Leopards Hill Cemetery Wall Fence to Cost K1.8m

Mayor of Lusaka City Miles Sampa has called on all Lusaka residents and the business community to join the project to construct a perimeter wall at the Leopards Hill Cemetery.

Sampa posted on his Facebook page that this is an initiative to secure the grave site.

According to Sampa, the project to construct a 1.1 kilometer perimeter wall will cost the Lusaka City Council over K1.8 million.

The total length of the wall is 1,100 meters with each panel of six meters by three meters costing K10, 000.

Sampa has indicated that the project also involves paving of the verandah with benches to act as a park for all that would need to rest or relax when in the area.

He added that the white gravel stones path will act as a walking or jogging avenue for all citizens from nearby areas like Ibex, Nyumba Yanga, Bauleni and New Kasama, among others.

β€œWe have started working on the wall fence to Leopards Hill cemetery. This the first stage as we endeavor to make the cemetery secure and more respectable for our dear departed. The current state is not acceptable and we are now working to make it a decent place for sending off our beloved,” stated Sampa.


  1. Salary

    Hope that won’t affect our salaries cause arleady we aren’t getting paid for months without pay what more with that other k1.8million.🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍

  2. SMASH

    It’s a good idea building a Boundary wall at the grave yard

  3. Luck muwaya

    Good move

  4. Zambiaisoura

    That is why we Zambians have closed minds that hardly learn from what others have done better! We love to be in enclosures even where there is no need,why should you build a wall fence instead of just a wire fence,pave the drive ways and beautify the surroundings with lawns and flower beds so that the area looks attractive.That is more respecting to the departed than wall fences that may cost more but make the place more mysterious and ugly!! I hope the mayor is not looking at how fleece the council of it’s money!

    • Daniel Banda

      Zambiaisoura, you couldn’t more precise than this. Very well stated. We should move away from the grotesque wall fences that have made Zambia become a pseudo-high GDP country in residential places environments. Cemeteries elsewhere are attractive and peaceful places not jogging tracks as suggested by his Worship. This component makes the idea repulsive. Otherwise it’s generally a good idea to protect the burial sites and I am ready to contribute to a transparent green flowery cemetery.

    • Tombolilo

      Copy the pillars erected at South African cemeteries to maintain city beauty and the cost will also drastically reduce! I hope pillars to be erected will not end up in people’s homes as we have developed a craving for theft of public assets and money.

    • Anthony chitefu

      That’s a good adea malume

  5. The saint

    Too expensive

  6. mercy

    I think a wire fence can be better than
    a wall fence

  7. Vh

    Vandalises will steal the poles if they erect a fence, so better a wall fence.

  8. Truestory

    Leopards hill cemetery can employe alot of people if the council has brains. If Memorial Park has done that what about leopards hill? My idea is this ba Mayor. If all all of us who have buried our loved ones there can be made to contribute only for example K5, how much money can we be contributing per month? Then you start numbering all the graves for identification by family members. There after you creat a beautiful garden around the whole area like memorial park has done it, from there ninshi job creation yatampa. For payments of those subscription you can come up with a formula or open an account for all of us who would be contributing to be depositing the money in that account. So you first start by cleaning the cemetery not wall fencing it, that can come later on. The idea is very brilliant but please come up with a very good plan ba Mayor, you are going to create hundreds of jobs for the jobless men and women and the youths. Memorial Park has done it, and tell me who funds Memorial Park? Its the owners of those beloved ones resting in there. As long as tamuli bukabwalala, it can work. Caculate for me, if 10,000 people are contributing K5 per month how much is the total contribution? And how much is it to pay 20 Gardeners at the rate of K1,200 per month?

    • PM

      You are absolutely correct. My son is burried at Memorial Park but am not happy with the cleaning being done there, so I pay K50 per month to a guy who works there just to pay extra care to my beloved son’s resting place. Lets work together to clean up all the cemeteries in zambia so that we can with pride visit our departed loved ones. Believe me a clean cemetery lessens the grief.

  9. senga ngwetu


  10. Fisunge

    I think government should choose a day on the calendar and make it cemetery day for everyone of us to go and clean up our grave yards this should be law if we can keep Zambia clean we Shud start from the grave yards

  11. Truestory

    You see.. PM pays K50, is it per month Bwana PM? Me I have 2 graves at Leopards hill cemetery that’s my farther and his elder brother, and ma telling you if the council asked me to pay even K20 per month to have my Dads graves cleaned so that I can visit them anytime I want or when I want to go and show my children were there grandpas resting places are. We always admire how Memorial Park looks, its always clean and accessible. Why can’t leopards hill and Chingwere be the same mwe Bantu sure? The places looks as if tapalala abantu, kwati ninama sha lalapo.Please ba Sampa before you leave the position of Lusaka Mayor do something to these 2 resting places of our beloved ones twapapata.

  12. Chilubo

    Nangu fye tapasoswa ba mayor bushe nga mwalikwanisha ukukwata amayanda yonse yalya pamutengo mwabikilapo fence uwa k10,000 per 6Γ—3mtrs? Your aproxmations are poorly done, you better get back to the drawing board and remember not to subcontract because you have skilled workmanship in coucil who can do the work without spending those big amounts of money you are talking about.

  13. Mr kush tembo

    Wow it looks cool hope it won’t affect other things

  14. One zambia

    We shall wait and see if ba Mayor will implement this idea. Pantu umo batubepela free WiFi nanomba.

  15. Collins sopema

    Good move Mr mayor, but hope it won’t affect our salary…

  16. Hev rena

    The cost is too much.A100m needs about 25 pockets plus mmay b2000 blocs at k4 each.is about 25000.multiply that by 10.talk about 50000 na labour

  17. Masauso

    If those skilled workers in council can work no such big sum can be used,now that you gave jobs to your families all they khow is to pick bins Kaya,ba mayor for people to contribute not really 🧀 and never should you speak to be famous wifi wifi how much

  18. vulnerable

    Is it an economic venture or just draining government money

    • FIC

      Instead of contributions, I suggest those pep mentioned in the fic trends report plough back to the community by parting with something from the 6.1 Billion

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