Luanshya Man Beats Wife to Death

A 44-year-old man of Luanshya’s Mikomfwa Township has allegedly beaten his wife to death following a marital dispute.

Phillip Zulu is alleged to have beaten his wife to death using a wooden handle of an axe after the couple engaged in an argument.

The deceased has since been identified Grace Zulu, 39, a teacher at Mazheri Primary School.

Copperbelt Police Chief Charity Katanga said the incident happened over weekend between 20:00 hours and 20:30 hours.

Katanga said the suspect is currently on the run and police have launched a manhunt to bring him to book.

She stated that the suspect is alleged to have escaped after the incident.

The deceased’s body is in Roan General Hospital mortuary awaiting post-mortem.

Katanga has appealed to members of the public to help police with information that could lead to the arrest of the suspect.


  1. Pamela (FIC)

    I hope it’s not Pamela coz she’s not seen nowadays whenever I go to Barclays coz I used to give her tips without knowing ati chalensulaπŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†β€β™‚οΈπŸ™†πŸ’

  2. Darius kaps

    Philip Zulu committed suicide the very day and he has been put rest

  3. Daniel Banda

    This is not a laughing matter. Those who are making funny of this case need to understand that the deceased woman has relatives who are aggreaved

  4. mule

    He will be found only that he is still in the state of confusion

  5. Lya Resident

    The man in question Philip Zulu was put to rest on the same day with his wife. He committed suicide the very day he killed his wife. He was 52 years.

    • Jamtone

      Thanks for being brief and to the point than those whose coments are not worthy!

  6. jm

    y is this happening in our country kansh. This last sunday night my brother was kill’d by unknown people


  7. Zb

    Let her soul rest in peace. But female teachers, learn from this. You should know the person you are getting married to. And , you should respect marriage. Marriage is different from work. Mwefimbusa twafweni inkashi shesu shalapwa. Icilelenga sometimes is lack if traditional values.

  8. Simpito Mukandwa

    Too bad

  9. Izzy

    I am very saddened with the death of my dear sister and mother of our great Nation, Zambia, please those that are still in marriages deduce a lesson from from such calamities,so that such kinds of cases don’t repeat themselves.Just this year alone,first quarter in short,e have lost so many lives of such nature,we all understand that everyone can get hurt in one way or the other, but that shouldn’t even lead to loss of !Ives.If you know that you are not ready mentally to marry,please don’t marry because this is now too much,police do your work please.

  10. mwimbe m

    Is That wht u cal a christian nation.mumbwa.kanyama.ngombe in a wik y

  11. Bettychanakila

    Its very sad that Grace died such a painful death and my heart goes to the family and loved ones.
    The thing is, nowadays African women takes marriage as a degree qualification and endure the abuse from their husbands to the point of death so that they can be seen that the are married.
    I am sure Grace suffered abuse for a long time in the hands of her abusive husband without making a move. Abuse and violence starts bit by bit until the abuser takes it to another level which is dangerous. Also women are not taking time to learn their prospective husband background history before marriage. As long as the man can dress well, they qualify him as a husband material, what people should know is, most men in Zambia are dependent on tugiligili such that their brain does not function properly as a result, they cannot hold a healthy debate with their wives rather than violence to shut the innocent wife up.
    Women, learn to be independent by doing something or selling malasha so that you can run when the husband is unreasonable.
    You don’t need to die for a man, a man will not die for a woman, they will marry the following day of your burial.
    Marriage is not a qualification, academic college, university will give you a qualification to be independent and get a job.
    Make sure you investigate your boyfriend history before committing yourself. You may be dealing with a serial killer or an alcoholic.
    Confide in your loved ones when things are going wrong so that the abuser knows that other people knows of his character.
    In conclusion:
    May the soul of grace rest in peace.
    I pray that phillip is arrested as soon as possible, I have faith in the Zambia police and thev will deal with him as he is a dangerous man who fights women with weapon instead of doing farming as Zambia has so much land.

  12. Darius kaps

    Darius kaps died today

  13. WKZF


  14. kaleji mwanza

    A man can not do such a thing unless the woman is stupid . but anyway bring him to justice for that he is totally wrong.

  15. Keep

    This is bad

  16. kapenta

    Too bad ba Bozi lee

  17. Trust

    Too bad

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