South African Gay Artiste Barred from Entering Zambia

Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili said the government would not condone a situation where organisations were inviting people with questionable characters that might compromise the morals of the land.

“Every country has laws. Here in Zambia, we have a constitution that guides citizens on morals and its christian values. We do not condone gayism. It is a crime and inviting such people means we are slowly accepting the vice,” she said.

She was reacting on the invitation of Somizi Buyani Mhlongo, a South African gay television presenter by PR Girl Media to the next month event.

(Credit: Times of Zambia)



    Never should this fellow come to zambia

  2. Charles micklay

    Well spoken madam,never allow this to happen pls in this Christian land

  3. Fact

    Nice move mum, seriously I was so biwildered as what was going on here,first and for this guy was supposed to appear at event which is full children who would otherwise have taken his behavior to be normal. And you know children would have embraced this thinking is their role model, if this guy was allowed to come then as man heterosexual for that matter I would have demanded for zondwa to be the next flight. Other wise good move to God be the glory

  4. Dude

    Good move. Never shall we compromise such.

  5. handsome dude

    this foolishness was banned even in the bible what would us as zambians to allow such madness, ? we are guided by the same bible that banes mischievous deeds (gay) halla we ain’t gona allow such here 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Bk

    This Fellow Should not come and Defile our Soil.The whole southern Africa It Is only Zambia that had Some resoanable Rains.This all because we acknowledge GOD. Mama GOD bless you

  7. Wise me

    If the norm in the world is that entrances and exits into and out of buildings should be by the door ways then some individuals become derranged and start to break windows to use as entry and exit points, surely we cannot doubt that they are mentally I’ll. Even at the boarder mentally I’ll persons will be sent back to their country of origin. God couldn’t have made a mistake in creating Eve to partner with you Adam instead. What right is there for some one to squeeze his manhood into a place which is not naturally lubricated and inflict pain onto another man unproductively. I would not speak for lesbians but for sure anal stretch is a very painful procedure even if only one finger is passed through the anus. Why should the world be talking about rights for homosexuals when in Christian terms God destroyed Sodom and Gomorah for habouring homosexuals. That’s where the name Sodomy likely comes from. Sin is never a right it needs to be nipped in the bud. The world should start treating gay people as among the peverts the who deserve hospital attention has a right. Those in research need to work hard to find a solution to make these people have feelings for the opposite sex instead of encouraging it’s perpetuity.

  8. Jacob

    Zambia is a Christian nation don’t allow this gay to come here in Zambia

    • Pimbilimano

      The guy was invited by somebody from this feable Christian Nation. Don’t vilify him, but he who invited him.

      Tonto Nkanya.

  9. LUBINDA Mwendabai

    Thanks madam good move.equally I hate the guy’s behaviour. Let him remain away.we don’t want bad And almost satanic behaviour s here.I can simply say to him ” fosake”.

  10. Jay

    They should have let him come and then chase him pa airport, let him wait for SAA pa runway.

  11. mulilomulilo

    Well done madam

  12. Anon

    Excellent, Honorable Sumaili!!!!

  13. Alton kalowa

    Am more than glad that this gay guy was not allowed to enter the country 🙏🏾🙏🏾
    Take your bushit back to South Africa

  14. SMASH

    Let’s hope ama donation we receive from the US AID there is no gayism attached

    • Mwale-Stevheny Mukuka

      Infact government must bring to book organizers of this same event and/or invitation of that gay guy to Zambia.

      Abash homosexuality and any of its shadow in this land.



      • Mwanafumu

        I agree with Mwale
        The organisers and invitors of this gay being should be investigated and be brought to book
        They could be practicing the same without the government and its people knowing

    • Dave

      Government should also investigate the organization inviting him and equally ban them.
      Such we don’t tolerate in zambia

  15. Mwale-Stevheny Mukuka

    Infact government must bring to book organizers of this same event and/or invitation of that gay guy to Zambia.

    Abash homosexuality and any of its shadow in this land.



