HH Asks PF to Start Helping Citizens

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has asked the Patriotic Front and its government to start helping citizens and stop “looting public resources through corruption”.

Hichilema also stated that there must be a well thought out strategy to create meaningful jobs for citizens, “particularly our young people and women”.

“We are therefore directing the corrupt PF regime to immediately do the following. 1. Offer safe and conducive trading places to our citizens that are trading in the streets. 2. Ensure these places are provided with toilets, water and other sanitary facilities so as to avoid waterborne diseases such as cholera and dysentery. 3. Empower these vendors with some resources to expand their businesses so they can grow. 4. Remove PF thugs from the markets where they are charging them illegal levies and basically terrorising citizens,” stated Hichilema.

“There is a lot of money being stolen from the treasury by the PF leaders who are currently living lavishly while citizens are suffering.”


  1. E M

    Be the example since u’ve money look how yo friends who have money the way they do like dangote,bill gates,jeff,and ortega they employ youths to show them he can

    • Concerned citizen

      Don’t be a fool, how man youths has president HH employed so far,are you a Zambian? Don’t just vomit anyhow if you know deep down your cerebellum that you are also corrupt citizen who can’t think for others.

      • Bob

        Bring evidence on where he has belt a toilet for the public …dont talk from the blues

    • Bk

      HH you are a Joker just concentrate on your Empire not Politics

  2. Hebk

    How many have helped?mau be your tribesmen. Dont preach what you dont practise mr chairman…

    • Mike

      Only mad person like you can do that, after being arrested to maximum, cheast in sesheke like an animal, today when he use his economically ideas to open up your government from deep sleep. You want to start talking nosense things,can’t you go to Eastern province and see what he has done, boreholes all over!!!

  3. Charles micklay

    It’s not only government which can do everything bwana,even u can help us Mr.presdo

    • HH

      He has more than 14 farms,mansions,lodge etc do u think his gods work there or the citizen of zambia

  4. brics

    Poverty and suffering can become a lifestyle, and when it does, people will not appreciate even when one is trying to advocate for them. You don’t have a share in an individual’s earnings, but you are entitled to a share from the national treasury… kindly wake up and begin to see and think.

    • Concerned citizen

      Thank you very much my brother, i doubt if all these took civic education in xul

  5. Fisunge

    What are you telling the people of Zambia you have no shame you failed even to buy chlorine when there was cholera outbreak don’t talk about what has been done already be the example like dangote kaili you also want to be richer but sorry just remain in South Africa where you belong

    • Mike

      Oooh so you are the one who what’s to remain poorer in Zambia, for having rat manners

  6. Yahoo man

    Dd Chiluba when he was in opposition party dd that?
    Dd mwanawasa also help in?
    Did rupiah also help in?
    Did sata o lungu when they were in the opposition parties help in?
    Did they use there mane to help the needy and create employments to citizens be4 coming presidents?
    Accurately nooo.
    So stop troubling the man he knows what he is talking about.
    Did he not say when he will reign as president he will create free education… And pipo were like mmmmmm Teti it’s not possible. But what has ba lungu done now as not created tha same free education, that was impossible.
    HH noz exactly what is doing and what is taking about it….
    Watch and see……

    • Gershom ingwe

      Nothing brother hh we now what government is doing so much at the devil better than Engel you don’t now dear

    • Abel

      Ba lungu only word is fintu fikaba bwino nombe lisa

  7. Indoshi palupe

    We don’t have leaders in this world! Next post please.

  8. Highly connected

    Low level of education remains a chalenge, people don’t the source of surffering. Advise is expensive jxt appreciate.

  9. Sichimata

    There is absolutely more sense in what the President (opposition) is talking .Let us improve on them.

  10. Lindiwe Ncube

    Mad man talking

    • Masta

      Your stupid father is the one who is mad, you idiot, respect elders

    • Only

      An lack of education to realizes matters

  11. Nimrod

    I can’t even waste my vote on a tribalist, how many non Tongas have you employed? From the bloom sweeper to the manager all are his tribesmen. Zambia can’t be ruled by such.

  12. Dude

    We have denied you five times. So please shout up and leave it to those we have entrusted with the instruments of power. SELFISH INDIVIDUAL.

  13. Chendabusiku

    When we say HH has no leadership qualities this is what we mean. A leader of the opposition party should show that he is better than his counter part but alas kuwayawaya fye, vague messages without direction. Say who has stolen what. Provide some evidence otherwise just keep quiet. Your colleague Mnusi in South Africa goes to court and he wins some cases but ba HH kuwayaya no hechi hechi fye!, kulibe pindu.

