Another UPND Councillor in North Western Joins PF

A United Party for National Development  (UPND) Councillor in Mwinilunga District, North Western Province has ditched the opposition political party to join the ruling Patriotic Front barely a few days after another switched in Kabompo District.

Paul Mbelelen’gi who has been serving as Samuteba Ward Councillor has thrown in the towel citing uncoordinated leadership qualities in the UPND.

He said that the leadership of President Edgar Lungu has convinced him to join the ruling party adding that it is the only way his area will receive meaningful development.

“I want to make it clear that I have not been paid by anyone for the decision I have made, I am convinced that President Edgar Lungu means well for this Country,” he added.

And receiving him, North Western Province Chairman Jackson Kungo has said that the ongoing defections by Councillors to the ruling party is an indication the UPND has lost direction.

Kungo said it is now clear the opposition political party has nothing to offer its people that have sacrificed for a long time.

He has further said that those joining the ruling party have made independent decisions without being enticed by anyone.




    Lies just wait 2021 is near. Cost of living is higher. We are suffering . Sugar K30 per 2kg. Bread now K14, cooking oil750ml now K17, meal meal now K 140 break fast 25Kg. Fuel higher. Rates inflation 1 dollars per kwacha now K14 . Where going Zambian with
    economic? Poor readership !!!

    • Dude

      Don’t say you were not warned. EIU warned you.

    • Mpombo

      Just wait you will cry and gnash your teeth in 2021.Whilst you pretend to feel bad about the economy deep down you are celebrating as you dream that its your only chance to remove PF.Dream on as we dismantle your structures layer by layer. Even if the economy was to improve you will just vote for the name on the ballot paper

    • Alijoe

      See mind, I can ask you very small question and answer me please,, when you wakeup in the morning up to now, what did you do to add a value to Zambia economy?? Cause what I no people from other when they come in Zambia their don’t grown up Zambia economy only you and me we can. So today what did you or just try to add value to Zambia economy,, in Zambia you can change President 100% times it change not, what can Zambia is you and me,by stop finger point and work,

  2. SEE MIND ( Economist )

    Lies just wait 2021 is near. Cost of living is higher. We are suffering . Sugar K30 per 2kg. Bread now K14, cooking oil750ml now K17, meal meal now K 140 break fast 25Kg. Fuel higher. Rates inflation 1 dollars per kwacha now K14 . Where going Zambian with
    economic? Poor readership !!!

  3. Hambani

    Yizula bayangana

  4. Sam

    Blood is thinker than water tiyeni nayo ifintu ni Lungu 2021 in boma.

  5. BJ

    Wapya mudzi! Dununa in the back yard. When beating them isn’t possible, join them.

  6. puzzled

    okey alright 2021 will determine what people are going thru if its good pf if bad upnd or ffd

  7. Fisunge

    See mind do you listen or watch international news Zambia is not the only country where the economy is bad infact we’re used to fend for our selves AI if you’re lazy and you want mealie meal to be 1k sorry for you my parents have not bought mealie meal for the past 15years no complaints because they work hard just change the wY you do things life will be easier for you see mind if you’re 30years old and you want to buy the Nappy for your child the same price your father bought yours then go back to school and learn more who told you that essential commodities will sell the same price through out your life things change on including prices of goods and services we’re in the last days the Bible says so

  8. Masta

    You are buying them and with this biting economy, who can resist?

  9. mulase

    I support u Fisunga tho am a UPND Vuvuzela.Zambia is not the only country going through economic hardships.Infact one opposition leader I cannot mention here contributed to Wat we ar passing through at the time of Privatisation nd today he says he can fix the economy.These ar politics of cow dung which can only be supported by those who have a short memory nd not me.At the same time..Edgar Lungu should up the game of protecting our resources by making sure that all those mentioned in the FIC report ar caged nd all properties nd money they owned through unexplained circumstances ar forfeited to the state urgently nd not Wat he normally says ati let the law be followed.Did these suspects follow the law wen they wea stealing our resources Mr President?It’s a pity that u practiced law yourself which also taught u how to defend criminals.Put away that part nd only deal with lawlessness coz u ar not a lawyer now by virtue of yo employment.

    • Wezi

      Ba mu uza Edgar……..ati he is not a lawyer but President Kikikiki

  10. Sanky Roh

    If u can’t win against them then just join them and this iz wat most Upnd members are following wen joining Pf bcoz they know that even if they wait even in 2021 they are not going to win.Ndepitafye elo nalandapo am not a politician or a cader of any party but am a concerned Zambian.

  11. Hev rena

    Its true Edgar nabomba ,especially on infrastructure. Tuletasha ,Ku Soweto market mwaleshitisha mumatipa with filthy black water allover.But today there are tarmac roads everywhere.After this then concentrate on boosting the economy according to development plan.