  16. Thomas

    Good move madam

  17. You see

    If our readers were not selfish,we wouldn’t have been licking the dast of the boots of donor.Gaysim & lesbianism,is one of the donor’s agenda.Thi is what has brought about boko Haram in Nigeria.

  18. America

    Bewere of Western helping

  19. Satanism on a material day

    Who invited this guy?

  20. Lindiwe Ncube

    Oh this people are not good at all. Zambians why you allow stilling but this pool entertainer what has he done?. The guy is a very good entertainer. I love him though .

    • Mwanafumu

      I agree with Mwale
      The organisers and invitors of this gay being should be investigated and be brought to book
      They could be practicing the same without the government and its people knowing
      Birds of same feather flock together

    • Mwanafumu

      Lindiwe ncube
      We are proud Zambians of positive human morals and shall protect our beloved country when it comes to inhuman practices
      We may be materially poor but are morally and culturally rich
      If you like him well and good for you and that does not mean we should
      We have our own likes as Zambians
      Whether Christians or not gayism is not good therefore must not be encouraged

      • Jameson

        If you want him take him to Zimbabwe

        • Favour

          May God deal with you Jameson for that foolish and ungodly comment

      • Pimbilimano

        Of positive human morals?
        Since when?

    • Billy

      U fool

    • Gaby

      Did u see anyone boldly or publicly inviting armed robbers,thieves to come and perform in Zambia? Though they are thieves and gays in Zambia,they should not allow these notorious gay to come on with this public gay event to come train more gays in Zambia..

  21. Chikampa

    Please immediately arrest those characters who invited those ungodly chaps! Who allowed them to even think of inviting such questionable characters please???

  22. Prophetic son

    That is terrific move madam as Christian nation we should condone such immoral

  23. Albright

    That’s the way to go.We are not going to allow such people in our christian nation.

  24. London

    Yes, bring to book those who invited him.

  25. King cool

    The minister is now working, never should Government compromise such type of stupidity in our country ,

  26. Nobert H,Munkombwe

    Zambia is Christian country, people like him are not welcome in our mother land,good move mama.

    • Flame

      for whom did Jesus die for
      is it sinners or the upright?.
      if you are a christian nation embrace such people if they are bad to you and preach to them the Christ m.
      should you be chasing away instead of recieving them and share with them Salvation ?
      if you neglect them,chase them how and where would they hear Jesus From????
      christianity is not just by mouth but a lifestyle .

      • Chibs

        Flame I disagree with you,why didn’t God preach yo those that harbored homosexuals in Sodom,instead he burn the whole city for the few who sinned ,you want God to burn us noooo,there’s is Christianity in southafrica and the preach about salvation and against gaysim why hasn’t he heeded awe let hi stay in S/A.

      • One Zambian 1nation

        Brother am beginning to like you. Can you preach the gospel to someone who is drunk? The answer is no. These guys are more than drunk but possessed. No body in their moral sense can do what the do. South Africa has has more powerful pastors than zambia, and They are passionate Christians like you, who tried preach to them, but noway. They a special case like saul( Paul), only christ can deliver and change them. Okay can you write down, what you would tell to convert to Christianity. We see whether even you who is telling it can change by that same message you are telling. Brothers am waiting….

  27. mulenga musonda

    zambia is a Christian nation lets respect that, lnfact we should investigate people who are inviting such characters.

  28. Jay

    Great move madam minister but a Christian national we should as well not allow pf carders abuse our land. Ban carderlism and arrest those steeling our tax payers money

    • Chazanso

      Jehovah God created Adam and Eve,we know that and we read the bible all the time. Not even a single day did I hear or read the bible that Jehovah God created Adam and Everisto and blessed them that they fill the world. Come on its not adding up, such guy has no place in my country. My minister thank you for doing your job that I employed you to do deligently .

  29. Don 1

    Good move madam..we should never allow that kind of nonsense in our country..

