Exposé: UPND Bigwigs in Contracts Scam

Three Senior United Party for National Development (UPND) officials in Western Province running a Ponzi Scheme have swindled Zambian contractors of millions of Kwachas and have since gone into hiding.

The three running an organisation called PADIC had been collecting huge sums of money from unsuspecting contractors on the pretext that they will be given construction contracts for a multimillion Dollar Sugar project in Shang’ombo district of Western Province.

Mr. Muchezi Kaonga, Simasiku Namasiku, and Sitali Sitali have been running a project called Programme against Discrimination in Community (PADIC) which was registered on 22 September 2014. They got 30,000 hectors of land from the Baroste Royal Establishment for the project.

After getting the land, they started advertising for construction jobs including the construction of low and high cost houses. Surprising, instead of PADIC paying down payments to would be contractors, PADIC is the one that used to receive money from would be contractors on the pretext that it was commitment to show that the construction company had capacity.

One of the companies that has fallen victim is Paveline Construction of Lusaka which was made to pay a commitment of k70,000 in 2017 and to date no contract has been given to the company while the project site has been abandoned and directors have disappeared in thin air.

According to investigations,  at one time the three directors hoodwinked the Zambian contractors by claiming that a Finland based company Nacart was going to construct a US 200 million Solar project at the would be sugar project. The Finnish company was represented by a Mr. Sid Kabaso. Nothing has happened.

Further investigations from the Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA)  reveal that the company physical office is in Kafue at NAPSA  building meanwhile on the document presented to the would be contractors, the address is Box 910177 Mongu.

A check with NAPSA in Kafue reveal that the company has never had offices there. The post box at the Zambia Postal Services reveal that the address was deregistered a long time ago. The Know Your Customer (KYC) details reveal that the phone number 0977585405 belongs to Mr. Sitali Sitali who is the Managing Director for this fake company.

According to a security analyst, the company was fake from the word go because there is no way a multimillion dollar company can fail to have a fixed line telephone and a secure domain email address.

“How can Zambians be cheated like this? Have you been to NAPSA building in Kafue? It is a very small branch it cannot house such a perceived big company. Then how can the document have no landline and email. These documents where just being created in bedrooms. So I blame Zambians who do not interrogate”

According to a source, money laundering allegations against the three directors have been lodged. Mr. Sitali Sitali is a senior member of the UPND the Western Province Provincial leadership while Muchezi Kaonga is a member of the UPND Kafue District.


  1. The Instigator

    Another click bait article. When I saw the headline “UPND Bigwigs”, I was expecting to find names like Jack Mwimbu, Muchekeka, Katuka, Masebo or Nkombo. Just nonentities, whom I and many Zambians have never heard of. Anyway, take them to court and prosecute them, if find guilty they should go in and like any other criminal

  2. Not interested

    Iam just passing i will not comment🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌


    Reporters; one day u’ll aset this country ablaze becoz ur reportng is highly political.


    CommentThe same advert appeared on line and now the claim a USA investor is going to do the same project. 5 of my associate have lost money a house and are at home with strokes.
    the minister of western province did come out clearly that there is no such project. Desperate contractors have been paying K15000 per 10 houses. 2000 houses are ”planned”!!

  5. sunford munkombwe

    this platform has become just like znbc , iv lost confirdence in these writters , i wonder wat this news has to do with upnd as a party. this kind of hate is as same as witchcraft ,

  6. Kim Jon umh

    Is this journalism or a grade seven essay? when they insult ati tokota

  7. King cool

    Rich people are not straight from the word go . They are all crooks

  8. King cool

    Three Quarters of the Rich people are not straight from the word go . They are all crooks

  9. Banda Phiri

    Mr reporter sir, go back to school.

  10. Wiseman

    This platform is fucked up. Simple

  11. Jah rules

    Mr reporter,or whatever you call yourself,why is it that each time you hear abt exposee its all abt upnd,,dnt u hav anything to write sure?? ..by the way who is paying you?…..

