2 Lusaka Women Nabbed Over Money Laundering

The Drug Enforcement Commission in Lusaka has arrested two women for various money laundering offences involving over K1, 800, 000.

The two have been identified as Clara Kansamba, 33, an assistant accountant of Plot No. 404/25 Lilanda, and Sylvia Hibeene, 30, a cashier of Plot No. L7587M Chilanga, arrested for fraudulent false accounting, theft and money laundering, contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

“Particulars of the offence are that on dates unknown but between 1st September, 2018 and March, 2019, jointly and whilst acting together with other persons unknown, the duo did steal a total amount of K 1, 822, 617 from a named brewery company. The duo, whilst working for the said brewery company in Lusaka never receipted money collected from salesmen, claiming that the company’s system was down. The duo further made false entries into the system purporting to have posted the cash which were later cancelled as journal reversals and then  shared between the two,” according to DEC Deputy Public Relations officer Kamufisa Manchishi.

Meanwhile, the Commission has arrested Fredrick Chanda Kangwa Nkonde, 34, a businessman of House No. 247 in Bonaventure Makeni for forgery, uttering false documents and obtaining goods by false pretences, contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

It is alleged that Nkonde, on dates unknown, but between June 1, 2018 and May 31, 2019, jointly and whilst acting together with other persons unknown, advertised plots for sale.

“…being four (4) sub-divisions of a farm in Lusaka’s Baobab area in the Daily Nation and Mast newspapers without consent from the known land owners. The suspect further took a known Zambian to view two plots he had shown interest in buying, without knowing that one of the plots belonged to the same potential buyer. The suspect also prepared and issued two contracts of sale and receipts under his company called Radias Corporation Limited. However, as the suspect was in the process of obtaining a down payment of K300, 000 from the suspecting buyer, the Commission managed to apprehend him,” Manchishi stated.

In Southern Province, five small-scale farmers have been arrested for trafficking in over a tone of cannabis.

“The suspects include Victor Siabasimbi, 31, a small scale farmer of Simasengele Village in Sinazongwe District arrested for unlawful cultivation of fresh cannabis plants weighing 611 Kilograms and Sara Shangombe, 39, jointly charged with Emma Shabulika, both of Masengele Village in Sinazongwe arrested for unlawful cultivation of fresh cannabis plants weighing 245 kilograms. Others are Lillian Shamuwele, 29 a small scale farmer of Masengele village in Sinazongwe District, jointly charged with Aleti Bilo, 20 of the same village for unlawful cultivation of fresh cannabis plants weighing 240 kilograms,” stated Manchishi.

The suspects are in Police custody and will appear in court soon.


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    Calamity after calamity… God help us… Twachula with such kinds of news…

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    Almost thought one of them was councilor Tasila Lungu with a salary of K3000 per month and no none businesses

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    How do i become a lawful farmer of chamba? And this nigger how did he try to sell a plot to an already owner.If it was me i going to hammer the potential buyer so that he doesnt snitch on me.simple!

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      BaGangsta imagine you reading the news on Zambia Reports and an advert pops up ati plot for sale which is yours? What would you do?

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    They were cultivating weed for medicinal purposes. Weed cures glaucoma!

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    We need to see more miracles by the so called prophets in crime prevention in Zambia. Crime seems to be growing into a profession here especially by women who usually the main audiences at miracle sessions.

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    Zambians are fucked up and they wii continue being poor stealing from them selfs one zambia one nation as fucked

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