  30. Arthur Mfwankila

    He has come to rape male in zambia

  31. Shagi

    Let every nation keep its scam safely nestled within their borders.

  32. John Simukonda

    Why bring their own world, in the world of God? This person is an animal only animals, live this kind of life. God made Adam and Eve for a special purpose. When God created all things and Adam, he never chose from among those animal creatures no. He chose to have some like him but, a person who would as God planned help and,be a wife to Adam in order to bare children and fill the world. Not that nonsense or madness from that animal who, wants to bring shame to our country.

  33. Shagi

    Let every nation keep its own scam safely nestled within their borders.

  34. Hambiliki

    You should also stop going to Europe and north America, actually don’t step in the countries where homosexuality is legal. Stop even accepting their aid. Let’s just sit down respect people’s choices

    • Accepted

      Hambiliki, you’re so unpatriotic. Someone’s setting up good moral standards and all you can say is “respect people’s choices”???? Let one of your sons indulge with such fools maybe that’s when you’ll sober up.

    • Haha

      You have a point they should stop because they are always acting like victims

  35. One zambia

    Twapapata ishi ndoshi shikatala ashinyanta muno mu calo. Now the next step is to arest the idiots who intend them to come.

  36. Rodrigo

    Never ever allow such to happen on this soil.

  37. Njekwa wa lubinda

    This minister must consult with medical professionals, literally this is gayism, but medically this is called sexual deviation. Some people are born with this condition. Ba Sumaili stop victimizing these people, God doesn’t discriminate even on sex. Who are you to condemn? Judgement belongs to God

    • Kamtekete

      Stupid foolish you! You also practice gayism I’m sure.

    • Bm

      Bupuba,mbuyanga,kibukuba never should he be allowed to step in Zambia.

      • Bm

        To hell we don’t need him,well done minister

  38. Freedom

    I had to comment on this article because the level of ignorance around homosexuality is absolutely shocking.
    It’s a natural state of being, just like there are other species that have exactly the same tendancies.
    As a free thinking human being, we all follow the golden rule which has existed before any religious book ever existed. Which is, treat others as you’d like to be treated. Ask yourself whether Jesus himself would treat anyone or advocate treating people with such animosity.

    • Kamtekete

      Stupid foolish you! You also practice gayism I’m sure.

      • Malama

        Freedom, people of your mind set are a danger to our Zambian society. God really detests homosexuality. The punishment he gave to the people of Sodom must be an eye opener.
        Keep it up madam minister.

    • Angel

      Thank you! Only ignorant an uneducated and uncultured people say this nasty stuff. To victimise people based on ther sexuality makes you as bad as the people in Sodom n Gomorrah.

      Just because your christian and your straight doesn’t mean your above any other human being MADE BY GOD!

  39. Jason

    You guys all on here are the ones mentally challenged. Fight it as you may, gay people are still part of Zambian community🤷🏽‍♀️… they walk, work and party amongst you… keep denying it all you want – at the end of the day – gay people have been around since the beginning of time and aren’t going anywhere… and bringing the bible into this is ludicrous. I don’t see you guys banding together to stop and imprison all other sinners… silly Zambians

    • Angel

      Thank you! Only ignorant an uneducated and uncultured people say this nasty stuff. To victimise people based on ther sexuality makes you as bad as the people in Sodom n Gomorrah.

      Just because your christian and your straight doesn’t mean your above any other human being MADE BY GOD!

  40. Maybin

    Those who are saying that gay is here in Zambia they should tell them to come out to public, they fear and now u want to organize a party for them? Shame on you organisors go to south Africa u are welcome thier.

  41. Moses

    I would recommend closure and arrest of the institution that invited him also because they know such vices are against the law of the land.

  42. baidon lungu

    never should we condone such mischieviuos vices in the christian land as it z bibilically forbiden to be practiced.

  43. dizzy1

    he is a human being also not because of dat ati no that’s not good



  45. Less Money In My Pocket

    I do not condone homosexuality but is this ministry necessary? There are so many questionable ministries around mwe.