  12. Medhone

    Please zambians. this shuold not be supported . these acts and others like middle men ar making western province under developed. please ba western change these upnd MP’S they are frustrating PF WORKS.may god interven

  13. puzzled

    so ninshi pf and mmd got no expoz n ther alot of isues going on in pf gvt useles reportn by an useles report tell us real things

  14. Sitali

    Dear fellow Zambian this reporter doesn’t know what he was talking about first of all I’m not a member of any political party in Zambia and again we are not on run we are in Mongu western province.
    Our company is still operating as usual please if this reporter so called Phiri if he wants job from the UPND let him go to their offices.
    I’m strongly warning Mr Phiri to stop the nonsense stories.

  15. Naked monkey

    We don’t care, why don’t you also expose pf with huge amounts of money which went missing under FIC? do you think we ar happy to see someone who is constructing his empire abroad when majority Zambian ar suffering,let the all mighty God forgive u for not being professional about this useless piece work u ar doing.

  16. SMS

    Please Reporter, don’t biase be professional in your reporting

  17. SMS

    Please Reporter Do Not Be Biase be professional in your reporting

  18. roberto

    Am not a cadet , too sensational, drawing attention , for what?

  19. Kings

    This Is Total Nonsanse, Ati Upnd Bigwigs, Total Madness. So You Don’t Know Who The Bigwigs In Upnd Are? Go And Ask Gbm You Idiot Of A Reporter. Upnd Has The Capacity To Drive This Nation To Higher Levels If At All We Rally Behind It. Stop Fubricating Stories To Turnish The Image Of The Nation. FIC Has The Reality.

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  22. innocent

    it’s upnd now? these people ‘re crooks. just accept. if it were pf u comment alot. u ‘re crooks guys

  23. Razor

    Zambia reports is now becoming like the watchdog.

  24. Jimmy shaba

    Headline very misleading.those chaps are political underweights and not big wigs.stop being sensational


    But there is allegedly a very large sugar plantation in Shang’ombo, who owns it? Has the Litunga said anything on this plantation? Concerned govt ministries should do their part so the truth can be known. The crooks mentioned in this article are small fish compared to the plantation.

  26. Bw

    FIC Report ilande epo wabomba

  27. Finacial Crimes Analyst/Victim

    The report is not meaningful at all and K70,000 is not even a big scam. We need the scammers who stole milions costs of belongings ngs and luxury from us through the judiciary to account. Then the names of the scammers are the 6/10 and the 4/10, maybe Sitali and Simasiku were I posters. Bartseland needs genuine investors and not fraudsters. To hell with your K70, you stole millions from us. Account fir the revalations in the FIC report. Account fir stealing from a UN Diolomat in abuse if the judicial process and state machinery. You have bandit lawyers whom you have been shielding … Liars of Ministers you have stealing like imbeciles from a woman. Your reporting is baseless and weirded.

  28. Jms

    Useless reporters produce useless reports against the hatred ones I will let you know that those who are ashamed of what they did are afraid of that but the shameless ones they may even take you to court making it easy for them to buy lawyers while paying them with their stolen money and other useless creatures do support them shameless

  29. Edigar Chakwa Lungu

    Mr Reporter U’re Mad Go Back To Skul The Skul Feels Has Reduced And Know Hw To Summarize Things U Idiot

  30. Fisunge

    Who told you that the fic report involved the pf? It might involve you as well the fic report involves everyone including the marketeer remember

  31. Mr. K

    This is the extent of opposition failure to condemn upnd corrupt idiots including their leader who has massively investited on social media to protect his corrupt men and WOmen on the issue of corruption already hakainde has failed to expose himself
    Where he got his wealth Zambian are not fools to be cheated by this fool called hakainde to go to state house Zambia’s first house will never accept s fool

  32. Me

    They are crooks and big time pretenders. I can’t vote for them.

  33. centiago vincent

    If you don’t have something to report as a reporter please keep quit.

  34. Concerned citizen

    And these are the people that are making noise wanting to form government. I can’t vote for HH not even at gunpoint.

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