Water Shortage Hits Kitwe

A water crisis has hit Kitwe with most townships going without the commodity for the past three days.

Kitwe’s Chamboli, Nkana West and East, Wusakile, Ndeke, Luangwa, among other townships, have all been left without water leaving communities with no option but to fetch water from nearby streams and shallow wells.

Some residents spoken to have demanded that Nkana Water and Sewerage provides alternative water sources to service the affected communities.

They have indicated that for the past three days, the named communities that are mostly South of Kitwe, have not had running water.

“…while we appreciate there was communication, it only came after the service was cut, and do you know how much this has inconvenienced us? This is playing with people’s lives. Immediately they knew there was a problem, the best was to put in place immediate measures to respond to the challenge, but you send me a text message then what?” one of the angry residents said in an interview.

He added that Nkana Water needed to be proactive and always switch to other alternatives because there is always no guarantee that maintenance works will always be completed as per promise.

“We were told by 17:00 hours, water would be back but what time is this? They know nothing has been done so what next? Provide the service using other means, that is why we pay because we don’t that service for free,” he added.

Nkana Water and Sewerage Company public relations manager Bivan Saluseki confirmed the development but assured that the problem that led to the erratic water supply was being attended to by the technical staff.

“Certain areas of Kitwe, in Kitwe south, we have a challenge in terms of water supply. Others are very erratic in terms of receiving water. This is due to a problem that we have at our Nkana East Raw Water intake; the screens are chocked so even the production of water has been reduced. We have a shutdown to work on the screens, you know this debris that has accumulated in the screens so the production of water has reduced…we have to clear that,” said Saluseki.


  1. Njekwa wa lubinda

    What the heck is this? Debris accumulating. Don’t you people have maintenance focus on your Callender? Irresponsible people drawing free salaries every month. You are such a let down. Don’t you know water is life.

  2. MC

    It sad news. But Nkana Water should put measures to avoid screens from being chocked. Or alternatively to have routine check of may be weekly in stead of waiting for screens to be heavily chocked with debris and then declare an emergency. Nkana water should also improve on the quality of water being delivered the clients. mostly running water from pipes in Nkana East is dirty. I dont understand why but they had the main pipes being replaced by the Chinese Contractor

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