Lungu says he Wants to be addressed as ‘Mr Lungu’ Despite Doctorate Honour

President Edgar Lungu says he would not want to be called doctor despite the University of Zambia announcing that it will confer an honorary doctorate on him.

President Lungu said that he did not seek titles as he was just a simple person who never sought to be viewed as the source of knowledge.

The Head of State said that had he wanted to venture into academia he would have been a professor as his academic credentials in his university days were top notch.

“Firstly, I am not a Doctor. I do not have a doctorate and I do not wish to be called Dr. Edgar Lungu. There is so much talk about the doctorate to be conferred on me by the University of Zambia which I am greatly humbled with,” he said at the Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport today.

President Lungu said he did not need a doctorate to confirm his academic credentials.

“But, let me tell you – in class I was one of the best students and if I wanted to venture into the academia world, I would have been a professor by now. But I chose to pursue the political life and practice of the law,” he said.

“Those who think I do not deserve to be honoured by the University of Zambia, well, that is politics and I will not respond to that.”

“And even if I am conferred by the institution, I wouldn’t really want to be called Dr. Lungu, I still want to remain simple Lungu.”

The University of Zambia will confer an honorary doctorate on President Lungu next Friday alongside Zimbabwe president Emmerson Mnangagwa who is a former student at the Great East Road campus.

According to UNZA Senate, President Lungu will be honoured for appointing Zambia’s first female vice president, Inonge wina and for his role in the enactment of the 2016 constitution among other attributes.


  1. Kings

    Its Your Choice Bwana, Use It Or Don’t.

    • Gershom ingwe

      No this is the best no one who did the Education it’s you His Excllency please don’t resening these people are jerusi Dr Lungu Wisdom Comes from God so if God says Yes no one can say no

  2. Bashikulu Emma

    Way to go your exellency.

  3. cm

    well said ECL. But look out, you will imediately be showered by that title by your boot leakers from bowman lusambo down wards. dr lusambo have you red? your mentor has said it all. Give him space at least on this one. Period

  4. Bk

    The Likes of Jack Mwimbu who have failed in their constituency

  5. Ed Bwalya

    It seems that these guys are now coming to common senses. Donald Trump whom everybody thought was a psycopathy just had a second thought not to involve himself in what would be a blooshed in the middle east. Now for the first time an african President refuses to be addressed to the title of doctor which he never deserved. Dr..? Chishimba Kambwili can also learn something.

    • Chendabusiku

      It is not the first time an African refuses to be called by the honoured degree. Let me start closer to home. Rupia Banda was honoured but he refused to be called by that title. Nelson Mandela of South Africa was honoured and he refused to be called by that title, Mr Ramaphosa has been honoured with Doctorste degree but does not use the title. It is just those Low level people such as Mr.Chidhomba Kambwili, Mr. Godfrey Bwalya Mwamba, to name but a few who have actually bought those honorary doctorate degrees. Edgar Lungu is clearly smarter than most of those Low level souls who are parading themselves with honorary degrees as though they earned them.




    It could be humility by our President.Thanks

  8. Chilankalipa

    The man just does not deserve it. Period.

  9. kui chaila naimwe.

    Fili okotuleya.Time will tell the truth of the matter.

  10. Banda Ino

    Great and disciplined Mr President
    Nice words and nice choice
    You deserve it…………..Thank you

  11. Dude

    That’s my President!

    • Son of the soil

      Balanced articulation, Mr. President!!!!!

  12. Karakas

    It is more of wako in wako businesses, look at the leadership of unza and cbu.

  13. Mulale

    I dont know what you are talking about tulandeko fimbi

  14. Hïghrîsh

    I like your spirit Mr.Lungu you really inspires me with your good leadership of humbleness and of not having some one to trust or to have a best friend,,, am really impressed with your wise word Good bless you for you want just to remain simple Lungu ,,,, Bambi nga bachisumina bafwaya baumfwika.

