Zesco Thump Zanaco to Lift ABSA Cup

Zesco United has lifted the inaugural ABSA Cup after defeating 10-man Zanaco 4-1 at the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium.

With Republican President Edgar Lungu watching the motivation was higher for both sides but it was Zesco United who triumphed with goals from Jesse Were, Winstone Kalengo, Lazarous Kambole and John Chingโ€™andu while Zanaco got their consolation through Ernest Mbewe.

Kaizer Chiefs bound Kambole was given a befitting send-off by being accorded the honour to lift the trophy.

Zesco United have an opportunity to lift defend the FAZ/MTN Super League crown on Saturday when they face Green Eagles at National Heroes Stadium.


The Ndola side swept all the individual awards with Kambole named man of the match while Were walked away as the player of the tournament.

Coach George Lwandamina lifted the coach of the tournament accolade.


  1. Charles micklay

    Congratulations Ba Zesco for lifting Absa cup and wishing kambole all the best as he gones to start a new career at kaizer chiefs

    • Stoopid Reporting

      Ati With Republican President Edgar Lungu watching the motivation was higher for both sides. Why would that be a motivation? Lungu is not a scout or a coach

  2. Katuta

    Congrats zesco

  3. Jorginho gs

    Congratulations Zenga mambo

  4. Kelly

    Congratulation ba zesco

  5. Kelly

    Well done ba zesco

  6. Skills

    Congratulation that’s to do like this may God bless us

  7. Skills

    That is gud

  8. Elijah Chipulu

    Wonderful zenga mambo

  9. okay

    Forward always, backward never. Congratulations ZIKO LAMOTO!!

  10. Wise

    Congratulations zesco team ya ziko

  11. E M


  12. legend one

    Comment congrat zesco united

  13. Basil

    congrats zenga mambo.

  14. pussy

    Chachiwahi mwani. Congratulations ba Zesco keep it up

  15. Mr Peace

    To be electrocuted is to die@gmail.zegamambo

  16. king spartan

    Congratulation zega mambo team ya zikomo

  17. moses lorey russell

    Congratulation iteam lya makula zega mambo

  18. mumba yachi

    ama selemane ama selase zega team lya nyoko lya puba zega mambo imigulu

  19. Kings

    Wello Wello Zescolo Team Ya Ziko, The Harder They Come, The Harder They Fall. Bravo Ama Lwandamina, Foward.

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  22. oceany sinoya

    Well done


    That’s what we call United

  24. elias nkhoswe

    Congrats team Zesco

  25. Joseph Mwenya

    Congrats to Zega Mambo, Zega for life, i team lyesu!!

  26. Musondamax

    Congratulations zega mambo 4 life mudala

  27. schandah

    congrattes boys

  28. suntwe

    Whats the meaning of this ABSA cup in Zambia,i thought it’s found in saube (S/Africa)

  29. SBK


  30. Jaytwo sikuku

    Congrats my team

  31. vincent

    yes they do play and winning leagues but we lack one thing that is we are failing to build up zambia natinal soccer team i do not know if the FAZ have this in mind.Their trying to build the team but number of players are old why don’t they consider young players than concentrating on old players their stregth has reduced.

  32. Tjay

    Congratulations ๐ŸŽ† zesco team ya ziko, and kambole wish you all the best luck mahn

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