  12. Sanky Roh

    We shouldn’t be putting all the blames on our leaders alone, let’s also be blaming our selves in terms of the rise in the economy bcoz we ar very lazy,We can’t expect leaders alone to change the country economy unless we work all together. The problem with u Zambian, u ar just gud at criticizing than helping or contributing to wat the country iz facing.Let’s all change our mind sets if u want Zambia to develop or be the same and Zambia will go no where in terms of development.


    HH is President in 2021

    • Alijoe

      Cliff kayuni!!! hh is president 2021, where?? In upnd or at his farm? You see but you can not see and you hear but you can not hear.

  14. King cool

    Only blind people who don’t see any thing. And only deaf people who don’t hear anything about the situation world wide. It’s high time that all Zambian people should rise and shine and pray for God’s guidance and help, otherwise, we will remain complaining about the economy, economy economy,, bushe nkanshi economy cinamanshi ?? In fact PF has tried, and they are trying. Thieves are everywhere. And corruption is also everywhere, in fact we people we are the ones that are currently seeking to corrupt someone. If there is no corruptor , corruption can’t be there..so let us pray for Edgar Lungu to seek God’s guidance during his stay in office, so that he can do things better. Changing the government within a short period of time it is not a solution to our problems.

  15. Tuli Bantu

    Fisunge! let me ask you one question, do you expect a chicken to play raw of a ducks, simply means a lawyer can’t play the raw of an economist far away, coz lawyer only he know is how to defend thieves and criminals, but economist knows how to handle issues like balancing the economy, kuli imwe benangu like shanky roh, you only know how to speak hat speeches, if you know that you are a hard worker and hard thinker, just go and advice your presido, coz I can see way you say like that it’s because ndimwe ba muselela kwakaba, nga HH ankala presido nakuyamba kuyendesa bwino vintu, muzakayamba futi kukamba ati tenzokamba ati HH nipatali, but now you are busy insulting him, iwe chi shanky u have said that you are not a carder of any party, but your speech can determine who u really are, for own information HH is not sinking in his business at all, he has been doing business for years and he is making money, very rich on his own boss, i know why u hat he, its because you don’t have any idea, we had an economist presido in this country when things were moving smoothly, we were the second if not third richest country but now poorest country and you are busy backing, u think that if presido has made things tity you think you can make them easier, that is why njoka in mutu, ngati ilibe mutual kulibe chamene body ingachite, so stop day dreaming.

    • ROKA

      The type of an economist you are talking about knows to swindle the economy cleverly

  16. Lisa

    Kungo always moves with a 90Kg sack full of coins to entice and buy off the poverty stricken and weaklings. You have been bought and paraded to defect to the economic plunderers. No sensible zambian can clap for such an unwise move

  17. BLSimpamba

    Don’t Compare challenges our brothers& sisters in other countries going through Zambia is a sovereign state Fisunge.These defectors are merely bought by PF,economy is really so bad in our country eg,no food in your home and child ren asking food to eat could your response be this stuation of having no food
    is not me alone?Don’t talk.Telling your children sure is,t sense?because it,s worldwide suffering.If politics were of this sort then it is abad wild animal.AMEN.

    • Alijoe

      Bible, if do not work than don’t eat too.if you a talk about food meaning that you a not working,, but if you can tell me that people their don’t have food because of rain than I will agree with you and government is giving relief food.

  18. lm

    one time bro

  19. Ray Mulowa

    Resigning doesn’t make sense because your term is almost near for you to graduate with a sum of money besides that you didn’t want to serve your comminity

  20. Sylvester Moomba

    All those who resign to course for by elections are people who have no morals. You resign and then the government spends millions to hold the by elections instead of that money being pumped to the ward for development.

    • ROKA

      Do you mean that only those who resign from apf have morals?Mwebantu, I thought only those who support on regionalism are the ones without morals!!They want to form government without a vision, only player(prayer) point, ten of them!!

  21. mulilomulilo

    Wait guys 2021is near,lolololo

  22. Mwakazeya Hohu Enwa Pf

    2021 is Nearby, just wait and see.

  23. Fisunge

    Tulip Bantu point of correction ecl is the president for all Zambian including you wether economist or lawyer when things change no one can reverse we mwanawasa as a lawyer the dollar was fine but no development was taking place the money was just for chewing but look at what is happening roads, hospitals,schools,and so many others decentralization also has taken shape increased district are you not happy sometimes we should not behave like we’re blind lekeni abombe let the pf dust Zambia you Will be happy the economist is not feeding us what ever he has acquired is his not for us but hh anyone can do better in business even when there not economists so ba tulibantu nangu hh aba kateka akalasabila pa kakonde Kale mwebantu so let’s just stop being lazy and work hard like Congolese people

  24. Jacob lungu

    wat a sadest thing to hear . mbelelengi let me ask ‘wat do you really want 2 express . wen the presidential speaker can resign then you can chose 2 join just bcoz kungo walks with bags of coins. Anyway I kno this is bcoz of being poor and this part’s acronym is poor finish.but I would like to tel u is that don’t let poverty blind you .