  46. Whiteson

    Hypocrisy Hypocrisy Hypocrisy, the Minister of Religious affairs or any Zambian can go visit South Africa where they allow gayism? No problem? It’s ok? I’m waiting for a comment stopping ALL Zambians going to South Africa because there are gay people.

    • Kamtekete

      Yes, we have no problem with visiting South Africa, and South Africa visiting Zambia as long as the citizen of both countries display acceptable norms and morals and respect/observe laws of either country. Stray aways will not be condoned.

      • Whiteson

        Yah? Dressing skin dress which show body curves is acceptable norms?

  47. Mrs wise one

    No is no. Let us not even think deeply where we can see the wrong. Thank you to honourable sumaili and her entire sector. And I like reading the English from the wise one mwe. It’s just good to read his texts. The choice of words so appropriate. Why can’t you write a book. Zambia would be proud to read your literature in schools for instance. Look at West African Things for Apart. Your book I think, may stand the test of seasons.

  48. Luhanga Timothy

    Well madam, don’t allow them

  49. Mwiya Songolo

    Thank you honourable Minister, madam Godfridah Sumaili. Zambia is a Christian nation and our constitution has recognised the supremacy of God.
    “WE, THE PEOPLE OF ZAMBIA: ACKNOWLEDGE the supremacy of God Almighty; DECLARE the Republic a Christian Nation while upholding a person’s right to freedom of conscience, belief or religion.”

    In our Constitution, “we have RESOLVED to ensure that our values relating to family, morality, patriotism and justice are maintained and all functions of the State are performed in our common interest.”

    It is shocking that PR Girl Media could deliberately decide to abrogate our constitution.

    In Article 2 of our Constitution,
    “Every person has the right and duty to:
    (a) defend this Constitution; and
    (b) resist or prevent a person from overthrowing, suspending or illegally abrogating this Constitution.”

    Because PR Girl Media has decided to overthrow and abrogate our Constitution by subtly advocating for gays and homosexuality and promoting the kingdom of the devil, I submit that this media house be banned also from conducting it’s business in Zambia.

  50. I'm gay and proud

    I thank God for making me gay

  51. Chocho

    U man what do u mean God accepts gays? For goodness sake he commended gays to be killed in Leviticus! God does not change. Sin is Sun, period. That’s his judgment. All one can do is repent. Not embrace it in the wicked term as human rights. It’s not sexual orientation but sexual perversion, period.

  52. MLK

    It has been spoken well by the minister and all the comment here. Thumbs up


    Thats the way to go Rev. Minister. We need to preserve our Morals & Christian Values

  54. Chocho

    Of God created gays, he will not have destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah. God is not the author of confusion. Like Sodom judgment shall come. In fact the greater majority of men find this act disgusting. It’s unnatural and against the order of nature. It’s not normal behaviour.

  55. Romak

    Let’s step backwards a bit calling Zambia a Christian Nation I’m not in sport of that, we had our own culture b4 whites introduced Christianity a person who speaks a lot about Christianity is a fully brain washed individual, I believe in the creator I know he or she exists somewhere. But this thing of Christian Nation it doesn’t had up for me.

  56. Phiri Andrew

    Maya Songolo and other POSITIVE THINK TANKS, I personaly Salute you for your POSITIVE THINKING. We have a duty to protect our Zambian Biblical Good Morals and not to start diluting it with the BAD ONES(Homosexuality/Lesbiansm or indeed any other foreign vise). Madam Sumaili, my humble plea is, kindly investigate IN DEPTH, these PR Girl activities, THEY TOO COULD BE GAYS OR GAY PROMOTORS (birds of the same furthers, flock together) I can’t fantom any better reason for inviting into our beloved country, such a person/s of such characters for some public functions. Mama, can you audit this PR Girl public and their private activities. They are “leopards in the sheep’s skin”.

  57. Henzz

    Thank you very much madam for protecting our country from every child’s reputation destroyer,The word of God must come first.

