3 Children Burn to Death at Chichele Fishing Camp

Three juveniles aged between five and fifteen have been burnt to death at Chichele Fishing Camp in chief Chiwanangala’s area in Chilubi District after a grass thatched house they were in caught fire.

The incident happened on Sunday between 22:00 hours and 04:00 hours when the father of one of the victims only identified as Bashi Arbiton, aged between 50 and 55, left fire on after smoking fish and went to sleep.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo has stated that the fire later spread and gutted the house in which the victims were sleeping.

She stated that the victims sustained serious burns and died on the spot while the father survived the inferno with burns and is admitted to Chilubi District Mainland Hospital.

Katongo has since identified the deceased as Arbiton Mwansa, 15, Allan Lishuko, 8 and Lubuto aged 5.

All the children have been put to rest.

Meanwhile, Katongo stated that police had observed an increase in reports of fire incidences during cold seasons compared to other periods of the year.

β€œSome of the fires reported as arson turn out to have been caused as a result of negligence on the part of occupants. From 1st June, 2019 to date, we have received 18 fire related cases of which eight were reported as Arson while 10 were reported as fire incidences,” she stated.

Katongo has since advised members of the public to avoid leaving fire or other electrical appliances such as heaters unattended to especially during the cold season to avoid loss of life and property.

β€œIn the event of the load shedding being experienced countrywide, we advise members of the public to avoid leaving candles on when going to sleep as they have high potential of causing fire,” she added.


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    May there soul rest in peace……… It’s so sad 😭😒😡😷

  2. Daniel Banda

    It is important and high time that the government wings concerned become proactive in prevention of deaths due to fires. Our people need awareness education. This can be done by the Ministries of Health, Home Affairs, Local Government and Community Development as lead organizations. The rural populations are well structured to undertake this programme because traditional leadership can pass on responsibilities from the chiefs, to indunas and to village headmen or head-women. The health centers can undertake their health promotion programmes down to the lowest level the village setting through the health advisory committees to community health workers. These are just examples but we would do even better by taking advantage of our democracy by asking various parties’ structures in communities to be involved in health promotion.

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    sad news, RIP

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    toooo bad guys R.I.P

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    sad development R.I.P

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    May there beautiful souls RIP

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    Sad news little kids


    My condolences to the family and the nation as well

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