    • Honorable Mutande Brian

      Chendabusimu, just by the name we can tell that your life has no bright future,

  14. George Mwachilenga

    Yes HH God bless u

    • Gershom ingwe

      Yaaa God bless even our great ledar ECL to continue leads us

  15. Binda

    There is sense in what HH is saying. Byo bilanguluka tangi wa temwa bantu.

  16. Honorable Mutande Brian

    Well spoken my president, that is true vision of being a leader, let pf provide what Zambians need ..,

  17. Mulelekwa David

    Comment The incoming is simply lecturing on the duties of government and not the aspect of social responsibility.please,bill gates and dangote is carrying out social responsibility.and hh is after seeing duty of government.

    • Roly

      Beg for him to do that, when voting, you walk like blind person who is just being told what to do

  18. Mr. K

    When am I going to stop laughing at this gentle man it is not long ago when he advised gvt to stop infrastructuture development today he is telling gvt to start building toilets markets provide clean water which government is doing he has nothing to tell the Zambian people corruption will never take you anywhere since you have no prove report anybody you know to relevant authorities for possible arrest instead of singing to the gallery you will never fool Zambians on tribal politicking

  19. Kilay Hamuchiliba

    Bebeni my President HH,good spiking, bapeleni amano, bafweni ukubalanga,

  20. Jacob Lungu

    thats well ba president ,its gud that watver u speak z flwd nd dn by the ruling parties.nw 2 thz fuls who r askin 4 eg’s i think evn u wer @ de tm of Jesus wud hv dnid him coz u cn even si how things are .he tked of fr ed,its der chpr ftliza its der nw exmple do u nd, nw let me tell u the bible says”dont be against Gods chosen 1 lse will be affected.’

  21. Hh

    Kkkkkk, alibe vochita. Enda ukaname your fellow Tongas who accept na masushi anu. Why can’t you be like other politicians in the region? Imwe nikalijo cabe. A bitter man like you is not yet born in Zambia.

  22. Bwezani

    Nice advise our next president

  23. Mapesho

    Next president in Tonga land. Not Zambia. Uko kwine akapelela.

  24. Bashikulu Emma

    Ifwe tuloleshako chabe.Reason being that whoever goes to plot 1,whatever promises one makes during campaigns,once mandated to be in charge,vyonse viibalika.In this case,ka trust to politicians by us voters nikochepa kweni kweni.Just stick to your number that you play,kwasila!

  25. HH

    Ecl is a fool ever since he become a president he has never said any sense .and i dont c any reasons to remember lungu even if he die today

  26. Point

    People don’t think Imwe batu what good mano u want, pf has failed kwasila

  27. CNN lol

    Kkkkkkkkk com 2021 ni forward nga cakukalipa ikulike.
    HH president for all Zambians,kkkk.
    Whether u like it o not, u insult him o not com 2021 ubwato ninshi nabubunda ..
    Presido 4 all Zambian.
    Ngolefwaya ukakukemo mu Zambia….

  28. Fisunge l

    The who was counting the opposition president that what did they do he Shud go to the archive and see what data did before he became president he saved in several portfolios including lungu so he has forgotten that mwana was a was a member of Parliament for chifubu now tell us the political journey for hh if he’s talking about the toilets in markets the clinic has also been built in Soweto dont dare compare this hh to pipo who has served Zambia before presidency for the one who can’t remember ecl if he dies today alot of them will remember his infrastructure development without leaving anyone behind including dundumwezi

  29. Wise Leader

    Those relatives this idiots has been sacrificing for his underworld K80m are now hauting him,next you shall hear at this very platform that Hakaimbwa is mad

  30. Gershom ingwe

    Weo mind your language and mind your business even you to die today people can never point any foot steps that leave us this and this nothing yenda uko bwanji umafunira banzako imfwa GOLA I we shata up your mouth no ournda God we still panishing u

  31. pussy

    Zambians you’re but one people now why do you like hate speech and insults?

    • May Be


      Yes, we are one people and we behaved as one people until Ichilema fell from hell at the UPND Convention of 2006.

      From that time up to now, we have been going through a hell of a rough time.

      Our prayer is that the leadership of UPND changes after 2021 for the better so that they can form Government in 2026.

  32. Taku

    In SDA tithe is very important.
    For every 10 cows -One belongs to the Lord
    HH has been stealing from the Lord.

