Chipolopolo Face Herve Renard’s Morocco

The Chipolopolo boys this afternoon test the Atlas Lions in an international friendly match that the Moroccans are using as a final send-off to the Africa Cup of Nations.

Zambia and Morocco will clash at the Grand Stade de Marrakech in a friendly match that may have all the colourings of a competitive match.

Coach Beston Chambeshi has had a week to marshal a way past the Moroccans after having gone down 2-1 to Cameroon in Madrid on June 9.

Skipper Kabaso Chongo will take his command post at the heart of the central defence alongside Moses Nyondo while Shemmy Mayembe and Kebson Kamanga may be deployed as full backs covering Allan Chibwe between the sticks.

In midfield the untiring Salulani Phiri will be deployed alongside Enock ‘Computer’ Mwepu while Augustine Mulenga and Fashion Sakala look set to take up the wings.

Upfront Chambeshi may opt to start with Mwape Musonda alongside Justin Shonga or deploy Patson Daka at the tip of the attack.

Chambeshi will have options on the banch in Gamphani Lungu. Emmanuel Banda, Paul Banda and Kings Kangwa should things require shaking up.

Herve Renard will be hoping to give the Moroccans a decent send-off to the AFCON that starts on Thursday in Egypt.

The match will kickoff at 17:30 hours (18:30 hours Zambian time).

(Source: FAZ Media)


  1. Kazungo Kendrick

    Go chipolopolo boys goooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kugar



    We shal wait ad see wat wil chambeshi wil offer herve , its hotty here( papya pano mudala)

  4. E P


  5. kesh weeze

    Good Strides In The Rebuilding Process.What A Good Test For The Boys It Is!!!!Go Go Go Zed

  6. shardreck

    all the best please please please please

  7. shardreck


  8. NCHIMUD 77

    were is Kalaba and many other guys who still in a good form? anyway all the best guys and wish you well. coming to our opponents we will be behind you during Afcon.

    • sports analysis

      Learn to live the present, this chambeshi is working with future team. We thank master kalaba and others for their contributions.but let us forcus on the future as kalaba will not always be there.

  9. Mn

    Go Zambia! Go zambia

  10. Maybin Sichone

    Chipolopolo all the way! To win is to score…I know it will be our day. Go Zambia go!!!

  11. TK mukulusa

    OK , go chipolopolo

  12. noble

    Comment so the line up is 5,3,2 why have you left my best and favorite kambole

  13. isaac

    we have a good team ,we are going to win . go zambia g0!!!!

    • humphrey chanda mulenga

      wish u all the best guys the nation in behind you.

  14. GO ZED

    @noble kambole was with team(b) at the cosafa

  15. harrizoto

    is this friendly match live or not tell me guyz

  16. Jack busy

    The only weakness is at the back Alan, shemy and nyondo pull up your socks guys

  17. Reason Siamujomp

    is it live?

  18. Rodrick

    Comments It will be a good game

  19. Mr peace

    Chambeshi copper bullets are deadly.Take cover!!!!!

  20. Schoolboy

    go Zambia

  21. Penga Kamitondo

    Hope they will try their best to win

  22. nobert mambwe

    impress us Zambia

  23. haert of zambia

    which super sport are they going to view this game.

  24. SEE MIND

    Testing how you fit chambeshi coach !!!

  25. Justin Tj

    Go zed gooooooo… Chipolopolo all the way… Herve Renard na ba fana bake , baza muziba Chipolopolo…

  26. Shoniwa

    Plz which SuperSport are we watching the game from


    Hey this game is going be live on supersport or not

  28. Joseph

    Any one with information, is it live? Owners of the article should be able to provide feedback as well.

    • wtsyduyitisfhhuuourkhsjshgfdhjh

      go down you loooooosers.

  29. Jz

    Is it live? We are waiting for it


    don’t loose this game again ATA

  31. Hambani

    Correct score 0.1

  32. Reuben's

    Zambia 1-0 Morocco ….24 mins played

  33. Reuben's

    You can stream the match live on YouTube

  34. Smash

    Morocco 1=2 Zambia second half

  35. Zambia

    Go go go Herve Renard

  36. Smash

    2=2 76min

  37. Smash

    Morocco 2=3 Zambia 80min

  38. nkz

    90 th min 3 zammor 2

  39. Smash

    Yapwa we have won 2=3 but I think allan


    Enough is enough, says the referee… In short , Herve Renard has been humbled nicely… Well done Chipolopolo

  41. Asphed

    Zambia 3-2 Morocco

  42. mulilomulilo

    Thank you zambia for the vicotory

  43. mulilomulilo

    Congratulations guys for your victory…… go zambia go………

  44. BJ

    Mwadabwidza Harve, naba lungwana. Next team should be shaking with fear. Go Zambia go!!!


    Comment:Wish u good luck guyz

  46. James light

    we 😍 u guys

  47. Carlossic

    We will win by 3-2

  48. Kendrick

    Congratulation for beating Morocco go Zambia Go..

  49. Mateo

    Ifipolopolo all the way …..🇿🇲🇿🇲

  50. Cliford

    Good luck Chipolopolo boy, you have shown Renard that you are still the copper bullets


    proud our ZAMBIA GUYZ,,,,,, Don’t loose again ,,, pull up your socks ba chipolopolo


    next game Zambia vs Ivorycost GO ZAMBIA GO ,,,,,,, 19th June


    Go chipolopolo go!!

  54. misheck nondo

    Comment MORROCO 1 ZAMBIA 3

  55. Dany Dany

    Iyi yeve ti zaitamba

  56. Jms

    We love chambeshi but he also tends to forget how the coa

  57. Jms

    We love chambeshi but he also tends to forget how the coach used to feature upcoming players imagine how can you be motivated when you yourself Isn’t a motivator we should be realistic coaches who are regarded powerful are being featuring players even for 45minute to allow young players not just be watching on televisions but fiscally in training and in actual games when you look at some players drop them to the b team and put in two or three motivators to teach or even help you in training thats how we obtain player coaches for the future so maintain not losing players ( go go Zambia chambeshi you are the best)

  58. Aroma

    Guys what was yesterday’s game who won btw Zambia and Morocco

  59. Daniel Banda

    When you think about some of the vehicle so called soccer analysts one wonders how they got their analysts credentials, especially those I listened to on radio 4’s ‘Talking football’ Sunday 14.05 – 15.00 hours. Why were some of the so called analysts insisting on having an expatriate coach. A simple scientific based analysis would reveal that only Harve Rena achieved some success with our national team. Now that the local coaches have been scoring success during this period including beating a team coached by Harve Rena. Are they not a shamed for being prophets of doom. Let’s learn to be content with what is ours

  60. Jms

    People imagine of having expatriate coaches due to that they not push overseas are strong standing on what they have come to do so even chambeshi if he happens to be one of them he can performe on nicely when it comes to Zambians are jealous of their own friend whom they grew with thats stupidity grow in mind by protecting what you think can bring growly to mother Zambia

  61. Trebby sivanga

    Ba Zambia Tu polo-polo just win the ivorians ninshi kwasila

  62. Trebby sivanga

    We Go Guys!!! Cheap All Low Pour Low..

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