Police Identify Murdered Chinese Couple

Police have identified the murdered Chinese couple as Jinrong Yon, 53, and female Zuming Hu, aged 49.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo stated in a statement that the victims were running a Sun Share shop in Mumbwa district.

“We received a report of murder involving two Chinese nationals which occurred on 19th June, 2019 at unknown time but between midnight and 04 00 hours at Sun Share in Mumbwa District. The victims have been identified as male adult Jinrong Yon, aged 53, and female Zuming Hu, aged 49.  The bodies of the deceased were discovered at around 04:30 hours inside Sun Share Shop by Kelvin Munyikwa aged 31 years, a Security Guard at one of the shops within the same area which is just opposite Sun Share shop,” stated Katongo.

“Kelvin Munyikwa was also contracted by the deceased to be collecting garbage from their premises in the evening and morning. No arrest has been made yet and investigations in the matter have been instituted.”

The victims were beheaded by the unknown assailants.


  1. Gangsta grabs

    So that leaves 1,998,000,000 chinese.Hu jintao did not even break a tear.

    • shine


  2. Izzy

    Those murderous who killed the two couple Chinese Nationals,in whichever way,are just people who are well known,people who have been staring at those Chinese Nationals,who knew their movements,thus the time they sleep and wake up,hence they killed them,so the Zambia police,and the general public should make eure that they work hand in hand and bring these culprits to book.Thank you,one Izzy,a concerned unza student.

  3. Analyst

    It’s a complex murder and the investigators should leave no stone unturned. Hacking people to death like that is inhuman and it goes with so much anger… Like vegeance. Who knows, maybe the couple killed other people in their country or elsewhere, and then came to invest in Zambia. The world is too small. Be clean guys. You don’t kill others and go and shine your candles elsewhere. Unresolved murders or crimes can attract such similar vegeance acts. Let the police investigate the root cause of the attack,mfor it to be able to deal with the violence. You don’t steal and kill people in Zambia and then go and invest in China or shine in the UK. The world is a smal place, the victims can trace you and seek instant justice. Be clean before you invest. Zambia is full of hate crime and some people are satanists and thieves just by orientation.. So the attach may be from local disgruntled Zambians/haters, who cannot live well at seeing others progress. Even the stigma against the Chinese by locals or political disgruntled people can be the root cause.. The murder is gruesome and it shows so much hate and anger..

  4. Awan technologies

    I DONT APPROVE THE HEAVY MUSHROOMING OF CHINES IN ZAMBIA BUT KILLING THEM IS NO OPTION. this is not the way zambians behave. is it because of the hard times zambianz are facing now. change the govt and grow the economy.

    • Hantobolo

      You are very wrong my brother and your thinking.

  5. Shi ji ping

    Hu jintao

  6. Time

    Sad news.

  7. francis

    The one who killed two capels have been cached today gus

  8. Allan Chooongo

    That was so sad and its still sad police should do a great job and those found should be punished so that such never is repeated again

  9. The Owl

    This Act could portray a wrong picture of Zambia and scare away investors. Apart from wanting to rob the place the criminal just hated the people he murdered in cold blood. They may treat us bad sometimes in our own country but lets not pay them with ills such as this, this is not us , its never been Zambian to do such. Lets shy away from such acts.

    • Harriciah

      You re very right totally agree with you,Zambian shouldn’t b like that… We re better than that

  10. Victor Goddard

    I can’t believe this is happening in zambia. What a heartless chap, who did this is evil and needs big punishment. How can zambia develop when we have people like these

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