    For fears of the unknown, most of his ill-gotten wealth is in Panama and other foreign countries.

    This is a human being whose vocabulary has no word well-done.

    Only him and him alone can solve the problems of Zambia-My foot.
    Guys, I can assure you that this angel is worse than Satan, whom he worships.

  33. Taku




  34. mulase

    I am a PF die hard nd the Republican President is my relation but am not happy with the way he is handling corruption issues in our country.Brethrens..It shouldn’t be politics all the time.Sometimes wen someone frm the opposition speaks sense..We must agree with him.This is in reference to Wat HH is saying.It is a Gospel truth that the our treasury has been ransacked due to corruption nd other related vices.It’s a pity that our Men in uniform nd other security wings who ar supposed to protect these resources ar the ones leading in looting our economy.Go round Lusaka nd c how these thieves have built mansions whilst u ar busy asking for evidence.This now makes me think that all those that ar asking for evidence on this blog ar part of the looting.Who ever will not agree with me this time around,is a son or daughter of a witch.We have suffered enough

    • Gershom ingwe

      Bozaa rako boy osatinama die hard wabwanji ngati corruption uyiona bwanji sitingathandizane pamozi kuichosa

  35. Jonathan Banda

    Do you even have an orphanage?

    • Only

      To whom that question, if to HH then you are a fool and dall because you can’t even read and hearer

  36. Joseph malombe

    I always give thanks to my fellow country men and women of this country

    • Joseph malombe

      I always give thanks to my fellow country men and women of this loving Nation Zambia. We have always ask all meaning Zambians to study all the speeches made by our well wishers before you pass your comments. Iam not a UPND member but what the opposition leader is trying to analyse is good and there is sense in all what is saying. Only those whose eyes are blind can’t see.we are dying slowly by slowly without knowing only people with spiritual eyes can see where we are going. Let us surport all constructive measures brought by all meaning Zambians. Let us think for our future generation. Remember that if our starting point of governance is poor,even the end will be more poorer.Work up Zambians we need good governance. God bless you all meaning Zambians.

  37. Tuli Bantu

    Iwe chi mapesho! Mwana was mfwiti iwe, which job are you doing in your life? And what tribe are you? Kwanu kulibe Bantu kuli imbwa zeka-zeka zamene siziziba kuti Tonga land ili mu Zambia, your parents didn’t tell you the truth, can you just tell me which country isTonga land, you have only hate speech in your mouth, and if he employ people today what are you going to say, that the President in power has created a job for people, there is nothing he can do in opposition that he can do and be appreciated for, and you can’t even see it because it is never decread to Zambians, not even on znbc, so there is nothing you can, moga imwe bamene simuziba kuti HH angenesa bambili nchito, ,,,, as for you taku, amend unganiza kuti HH Ababa mu SDA chuma chake, why don’t you try to steal tione ngati naiwe uzalemela, that is why you will be getting some course because you like judging others, iyo he is a devil’s worshipers, don’t you meet in underwater? do you people worship together and can you bring evidence for that, you can’t say a devil’s worshiper waziba bwanji nishi naiwe, munapanyika Yes u what more HH a human being? Not Bantu tikazisankana so,

  38. Fisunge l

    People of Zambia corruption is difficult to eradicate because it starts with you eg when you have a case with the police the person with the case will bribe the police in drc they call it kata mulomo so the police and the judiciary are the worst hit its up to us as Zambians to end we Shud stop bribes and there will be no corruption report who ever is asking for bribes and they Shud just be fired not transferred so that others can learn

  39. Lisa

    Pf thugs will continue defending wrong things for them to carry on with the loot. No money in majority of people’s pockets

    • Bana Simon

      Hakaivotela Heka is a dictator; why on earth would you fall more than three times and still hold on to leadership? I can’t imagine what it would be if he was given a mandate to rule this nation (God forbid). He can be Wamuyaya.People be aware.

  40. Mago

    Country gas run out of income, where has it gone? Nobody knows

  41. SEE MIND


    • Citizen

      He can not employ the country. It’s the responsibility of the current government to find ways and means to help the languishing Zambians our there. Mr HH is right.


    Thanks Mr HH God bless you

  43. Hïghrîsh

    Thank you Mr. HH for your advice.hopefully we are looking forward to your issue of helping the citizen of which we’ve started it already as PF government. Thank you.

  44. Citizen

    Mike, eastern province is not Zambia, u don’t think.