  15. Nimrod

    If it was that man who thinks is the best in Zambia, he would have been agreed as quick as lightening, iam talking about eki eki.


      That’s fine Mr President

    • Mapesho

      You mean heka heka? That one would even demand it for it.

  16. Herv Rena

    He is right! To be a Doctor you really have to pass through a rough patch.Just like to be called General.you didn’t just pick it by virtue of a position.

  17. Kenny Mwansa


  18. Kennerdol

    Ijeeee naine am also a Dr. kanshi, tiwashalapofye pantu efyo namona this Dr, that Dr. Eeehhhh

  19. PM

    In a pool of gullibility, even an idiot gets to be crowned a gold medal or honoured for mediocracy.

    • Bana Simon

      The above is a pure example of hatred. For those of you who may not know what hatred is.

  20. Gift h kauta

    Hmmm y??🎶🎤

  21. SMASH

    Nga sata why was he not given after appointing the first white vice President. Nicho mwalibafolesha ama areas

    • Mapesho

      Alaa! appointing a white person is an achievement……..? Kwena…. kusiana siana kwa ma brain.

  22. Sam

    Wise words! Wise president! Thanks Mr lungu E C!

  23. Sam

    Mr president criticism comes from opposition just leave them they are not good cadres

  24. Albright

    The president has only given an option whether to address him as Mr or Dr depending on how you look at it.

  25. Qrec

    Way to go sir!!!

  26. LEE

    Inferiority complex. Doesn’t deserve it.

  27. Zb

    Good words from our lovely President.

  28. Nundwe samuel

    Wise president, I salute you.

  29. Doubt Katwishi

    Doctor or no doctor …..what matters is that you are “his excellency the President”……..the title most people are fighting for. The title given to you by majority Zambians. Good choice, I would care less about this title just like you have done.

  30. Gershom ingwe

    Dr LUNGU criticism comes from Davil so no matter what is a Dr His Excllency President bena olobakambe bazafera mukafungo kuti iyo State House koma osafika nyozani ninthawi yanu asatana



  32. T M

    Only wise can do that.

  33. Tumbwi

    The university of Zambia, like any other university have the power to honour any one with a doctorate. They look at someone’s achievements. He solved the 50+1 issue which many politicians thought needed s referendum, he appointed the first ever female vise president, he has sent vendetta packing for plundering our economy, the roads projects are first class. Lusaka and most copoerbelt towns are a marvel, his leadership qualities can not be compared to any opposition political party leader in Zambia, who are all liars. They have failed to drag him into their organised attacks on him. He sees through them. He has refused to be called Dr. when others have bought the doctorates because they want to feel important.
    A leader is born, not made, leadership comes from God, people are the best judges and you can not fool everyone.

  34. The seeker

    Even Jose Mourinho was honoured, also that ltalian referee for there contribution to the development of football. There you see, one gets honoured for efforts towards the development of a cause, not for being president.

  35. khuseni

    It’s simple really there’s nothing about being humble and all type of nonsense and shit you just don’t deserve it boss.

    • Kmj

      White hair comes with wisdom Even those honorary that are coming it is wisdom who are you not to accept you deserve it Doc and it’s not by mistake.

  36. Bowie

    Brilliant move Sir!!

  37. Christabel

    Wise words from a wise president who was truthfully appointed by the Almighty God in heaven above……

  38. Dokota Cha.....

    It’s your title bwana kulibe kukana you are a dokota 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  39. Joseph Phiri

    Well done. Those will put themselves on high places they show come down and those on low places show be on high places.God bles you.

  40. temwani

    I love you my president of all Zambians including the oppositions ..

  41. Joseph Phiri

    Well done. Those who will put themselves on high places they shall come down and those on low places show be on high places.God bles you.

  42. Joseph

    Never give up mr president. No one can stand your position till late.

  43. klaus

    why not ask the unza not to continue than say you don’t want to be called doctor and don’t attend

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