5 Die in Solwezi Road Accident

Five people, including a baby, have died while several others sustained serious injuries in a road traffic accident along the Solwezi-Chingola Road after a motor vehicle lost control due to excessive speed.

The accident happened on Sunday evening when a Toyota Axio Registration Number BAJ 484 that was being driven by Kanjila Samahongo, 35, hit two pigs and went on to hit other pedestrians around 19:15hrs near China Geo Camp.

North Western Province Police Chief Hudson Namachila has identified the deceased as Ebony Kabelenga, 43, Watson Mwanza, 16, Mary Chikwanda Kapole, 32, and a one-year-old baby girl who was Kapole’s daughter.

All of the deceased were from Kakombe area.

Namachila has stated that the fifth victim identified as Shadreck Chikwanda, 43, died yesterday at Solwezi General Hospital where he had been admitted after the accident.

He has named others that sustained injuries in the accident as Phyllis Ponde, 31, of Manyama area, Grace Kapuma, 30, of Kabitaka area and a one-year-old baby.

Others include a three-year-old boy and Katongo Kapuma, 28, all of Mitech area in Solwezi.

Namachila said driver of the motor vehicle has since been charged with five counts of causing death by dangerous driving and is detained in police custody while the five bodies have been deposited in Solwezi General Hospital Mortuary awaiting Postmortem.


  1. Kilay Hamuchiliba

    Sad news,

  2. Gangsta grabs

    Edgar Lungu waona? Islamic state sucide drivers are now in Zambia due to your terrorist financing scandal exposed by FIC.

  3. ChrisTopher M. Muhammad

    Sad development

  4. Mace

    Which imbecile wrote this piece? You call yourself a journalist? Inciteful… “…hit two pigs and went on to hit other pedestrians”. Went on how ai? The driver was on the road when two unsupervised pigs suddenly ran across and caused him to hit them thereby causing the vehicle to lose control and hit the pedestrians on the road side.
    How can he be charged with dangerous driving when clearly the negligent owner of those animals is to blame. Foolishness… If anything, RTSA should be called in to pay for their lack of sensitizing rural areas on road etiquette.
    I pray everyone survives this horrible ordeal and God grants peace to them.



    • Andrea

      You are very right dear

    • Idiocy Detector

      Do you understand what you are talking about? You Drivers of yesterday are idiots, that idiot should have killed the goats and not pedestrians. Most of you are so excited with cheap bicycles from Japan, when you buy one, you think you own the entire road. atase! Condolences to the families of that genocide. The idiot must be sentenced to death.


    Sorry sad news

  6. kabaso josjua

    sad news

  7. Escape from Sobibo

    Under PF so many accident has happened ,,I don’t know why

  8. Ernest

    Sad development……

  9. Izzy

    Too bad, may your soul’s rest in eternal peace.

  10. Justin Tj

    Sincere condolences to the families of; the two Chinese nationals , the younger ones whose house caught fire 🔥, the couple from Lwansha, those that have lost their lives in the road traffic accident between Chingola and Solwezi not forgetting our brother from Nchanga open pit… May their souls rest in eternal peace…😢😢😢😭… Oh God, have mercy in our beloved country…

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