  45. Kazungo Kendrick

    These bunch of stupid things know as pfs they are mad 10000000% mas, how can a normal person say that this government is good, even blind can realize that in our country we are dieing slowly and slowly, I am not a member of UPND. They peace is better than war, the opposition president is saying something good. Only corrupted idiots who likes insults even when the truth is clearly. This our party pf is the most corrupted party in Zambia history… Im done in this party, all those who are government are just smelling corruption. When it’ comes from campaigning they us youths to campaigning when they win they don’t even consider us, when they is a fight they us youths go and beat them, while there children are they seated watching TV and enjoying life while we are dieing, 2021 no more pfs just prepare to pack your corrupted bags and everything.

  46. Pussy 😂

    Your is what I makes us insult.who named you? your mother,dad, granny or maybe yourself 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  47. Shaba

    Vote for PF(poor fathers) and continue suffering ba mbuzi HH is speaking sense and you are busy insulting shut your and tell your to sort peoples problem

  48. Lindiwe Ncube

    Please zambians don’t vote for this man. Its sims like is not sure of himself. Viva ANC Amandla

  49. Tuli Bantu

    Dununa reverse, am tired of you taking me back, I don’t see where am going because my back can’t see, only people who go forward can see there future and where to step on, do you mean that I should vote for you again dununa reverse in 2021? 1kg sugar=k16 shuwa!, I thought you are not going to torment me after voting for you, or do I need to drop my voters card in the toilet instead of making your children enjoying sweet life after main are starving. you have killed as all, continue walking backwards we will break our Head’s.

  50. LUBINDA Mwendabai

    Let them talk,others ar ruling.even if you insult,they ar yo bosses.the one you called names such as chakolwa,him finally has married yo mother.so even if you tolk rubbish and have hope in yo lies about 2021,its just chessing after the wind.I told u that some will never rule this country.today u say come 2021,2021 muzalila nafuti(u got to cry again) then you will turn against 2021 and say came 2026 ,lastly 2031 or die with your fake hope.and when ar u going to hold a convention? Be serious guyz! A political party is not glued for one.let others try as well.and wake up, don’t chit people.its possible to be President only by god’s will.not by holding a micro phone and attacking.the remaining development will be tackled later.such as that you talked about.they ar still solving other issues. Do you understand??

  51. Fisunge

    Tulip Bantu do you know what dununa reverse is it means starting from wherever the unip and mmd failed or ended because all this infrastructure could have happened in the last two governments that’s how this dununa reverse came about my brother

  52. Hh

    politician you are just the same ,you are very good in talking but when it come to work nothing who doesn’t know you

  53. Zecky

    This is the time we listen and pray to God and put some good advices into action not insulting and blaming one another.remember that us citizens we must have the responsibility to help advice the government and that’s what hichilema did.

    • Kelly k

      true words from UPND president,not just him but as a nation we must take into consideration matters that are affecting this country,this party is ruining the people of zambia!

  54. Tuli Bantu

    Ba Lubinda Mwendabai! fool

  55. Fisunge

    My people please no one will please us as Zambians the only thing we can do as Zambians is to work hard and liberalise our minds that’s so even if we have toilets which hh was talking about and no food the toilet is nothing so let hh talk about mind liberation like self employment grass root agriculture so that we curb suffer he Shud also talk about food security and far most he should clean his mother’s house not the way it is now he has the money

    • Dude

      He should also talk about democracy, and set a good example by going to a convention.

  56. Wolf

    In Zambia people are used to poverty fuck my country to have people like Ecl

  57. Wiseman

    True ba pf help us we have finished everything schools completed some of us have PHD’s and still no jobs

  58. Saimbwende

    HH you don’t know politics you are day dreaming and fishing in an empty pond now Ba UPND life wamuyaya president resign and another person from either North Western or Western take over you can’t continue to be losing deal with your cheap ego it’s not true that you HH you are the only one who can change Zambia

  59. HH nimbwa fye

    hh chipuba pres wa ngombe i fisushi fya ngombe fya lyona u la mano mumutwe

  60. H.H nimbwa fye

    hh chipuba pres wa ngombe i fisushi fya ngombe fya lyona u la mano mumutwe

  61. Bob

    And what ll you as a citizen do …only criticize…we all know the problem is even a 1 day old day can see it …and what we want we know it but what we do not know is the objectives that we must follow to get our solution that we already know ….give us mr president on how we ll raise the resources not telling us empower youths we all know that but how are the resource to empower the youths going to be raised thats should be your concern

  62. Ecl

    Yes hh for life

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