Police Deny Pilato and Others Permit for Peaceful Protest

Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Nelson Phiri has refused to grant a permit for Chama Fumba popularly known as Pilato, Maiko Zulu, Gunduzani Mwale and civil rights activist Laura Miti to hold a peaceful gathering.

Phiri has acknowledged being in receipt of a notice of intention to gather in a public place onJune 21 but has refused to allow the applicants to go ahead as planned due to lack of manpower from the police.

“Be informed that on the date stipulated for your gathering, the police will be engaged in other national duties thereby rendering it impossible to give you coverage,” Phiri has stated in his letter.

“Therefore, you are advised not to go ahead with your intentions as your security will not be guaranteed especially that the gathering is intended to go until 23:30 hours.”

However, Pilato stated on his Facebook page that the peaceful protest would proceed, with or without police presence.

The peaceful protest was to compel government to reopen the Copperbelt University which has been closed for over two months.


  1. Simfukwe

    These idiots do you know the damage done to the national institution? Rebuild then it will be opened for them

    • King Kang the Chinese Kong

      Which “idiots” are you referring to? If students are continually ignored from what they are entitled to then expect such behaviour.

      • shu shu shu

        When I was a student at UNZA, Chiluba’s government closed the university for one whole year saying “we are not in a hurry to produce graduates”. Two months is nothing

  2. misheal

    That is good idea to pilato coz the institution it has been long now since it has been closed,and we dot no when it be open,I think it is a good idea to remind them that….


    Some students in CBU THEY are sickness mind they cant damage infrastructures their studied in.Government let continueing CLOSE ITS. SO THAT THEY LEAN HOW TO KEEP INFRASTRUCTURES !!!

    • Aristocrat

      And dull people like you are always the result.

      • Idiocy Detector

        Agreed 100%, people like him shudder even at the mention of grade 7.

  4. Lee Muchenga

    Students should stop misbehaving also and take responsibility of the national assets.

    • King Kang the Chinese Kong

      @Lee Muchenga
      Aren’t students also “national assets”? Even as a parent if do not look after your children well do you think they will be well-behaved?


    Why police deny the peacefull demonstration when infact they even see CBU is closed because that is a serious issues.my quation to u officer is,IS GBM GOT PERMIT FROM YOU TO GO ROUND THE COUNTRY ON ITS PROGRAM CALLED “dismantal upnd structures in all provinces”?

  6. Daniel Banda

    It is a sign of stubbornness and dullness to think that you are fighting for human Rights for CBU students when the students themselves are doing nothing about it. If you have a lot of time and money to waste better engage in studies at some of our universities and improve on your eligibility for well paying jobs. Popularity on antagonism is not the best way to earn a living. Out of 17 million Zambians only the few of you see good in what the students did to the infrastructure at their institution and think yours is the best way of solving the impasse. Why don’t you start a political party so that you feel the heat of being officially an opposition group.

    • hasty

      Comment pathetic reasoning

      • Daniel Banda

        Pause before you comment. Hasty is speed and speed leads to self destruction.

        • Son of the soil

          It is an open discussion. As a teacher and lecturer, I sympathize with CBU students. Both sides have learnt one or two things. The earlier the institution opens the better to normalise the status quo.

  7. Sylvester Moomba

    The denial for peaceful demonstration is clear indicater that some people enjoy the rot of the financial crime in this country.

  8. Highly connected

    Let children be children. When children distroy a plate, do we stop giving them food? Real parents will say no but those who are claiming their answer is yes. Therefore, give children which belong to them.

    • Mpombo

      These people must be chainamic. who in his right mind can go and demonstrate in the dead of the night unless witches.The police would have allowed them to demonstrate then let us ukubaila and strike them like our legendary godfather cobra puh !.They can’t repeat it twice. The last time I checked Pilato and Maiko Zulu were learning how to sing Ching’ande when their colleagues were going to university. Don’t know where the interest in education is coming from probably planning to unleash new songs. Njala yaba nyokola

  9. mulase

    I wonder y Pilato nd his team did not apply for a Peaceful protest wen the students damaged the University properties.Repair everything that was damaged using your own money nd then ask Govt to reopen the University..Period !!!