  58. Dylan Chanda

    Pls do not allow such things, thats Satanism

  59. Luiz Echeverriah

    On this one the Honourable Minister is right, but what was the exact reason for preventing entry of Zodwa Wabantu??? I still feel she should have been allowed. She is way better than Auntie K*ni!!!!

  60. Concerned

    What a bunch of bigots, you people cry about racism and claim godliness and yet you discriminate without care. It’s a wonder the wonderful country we live in is falling apart thanks to backward thinking of the government and the people.
    Hopefully God forgives you all for your hatred and bigotry as there is no place for hate in heaven.

  61. Kay

    I only wish theft, prostitution and the umjust in this country could be looked at in a similar way…

  62. Kat-Justine

    The epinonema on Gaysm and lesbianism practice is that it is of the kingdom of darkness and demonically intrinsic, period. Whether you believe it or not, like it or not Zambia shall continue to uphold the statement of being a Christian nation and Christian moral values…If such concubines with such behavior are living among us I pray that God starts exposing them the sooner. let him Step into Zimbabwe and see how he is going to be treated…Thumbs up MADAM minister.

  63. KING

    Gud move mum.. ban even the same event. firstly why inviting Ba MOFFI. if they come i ll personaly beat them just when they land at the at the airport. Zambia teyakunyelako amasushi. baka ponokwa.

  64. Alidon

    Thenk for not allows gays to in Zambia

  65. Acekid

    Guys i can not see propery is this a man or woman?he is such a fool, what kind of nosens is this i have never seen, and look at on his chest ,he looks like a female, oh my god,what is happening show me the way, i can not see, send your son jesus christ again ,people are disobeying the nature,

  66. keith sifaya

    Jesus was born under the law to redeem those who where under the law. He come on this sinful world yet Himself was a righteous man. Zambian to go to places where people compromise their morals should not make Zambia immoral by far. When Zambian go to south Africa they don’t go there for lesbianism or homosexuality but for other purposes just like other south Africans they do come here without being stopped because their visit do not compromise with Christian ethics or biblical standards. It’s possible to go and buy food from the prostitute’s shop but it’s difficult to allow or invite a prostitute to come and visit or stay in your home. Zambia can go to south Africa as long as they are not going to compromise their moral standards of Christian values

  67. Bashi Zambia

    But here in Zambia we have Kuni… How do we deal with this

  68. Christopher phiri

    Nice discission Mum but you should also put a dress code for us. For it has spoiled young generations into horrible things, if you can do such I believe it will help in the control of premature death,teenage pregnancy etc.. .

  69. Mumba

    Well done , this is Zambia we don’t tolerate gays .

  70. Mr Peace

    PR Girl Media should strongly be reminded about Zambian morals and if anything be warned that they risk being banned or abolished. Very useless.

  71. AM

    Chila muntu ne chiwa cakwe lelo tekuno Ku zed .The kingdom of darkness has suffered another defeat at our hands, Glory be to the highest ,He reigns in our country. Well spoken madam.

  72. LUBINDA Mwendabai

    Njekwa wa LUBINDA waniswabisa.why do you show compation to pipo who ar known of bad character? Who do you know the guy? Nji nimina mwalata munna ni munna kueza cwAlo?

  73. LUBINDA Mwendabai

    Njekwa wa LUBINDA waniswabisa.why do you show compation to pipo who ar known of bad character? Or do you know the guy? Nji nimina mwalata munna ni munna kueza cwAlo,are you support ing guyism anyway?

  74. Simeon

    Congratulations madam don’t allow evil in the country,warn kaingus daughter also for her painting body ways

  75. Mpombo

    Lets start burning gays beginning with Kuni

  76. listener


  77. Concerned

    Not only looking out for immoral people from other countries. We also have gay people in Zambia roaming around from street to street and yet you say gayism is a crime.I’ve never heard of someone gay being arrested of being gay but you say a constitution of citizens with moral and Christian values.While we have citizens who are gay and some are TV personalities like the dude from south Africa.
    You first have to get rid of gayism and immorality in your country then you can get rid of that immortality from outside Zambia.

