Three Day Old Baby Defiled by Father Dies

A three-day-old baby has died after allegedly being defiled by her 35-year-old father on Thursday night.

Luapula Province Police Commissioner Elias Chushi stated in a statement that a physical examination was conducted by Darry Chanda, a health worker at Lukolongo Health Post, after which it was discovered that the baby was bleeding from the vagina, umbilical cord, mouth and nose.

He stated that mother to the deceased, Brenda Kasakula aged 29, went to bath and left her baby sleeping in the same house with the father, Christopher Kasakula, when the incident allegedly happened.

Chushi stated that while bathing, she heard her baby scream which prompted her to rush to the room to check on her.

He stated that when asked what had happened and why the baby was bleeding from the vagina and umbilical cord when checked, the suspect expressed ignorance.

Chushi stated that the suspect then stormed out of the room and ran away before the mother could alert neighbours.

The baby was rushed to Lukolongo clinic, 25 kilometres from the village, where she was pronounced dead upon arrival,  Chushi stated

Police have since launched a manhunt for the suspect.


  1. Love kay

    This man is heartless how can he do such a thing to a three year old baby he definitely must have what it takes to what he has done.he mist be push big time.

  2. Father

    The only fit punishment to that blood sucker is to burn him alive in public once apprehend.

  3. Walick

    Devil at work!!! How can a normal human being do such a thing!!!! Shame

  4. harrizoto

    Please ba judge give him life imprisonment no mercy. May your daughter rest in peace forever ad ever.


      Let that person be delt & judged accordingly

  5. precious

    satanism at work surely sleeping with a 3 days old baby.

  6. Christopher Kalenga

    Carstrate him or life imprisonment,period.

  7. Jeremy real rapper

    Those are signs that the world has come to un end but its a shame to his own blood.

  8. Mn

    Wat a heatless father.how can he defile his own precious daughter useless and wat a satanic father is he.he shud be put behind bars and let a lot from that


    ths z a sign of witchcraft and luapula is on high of witches in zmb

  10. great mk

    he must be killed!

  11. professor Clerk

    i feel so bad

  12. Davies Choti

    Very unfortunate.

  13. puzzled

    may ur soul rest in peace little one as 4 this niga hang him by his useles dick n boz anyway lets pray hard guyz tha devil z at work

    • Chisenga Chimanja

      Very sad News you are giving as Bad Picture as people from wise people who feed the Nation pliz arrest him now you know it’s criminal

  14. Adolf fiyayu

    jeeeeesus only God knows

  15. Mateo

    I can’t say much….only God knows

  16. Ephraim Phiri

    May The Child Rest In Piece

    Shame To The Father

    Giv Him A Death Penalty Bkz He Has Killed The Person

  17. Mpundu Richard

    We are indeed in the last da

  18. Mpundu Richard

    We are indeed in the last days.the devil is at work it’s possible if Christ is not in control your heart .

  19. Escape from Sobibo

    People let us pray hard ,,I don’t think it was his intention ,,someone did magic to this man ,,,3days old mmmmm I can’t be ,to make matters worse you own baby ….me puzzled

  20. Gift

    He is not even ashemd of her daughter.he put off the belt and trous,and start stupid mission,,,,,,

  21. Dr I Banda

    Get behind me Satan!!!

  22. Dr I Banda

    What is the motive behind this? I suspect the Wife knows.

  23. Witch craft

    So wanyenga mwanawako till death then you are now Rich ka?chikala how are you going to enjoy that fucking money kansi imba I we, it’s better to eat chiwawa in happiness than T bone without peace galu I we, police put a commission of k100,000 so that his relatives can surrender him coz of money then take him kumukobeko using that chopper witch took hakainde and instruct all the inmates to fuck his ass for seven days and hung him.🚁

  24. The Aubrey

    God come and get us in this evil world am scared of what is hapnng.

  25. Ba Öle

    Life imprisonment with hard labour zoona.
    Aaaah! Such an idiot I have never seen.

  26. mela

    Surely, this world is meaningless. My fellow Zambians, let us watch ourselves with what we think and aim to. The devil is at work. Let her soul rest in peace.

  27. Wezzy Banda

    He Was Not In His Right Mind.This Seems “DEMONIC” to me.i just hope he wasn’t performing some satanic ritual to get rich or something like that.MAY GOD be the JUDGE here

  28. Daniel Banda

    Murder yes. Defilement of a three day old? On which part was he penetrating without noticing it’s being inappropriate for his stiffness? Most likely he is a mental patient.

  29. Mugando Alfredo

    You must punish that man SATANICALLY.

  30. Muhando Alfredo

    You must punish that man SATANICALLY.

  31. Liliy

    I actually cried.
    I’m only 16 and when my mum had told me about it, I broke down. I can’t believe this is real and it hurts me to know that someone would do such a disturbing, inhumane thing to an innocent child. This really made me lose faith in the world and I don’t know how to get this story and my own subconscious picture out of my head.
    Ill pray that that child goes to heaven and I’ll pray that God will help our world.

  32. mercy

    Sorry so sad expecially to us ladies. I think such people don’t need to be jailed but burnt alive in public

  33. Patson Machila

    Mukobeko without appeal!

  34. Justice Prevailer

    God Come Early…

  35. Henry Kabondo

    This is a serious matter which require proper attention. Let us not accuse the devil for such acts, this is beyond human thinking, even animals reason. He is more than a monster. He is a cold blooded murderer who deserves instant judgement, death penault,by first cutting off his manhood, then hung him.

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