  10. ChrisTopher M. Muhammad

    Please open CBU..

  11. Truestory

    Peaceful protest kkkkkkkkkkkk. Muleletelela fye aba ama students, lekeni fye abene bailwile inkindo, batampile beka tamwaliko now why do you what to talk on there behalf? And me I’ve heard and seen these students kneeling before the president asking for forgiveness, now why apologize if you did the ryt thing? Come back to your senses. Tekufwayafye ukupange ishina ati mukambilako ma students,

  12. Fisunge

    Let very them learn a lesson for their stupidity or let them go to the private universities where manners exists what type of youth ful leaders who think they know it all that’s y giving them basaries has made them big headed even if it’s not open after all they contribute nothing to the economy we have gained nothing from this so called higher learning Mr President and nkandu Luo let them be atase spoiling all that if they want to open let them pay for the damage they caused naimwe new fipuba we know you’re ant government mulepela ba police inchito. Shabupuba up to 23hrs ninshi

  13. Truestory

    Now I just want to ask the students to tell ba Pilato, ba Zulu naba Miti baleke fyo balefwayo Ku chita balekoseshako mulilo. The students have apologized and am sure something is being done, so for these guys to come up with this nonsense its not ryt. By the way what has Pilato done to this country? Ne nyimbo shakwe isha bupuba pamo naba Zulu bene, there music is not even played on radio stations even in Bars. Coz there massages in there music isn’t even inspirational. Ichindikeni fye ba ngwele imwe.

  14. Mr Peace

    The problem is pretence and ignorance.These CBU students UNZA inclusive should stop behaving like people who have not even tasted grade one.These are the people in the highest learning institutions and we expect the highest quality of manners from them.At the same time the infrastructure they damage at these institutions are expensively built.These institutions are not theirs,there more great students coming who are not yet born.Now if these students keep on vandalising as a way of demostrating where are they going to take there children.Its very unfortunate to have such students.These guys are studying subjects including business administration. Is this what they will tell works when they become managers that vandalism is the solution when you are not paid?Is this what they are learning? Let’s be serious,this behaviour must be condemned. It’s too much.There are so many ways of attracting the attention of the government apart from this foolish and primitive behaviour.

    • Kalamwendaya

      The students should shoulder the blame themselves without the nonsense from pilato and the group.

  15. Ba yoyo

    They are punishing even the wrong student who even didn’t destroy the institute… So please just open cbu

  16. team open it

    Not all of us participated in the closing of the university… For the sake of misbehaving students you closed the institution… For the sake of innocent ones please open the damn Skulu. I rest my case

  17. Jms

    No matter how you complain to a capitalist to maintain a government institution when their agenda is on capitalism iam sorry you should be careful you will even be harmed you see in democracy we believe not seeing others suffer and we protect young people because their strength depends on us but when we live in the era of Harold who kill the boys and shaka who never wanted competition with another man its unfortunate a wrong person isn’t ashamed of what he does due to their stone hated minds you can tell him to give you a shirt in the end you will be insulted thinking you shouted( shit to him)Don’t disturb them they think what ever one says is wrong in their eyes because hate is fild in their minds HORRIBLE

  18. Lisa

    Zabwino Palibe(ZP) will never issue a permit to an opposition even when the intention is logical. Pf thugs don’t value education. With scanty knowlege, it is Pf thugs heading most departments and that is why they are in support of the indefinite closure. Pilato and friends should start door to door campaigns to retire Pf in 2021. The ground is very fertile for change.

    • Daniel Banda

      One doesn’t need to be a cadre to respect national values and property. But for those of you who made shortcuts in education through leakages by not passing through the learning process see sense in vandalism and supporting idiotic behaviour. There are things that normal minds don’t dare support except those with wapped minds,this case is one of those.