  78. Timothy nyirenda

    Comment job well done Madame. need to probe those who invited the guy as well..


    Madam please use the same speed (usani bolt) to stop the so-called corruption please.we will be putting cameras in our lodges and hotels so that ba pompwe they don’t sleep male and male or female and female atase

  80. Chibolya

    Ku chibolya you are managing how about the so-called ..🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😃😃😃😂😂😂

  81. Charles

    Does this mean that Zambia 🇿🇲 as a whole does not have a single gay person? I am not gay but to the sound of it your country does not tolerate gayism. Ny question is if you have gay Zambians what di you do with then, do you chase them away from their country of citizen?

  82. cm

    homosexuality is a sexual orientention in the genes of those unfortunate humans who even themselves regret and are ashamed of their status. statistics have proved that 2-3% humans and even animals gravitate towards those of same sex. so let us not discriminate them but tolerate them; it could have been you.

  83. Niknak

    How relevant is Zambia in the world? Hate or shun who cares, you and your ministers and go suck d*ck. You lot need an education first, then you will be civilised enough to understand human diversity

  84. Jay kyle

    Zambians please! Let’s not act too holy APA! I feel what we are doing is not Right..THAT’S DISCRIMINATION To the unfortunate beings with a genetic disorder, its not their choice but mother Nature herself. We have gays in Zambia and to my knowledge we have been having them ever since day one! So how much damage has that done to Zambia? Just the way one can not control and avoid albinism is the same way one can’t with Gayism. Gayism is not something one who is not can admire unless he has that inherent element in him already. (So in my view Morals can’t be corrupted just like that). “We are all not Holier than thou”. Just let them be or better still pray for them to probably change..#Am not gay!

    • cm

      I totaly agree with you. it is in their genes formation. It is not something that can be taught, learnt, influence into, or adapt, no matter what. I am an etheist through and through, meaning I do not believe in god or gods, let alone a christian. I am a sympathiser of the rejected albinos and a practical contributor to their organisation. I am who I am. At least I am not those hypocritical so called christian

  85. Goze

    If Zodwa was put back on a plane because of missing NIKA what more gays? Allow them and lock them Ku Mukobeko baka bacite akantu.


    To God be the Glory Mum indeed you are faithfully serving in your ministry. Thank you so much Mum we need MORE of that kind of COURAGE in our land.

    • Glyn Mwaka

      Those that are closer to the minister of religious affairs please ask her why she is ignoring the ever increasing occultism in Zambia. These guys have taken over our media and they are using it to promote their activities openly and targeting everyone from old to young. They promise you to get rich over night using their juju, rings, money wallets, and miracle money. They promise our young girls with marriage to white men or rich men, enlargement of body parts, all kinds of things are promoted by these occult groups recruiting our children and old alike. Let’s not be hypocritical and Zambia is far from being a model of good morals

  87. Racheal

    This man/woman gives me creeps…he is way comfortable with the things he does. Sometimes I do wonder if he’s human at all… So…..disgusting, really.

  88. Kascade


  89. wtf

    It’s a sad development indeed but not that they are banning him but for the perplexed comments here.. It’s mind blowing to see how ridiculously judgy the so called Christians are. I bet very few or none of the ridiculous bigotry comments have even met a gay person in their lifetime coz then you would understand that they are just people like you, they maybe your neighbor who you greet everyday, your workmate who u always laugh with and might even be own child and just because of ignorance u dare wish unmentionable things, i don’t understand how you can be Christian about this and choose to be upright moral about this and look the other way when y’all have 5 kids and not a marriage to show and having your kids and yaselves out there having sex before marriage not to mention other things forbidden in the Bible that you do over and over again and then choose to voice out that part. If y’all going to be a Christian nation about this then let y’all be a Christian nation about everything. Stop choosing what is doable and what isn’t when it’s all written. And by the way I personally don’t find the guy entertaining but if that’s y’all reason for not allowing him then shame.

