DEC, Immigration and Police Nab 113 in Chibolya

The Zambia Police, Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and the Department of Immigration have apprehended 113 suspects during a joint operation conducted in Chibolya Compound in Lusaka.

The joint operation dubbed Operation Chalo began late on Friday and ended this morning aimed at disrupting illegal activities in Chibolya.

This followed numerous complaints from members of the public.

Similar operations have been conducted countrywide.

“Out of the one hundred and thirteen (113) persons apprehended, fifty-three (53) were for immigration related offences, thirty-three (33) for drug related offences, while twenty-seven (27) were for general crimes such as being found in possession of suspected stolen property. The majority of those nabbed for immigration related offences did not produce documents to prove their legal immigration status in Zambia at the time of the operation. Screening to ascertain their immigration status in Zambia continues. A significant amount of different psychotropic and other banned substances were found, including cannabis, suspected cocaine, boxes of Benylin codeine and instruments used to administer drugs. The exact weight, purity and value of the psychotropic substances will be determined following further forensic testing,” the three institutions stated in a joint statement issued at the end of the operation.

“This operation is a fitting example of inter-agency collaboration in disrupting criminal activities and networks. We wish to commend the officers from all the three security wings under the Ministry of Home Affairs for working hard in this joint operation to achieve this result and counter these criminal activities in our city. The arrests should serve as a warning to would be offenders. They should know that our security departments will not relent in doing everything possible to maintain internal security. These operations and remain ongoing and further arrests have not been ruled out. Further, the outcomes from operations from other parts of the country will be given once compiled.”


  1. Nimlod

    Ba Congolese bachilamo please. Most of the theft in Zambia are done by Congolese. Go to Congolese, you can’t even move freely like they are in here. We have the weakest laws in the region.

  2. Hodrick Munsekwe

    Screen them.That is the way it’s supposed to be.Such operations shouldn’t be done just along the line of rail alone .Let it also be extended to rural areas.Thugs from other countries are hidden in rural communities where all sorts of illegal activities are done.

  3. One love

    Let’s hope they will not only pay and start beating people day light between chibolya basic and copies traffic light ,congolies pliz depot them .

  4. Yamustraight

    Job well-done to those in uniforms extend these operations also to kanyama banda matsauko.

  5. Donard Mussolini

    Yes Hi

  6. Simeon

    Too much illegal immigrants from Rwanda Burundi Congo dr ,Tanzania they’re all over.get rid of them

  7. Bombshell

    Thumbs up

  8. Tilitonse

    Comment Also in kafue alot of rwandise and Tanzanians running tuntemba.Why cant immigration arrest these guys

    • Emmanuel

      is the department of immigration mandated to arrest foreigners running tutemba or to deal with illegal immigrants?

  9. REAI D

    We just hv to regaliz our staffs in this country coz there no jobs to cater the majority load shedding Will affect almost everything lol guyz.

  10. James

    OPERATION CHALO is also needed in Luanshya Mikomfwa area especially where we have seen the mushrooming of many youth gangs e.g. 27th Barracks, Sick People, All Stars etc.

  11. pussy

    Good move and that’s the way to go we commend the job done by our men in uniform

  12. akabwali

    kudos to men/women in uniform such operation should be done regularly otherwise thugs have taken over.

  13. Herv Rena

    What they have done is just a tip of the iceberg.We have really been invaded by foreigners who are doing so much mischief. We have too many undocumented refugees.Some of them even end up as Presidents.H one affairs should wake up to control these criminals.

  14. Izzy

    Thanks for the good works from the joint operations,which included The Zambia Police,DEC and The immigration department, for the job welldone.
    I think Chibolya compound should just be turned into Zambia Army camp or ZNS camp or Zambia police Service camp,and relocate all those people living in chibolya,if we are to curb and reduce crime activities in Lusaka province,moreover, chibolya has been lanked as one the compounds in Zambia where most criminal activities takes place,where most criminals lives,and where most of the stolen goods are kept.
    However, I would like to advice Government through the ministries of Defence and Home Affair’s to to take a step further through the destruction of chibolya,and turn it into a ballack,and have those people living threre relocated else where.

  15. E M


  16. E M

    we need u here in Mateo please come

  17. Festus mulilabantu katoyo

    Let congolis rwandanize burunds go then as youths Zambians we occupy the shops we have capital but no shops becoz these foreigners!

  18. Truth

    You are welcome. You did a great job.

  19. senza

    even here in chingola ala bachilamo
    takwaba ba DEC
    they are smoking anywhere selling like sweets BOMA twapapata ilanganepo

    • chiwoko ZNS

      My concern, this cases of robers,regarising ,stealling and other activities are increased because GRZ trained boys &girls full time training in zambia national service chipata from deferent street and dap them wth mind of a soldier instead of employing them.

  20. BTK FOX

    Thus why some of you guys y

  21. BTK FIX

    Thus why some of you guys you never learn,do you know why I have said so,the answer is very simple,as for me,I don’t expect an African to call a fellow African a foreigner(BIG MISTAKE).Matured people should talk of Dictators who are causing mentally disabled Africans calling fellows foreigners,Af

  22. jb tha rapper4

    these Congolese should be arrested

  23. jb tha rapper 4

    the police should not only search along the line of rail but also in rural areas .

  24. SK1

    & you DEC&ZP u’v jst shown the NATION that u can work independent.. My advice to u is that, the same way u’v managed to NAB 113 drug culprits is the same way we expect u to Trample on thoz involved in corrupt practices…. Pliz support & emulate Financial Intelligence Center-FIC

  25. Dylan Chanda

    Continue offload them

  26. Ubwamba na bukula

    Good job ba chibolya mwachilamo kwati zambia yenu mweka mwaba ichikala

  27. Kings

    Good Move, But Don’t Steal Those Exibits, Bamo Imwe Mwalyafya Officers. We Need A Drug Free Community.

  28. Kombe

    I think this is the job well done ba DEC. To my side, this when I’ve seen your response that have taken as wick as possible. I commented on the program which the government wanted to start the cultivation of Marijuana, I think you head how the public complained in so areas you apprehended some of the suspects. My player is to see continue doing so, at least once in a month and being a Christian Nation, will enjoy its rights fully..

    • winne samenger

      GRZ do something, help those former street kids who went for training in ZNS chipata chiwoko camp,you can get a list from zambia national service chiwoko give them jobs than looming again in a street coz 2025 some who become lebels ,yours lecturer zns.

  29. Ephraim

    Please ba police good job

  30. charlie mutale

    us ma Zambians we can’t managed to running the shops,that’s is a big problems we have

  31. The saint

    Our Lord is good

  32. Gangz

    But the DEC where are thy taking the weed they got from chibolya they got a lot of drams of weed an 50kgs of weed…so they are sharing the weed among themselves.. Because the pictures that are showing there not the ones.. But thy should provide jobs for them and that place is in town hope they don’t want to sale chibolya to the Chinese Idiots

  33. MadBeast

    We are reforming the Ghetto no matter what people say, wait and see

  34. Dickson Michael Zulu the president

    Comment:deportation must be done to all foreigners, more especially Rwanda, Burundi, drc Congo and India.

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