Salaula Thief Jailed 3 Years

The Lusaka Magistrates’ Court on Friday sentenced a Lusaka man to three years imprisonment with hard labour for stealing bales of second hand clothes worth K19, 050.

Christopher Shula was sent to jail by magistrate Felix Kaoma after being convicted of theft.

Shula is said to have stolen the second hand clothes, commonly known as Salaula, belonging to Stella Manyinza of Libala.

During trial, Manyinza told the court that in January this year, she came back from South Africa where she had gone to order bales of clothes.

Manyinza explained that on arrival at Intercity Bus Terminus, she hired a canter to ferry her bales of clothes from the station to her shop in Kamwala market.

She explained that after the vehicle was loaded, Shula offered to carry the goods on his wheelbarrow.

The business lady told the court that in the process of withdrawing money to pay the canter driver, she discovered that the wheelbarrow pusher had vanished with her merchandise.

“Your honor, I fainted when I was told that Shula had fled with my goods. I searched for him but I did not find him. He was later apprehended after he sold some of the stolen goods to a client who later alerted me,” the complainant said

In his judgment, magistrate Kaoma found Shula guilty of the offence of theft.

Magistrate Kaoma found that the prosecution had proved its case against the accused beyond reasonable doubt and sentenced him to 46 months with hard labour effective the date of arrest.


  1. Eagle's Eye

    I am shocked that one can actually order Salaula from South Africa…..

    • Tt

      South Africa has port and salaula comes from Europe, America ,etc

  2. Wise Leader

    lesson learnt in a hard way,anyway the good thing is that justice has prevailed kanshi naimwe mwebasompa utukondo kwati Pamela should learn something.


  3. Swag

    Like seriously?
    3 years pali salaula che, anyway too bad for him…

  4. Guchi muya


  5. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    But why don’t they jail the corrupt and hardcore pompwesi

  6. The lion

    leasson learnt

  7. Ghat

    Mubemba sivintu mwe.

  8. 6ixGold Quotes

    njala ya ku gwila,yakuchisa iwe!!!

  9. John Phiri

    Just that selfish decision has landed the man in jail for 3 years. This life???? If he had waited and be given his dues sembe alipo cabe. Go and learn in Nakonde/Tunduma. You buy a bag of beans in Tunduma and send a guy to drop it for you at a named lodge in Nakonde. He will just do that and wait for you to be paid. Very surprising?????

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