  19. SMASH

    Ba Miti,Pilato, gunduzani and Zulu my question to you guys is when you were at these higher learning institution did you damage the infrastructure when you were agreved? What is the solution for this behavior, matching, or peaceful demonstration is another way of promoting ubupuba find time to lecture the students on ways of resolving problem instead of ukulwa na boma mind you even if you were granted permission to go ahead with your demo those guys will never change less fye umwine anyway

  20. Shimwana

    What about solidarity to the FIC report, much as the CBU issue is important please protest also on govt attack on FIC. Protest in solidarity to FIC

  21. Nyengo

    Protest part of democracy but also ingredient 4 violent whch causes freeze the economy. Pipo in it are uncontroled bcoz few protest sober but many do it while using beer or smoke this lead 2 violence bcoz pipo take also advantage 2 fight with police after breaking the rules during the procession

  22. Lisa

    Under Pf police permits are hard to obtain and that is why the students carry stones to vent out anger. During our time, police used to engange us without live ammunition or suffocating students till death


    Evry Zambian ‘ve a ryt to opnion,but be profesion in the way u comment.U cal urselvs christians wen u dn’t want 2 4gve.

  24. Fisunge

    Lisa no matter what you say government has the way they do things not what you want the country is bigger than cbu if they wanted to learn they shouldn’t have behaved that way so those who think they university Shud open instead they Shud compose songs to educate the students to stop throwing stones I end here

    • D h power

      This students who vandalis properties, they no that thy can do nothing, so thy bring Confusion’s so that thy can not write exam, so for this musicians ,the protest of up to 23:30hrs what is the agenda at night

  25. BJ

    The issue of cbu reopening has been soughted out. The last tym President Lungu was on the copper belt, he clearly stated that soon the institution was to reopen. Knowing very the tym frame for completion of damaged infrastructure. The concern by government is greater than the mare demos. The students are adults wu shudnot be misled by politicians in need of political office. Tym wasted will not be gained. The elite are better informed. Ndeloleshafye!!!

  26. Lisa

    Grz should also listen to what people say. Prolonging closure is nothing but just pomposity on part of govt


    ba pilato ne bumba lyenu mulifipuba instead of teach this street kids called students to behave like human but besy pushing the G.R.Z to open the campus why not others but you and that mayo uyu nampala laura miti.mulekula bane nabamituma ka ba opposition? atleast next year 2020 to open the campus mwanyala bamumbwe imweeeee

  28. Razor

    Police state. Now apply for a permit to march in support of LungĂș on the same date and see how all of a sudden manpower will be there instantly.

  29. Kings

    The only solution is to keep tondolo to please a fool who sees sanse in the closure of the institution( c b u ). A nation of criminal in leadership, bwafya.

  30. Zb

    Students at cbu are better than pilato. They know all the approaches to use when talking with the president. And the president can here them than pilato. My request to my fellow Zambian ( pilato) is that leave the issue to the students and us parents who are paying for them. Mulekoshafye ilyashi Ba Pilato. If you want, approach the president so that you talk to him face to face. He is also a human being as we are. We love you pilato but do right things at a right time. You are just bringing another confusion to the students bz some may misbehave during your move. Think both sides. What you want to do is right but what about others especially young ones? Anyway, do what you think is right to you. But remember all things are good but not all are profitable. We love you pilato.

    • Bwete

      You are very stupid and damn, if CBU is not going to be opened anytime soon then expect to have a country full of illiterates mind u students are also national assets so which national assets are you talking about if not students?

  31. Dumbwi

    That’s what happens when you choose selfish and weak minded people to run the affairs of the country, foolish ba idiot mwembwamwe bakabwalala

  32. Matumbo

    But why demonstrate after Pres has told the students CBU will be opened soon. Demonstrate on FIC or something without solution in sight.

  33. George Mukuka

    Ba Piiato,maiko Zulu, and madam miti if u are wise enough give advice and councils to de students on de dangers of destr9ying pipos properties as well as university piopertiese than wasting time applying for a permit.

  34. The saint

    Bushe ninshi pa CBU epo government ishabikapofye amano among all the institutions in Zambia? Can you wake up please yaba!

  35. Chiluba

    But why 23:30hrs

  36. Lwala 70

    ebantu tulefwaya aba
    jst tell us where the gathering z going to b held!
    wil come in numbers
    cbu must be opend

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