was trying to fix the loose roof which was about to fall off. He was rushed to Nchanga South Mine Hospital where he was admitted but later died. The body is in Nchanga South Mine Hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem,” said Wamunyima.


  1. kanchule

    Ohhhh noooo!! ba Gabbicas!! How sure How ba kalamba?

  2. Gangsta grabs

    Senior supervisor what the fuck where u doing on top of that shit? You are surpose to supervise and not do a muzungu anikonde.How is Daniel Munkombwe? Sad nigger sad

  3. puzzled

    gangsta grabs b4 u get mad rush 2 any mental hospital b4 its worse

  4. peace

    May his soul rest in peace

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    Gangsta grabs….wansekesha ati bamutemwe adabwa ashima kkkkkkkkk

  6. Elvis

    Too bad miner
    !!!! My condolences to the family

  7. BTK

    R.I.P Brother-man


    Ba pipo wer their z sorow show ur sorow, and wer z hapnes show ur hapnes. may hs soul rest in peace

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    Rip brother man

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  12. john k

    haaaa too bad MHSRIP

  13. john k

    too bad mhsrip brother man

  14. Lampard

    Sad development if the diseased had paid more attention to follow all the lay down procedures he could not have died, my question is where was the full body safety aness .MISRIP

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