Islamic Council President, 2 Others Appear in Court on 13 Charges

Islamic Supreme Council of Zambia President Suzgo Zimba and two others who were arrested on 13 charges, among them giving false information to an Immigration officer, have appeared in the Lusaka Magistrates Court

The suspects who are further accused of harbouring prohibited immigrants, aiding and abetting illegal immigrants appeared before Magistrate Felix Kaoma.

Zimba is jointly charged with Egeh Hussein and Omar Muhammud, both Somalis.

In one of the counts, the suspects are alleged to have procured an Immigration Visa for a SomaliĀ  by purporting that Ifrah Hassan was visiting Zambia to attend an intercultural competence course at Kook college of International Studies when in fact not.

However, the suspects could not take plea because there was no one to interpret for one of the suspects.

Magistrate Kaoma was left with no choice but to adjourn the matter to tomorrow for plea.

Meanwhile, the Magistrate has extended Zimba’s bond, except for two others accused who will remain in custody.


  1. Raw data (FIC)

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  2. pluto

    just depot all of them including the islamic stooge so called zimba.

  3. Daniel Banda

    The Islamic leader is endangering the lives of Zambians. Let the terrorism war of the Somalis remain there in East Africa.

  4. Idiocy Detector

    Each time this idiot vomits, the stink is about praising Lungu, kanshi the idiot was trying to take cover. stupid idiot.

  5. SMASH

    Uno mweshi ba chipata pipo you have dominated the headlines, DEC work up they’re harvesting fwaka ilebabofye

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