    • Blkmit

      Read the bible:
      Look at all the sins,
      Choose the ones you don’t commit,
      Judge and condemn them,
      Ignore the ones you commit.
      Continue to commit them,
      I am a CHRISTIAN because I sin better than you.
      I am a CHRISTIAN because I don’t like your sin and I like mine.

      We are all hypocrites and will rot in Hell.

  90. Goodson Dakah

    Never should this fellow come to Zambia😈😈😈

  91. Bishop Andrew Biemba

    Job well done mum honourable we salute you for the bold decision.
    We will never go back to wickedness

  92. Rose

    Who are you to judge them

  93. Rose

    Stop hating people.they are very cute couple. I would love them to come to zambia.. Things hv to change

  94. Cephas Mbewe

    Great move. Such people should be shunned. Don’t even associate with them.

  95. Burundi

    Congrats Mum ,well and well done again for chasing those evil spirits away from your country we salut u and support u 199%

  96. Ernest

    Thumbs up Zambia. Stand for the truth. Refuse every abomination from entering your country

    • Venter

      True uncle here in South Africa their even TV presenters

  97. Gaby

    God is against gayism..That is why He created man and woman.. Zambia has done the right thing…The whole world must learn from this…

  98. Accepted

    Hats off to you mama. You’re a shining star in our land. God bless you.

  99. Chichi

    Good move but investigate more about that organization coz they know our constitution and morals of this land.Why do they want to compromise are our well being?

  100. Koko

    Oh dear madam, GOD bless your heart richly always for not allowing this dirty evil in the beautiful land of Zambia. I suggest that PR Girl Media be investigated thoroughly and their weird motive behind this be unraveled as well.
    GOD bless Zambia!

  101. Abz Villa

    I’m glad and proud to know Zambian Christians strictly follow their religion and disliked this. However I am afraid how long for? In the west the govts have made compulsory in school syllabus to teach children from nursery school about homosexuality. They’ve created story books about children’s having 2 daddies, 2 mums ! And their agenda is for the whole world to accept it as gays rights under human rights. So like it or not you will be pressured to accept it by UN I’m really scared or no help! 😣

  102. Tânia Chibesakunda

    Very wrong!! You are fighting a ridiculous mith! And the Bible does not sy nothing about gays. It’s zambianas arcaich mentality and backwards and primitive ignorance! Homosexuality happens in Zambian behind curtains Big Time. Ridiculous that people in Zambia are brain washed and using God /Jesus and Bible to justify discrimination! Christian Nation???!!!! Christians don’t discriminate!!

    • Abash homosexuality in Zambia and Africa at large

      Tania chibesakunda are you gay?

    • Abash homosexuality in Zambia and Africa at large

      Read the bible

  103. Christopher Zuze

    Job well done ba minister, you’re moving in a right direction don’t listen to those who are against you. We are a Christian nation.

  104. Abash homosexuality in Zambia and Africa at large

    Well done madam minister, we don’t need him here .kuni if u want him go to sa

    • Frank

      Okey, everything is okey about everything but why then do we go to countries that have accepted gayism as a human right?, just asking?

  105. chali joseph

    Good mama

  106. Chaka Lungu

    Let’s have morals like these echo all over the land of Zambia. It is abomination to have an intimate relationship with a person of the same sex, a minor or/and an animal. Boom bye bye. Death to you

  107. James

    Weldone Honourable Minister.
    God created a man and a woman as wife and companion and told them to multiply and subdue the Earth.

    He never created a man and a man to marry, multiply and suddue the earth. The laws of God condemns and calls such practice as an abomination and perverse.

  108. Mbolo chakudya Cha azimai

    Ba fikala sure unyenge sewage yamuzako prostitute are all over the world 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  109. Tumfweko nafuti

    Nice move gayism must be avoided at all cost.

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