  25. Mwamba Felix

    Lesa Awaishiba Eka Fwe Batu Kuti Twalanda .Tushitilile Kuli Lesa.

  26. Milanga

    You’re right my bro.,. Tefintu

  27. Honorable Mutande Brian

    Upnd is a strong party, who’s not strong can not stand or support our party, bamukala ajikwa let them run away, in upnd we don’t need people who behaves like prostitute, let him goooooo!

  28. ROKA

    In fact,in spite of their short comings,apf has done a lot.Those who will take over in future won’t have challenges in terms of infra-structure because MCS laid the foundation and initiated the implementation before he died.The current apf had no choice but to follow,although of late losing direction.This is because most of them are not blue PF, but apf. However, those people claiming to be able to fix the economy,will be busy fixing personal economy in conjunction with multinational companies in which they have shares.I don’t support the apf,only supported PFMCS, but are better than those who been losing and no government management skills.I will support in 2021. Nevertheless, bring back ,unconditionally PF members and remove the apf members!!

  29. Milanga

    This nation is drowning, ichibwato chilenwina…
    Corruption everywhere! Even buying councillors! Shame on you Ba PF!

  30. Kazungo Kendrick

    Is this even. Councilor, I believe he is blind and deaf also a corrupted person, wait for 2021, UPND FOR 2021, HH THE NEXT PRESIDENT. WE WANT CHANGE. CHANGE WE NEED

  31. LUBINDA Mwendabai

    2021 has no changes of leadership.its just the matter of nafutinafuti.am telling u those who ar dicthing the opposition have morals.because I can’t afford to enjoy salary alone minus giving the electorate what they want which is development.opposition is just making noise for nothing.the best thing is better to work with those who has all the state machinery to assist the community and the country.no wonder PF still wins the 2021 elections.you want it or you dont.even if you complain about sugar prise,lungu is to complete his term in office.zonda uzalema.why ar yo commenting or hunting for what u can’t kill?

  32. Simon nyendwa

    2021 lungu continues
    No changes of leadership… 👏

  33. Simfukwe

    There are no opposition parties in this country right now poweroutgases are blamed on pf while knowing very well that this has come about cz of rought at the same time they can’t provide solutions pf has done things everyone is able to see bread is found mostly along the line of realway and is not astepple food so mind you there is no hunger in zambia wake up if you can’t change your mind set even developed have economic challenges they have youth employment problems just like any other country in the world

  34. Jms


  35. raphael Zulu

    Edgar Lungu is going to win in 2021
    jealous people will not make it to plot 1

  36. The great.

    These Satanist are losing members at faster rate 2021 there will another petition mark my words.ECL enjoys incombency. Besides,look at the roads . I can drive safely to and from work.


    Ndeloleshafye fili uko tuleya

  38. kalukuluku

    Fili Uko tuleya

  39. phiri phiri

    go there with your pf. kalunda sikopu mwosi eyi.

  40. Asphed

    Nabamona ati 2021 it’s near by, Ifwe tulifye pa Zambia forward HH 2021 tiye nayo.

  41. Fisunge

    Kedric listen don’t even say 2021 is coming it’s coming for sure and the voting will be now 2provinces for upnd and the rest for pf because I see hk and ck not to be close to elections all those will support ecl don’t even think that there divided bufi there just confusing the upnd and then one thought chanda resignation has an impact no that one is not a politician so twenty 2021will be funny maybe the president can even decide to pick ck or Garry nkombo has his running mate can they refuse?

  42. puzzled

    iwe sinfukwe ati there is no hunger in zambia hw much z tha bag of mealie meal n hw many cant afod

  43. Munenga malumo

    Last time u rigged the election this time it will be difficult since Lusaka will be the first to announce the result .we know yo tricks

  44. Stone banks

    Guys how many time has hh been losing came think of it, its like u been studying for an exam u can’t pass whether 2021 or his entire life he will never win zambi

  45. Stone banks

    Guys how many time has hh been losing came think of it, its like u been studying for an exam u can’t pass whether 2021 or his entire life he will never win Zambians are not foors ur were there during privatisation n then u claim to fix economy shame on u

  46. enalo

    No gold diggers 2021. No U turn. Things will change.

  47. Bigman

    If u can’t beat dem beta u join dem

  48. Cccc

    No sense

  49. Jackal

    SURPRISING! Rats are wiser than human beings. After escaping from a trap, they never attempt to eat anything put there or go anywhere near. Human beings are fools. After someone stealing and selling their property, years down the road, they want him to but their leader and entrust him with more property.

  50. Christopher

    PF 2021

  51. 2021

    Tiilaa chizule

  52. richchichi

    olo tikaluze tizakaba & will be called winners

  53. Kenny kasompe

    Comment corrupt activities if we really have the ACC in Zambia they can truly look into this criminal activities, and this is the main reason why our country can not develop we shouldn’t even talk about development

  54. Mwankole

    Who is a councilor??? So what?? To hell.

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