Chinsali Man Defiles Own Daughter

A 37 year-old-man in Chinsali District has been arrested for allegedly defiling his 12-year-old daughter.

Constatino Lukonde of Old Lubu Scheme was nabbed by police after he was reported to have defiled his own daughter.

Muchinga Province Police Chief Joel Njase said the suspect was picked up by police after a report was filed.

“Yes we received a report in which Annie Mfula of Old Lubu Scheme in Chief Nkula‚Äôs area reported on behalf of her daughter that she was defiled by her father identified as Constantino Lukonde of same abode,” Njase stated.

He explained that the 12-year-old was left in the custody of her father for a week when the mother had traveled out to visit relatives.

Njase stated that the victim informed her mother upon her arrival that she had been defiled by her father.

The suspect is currently in Police custody and will appear in court soon.



  1. Ghat

    He is mad


    But kwena wat is hapening.if u knew that tawakosa u were not supost to let yo wife go 4 a vist.now u difile yo own daughter

  3. Henry Kabondo

    Incest, that man deserves a stiff punishment, of a maximum of life imprisonment. To detor would be offenders

    • Henry Kabondo

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  4. Sex maniac

    Nothing like tawakosa, your own dota.here in Lusaka we have prostitutes from Zimbabwe and it’s only k10 wether dollar is high or what.i suspect he was cheated by the so called traditional doctors,

  5. Gangsta grabs

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    • Statesman

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  6. Nkule

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  7. mrs BM

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  8. Arnold Ace

    this is for rituals I guess because you cannot sleep with your own daughter

  9. never mind


  10. Josh Divine

    Olokuti he wanted fast money si so…awe mulungu mwinewake ndiye aziba.let God take the lead

  11. Jkhaled adamz

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  12. shanoh

    That person is not normal

  13. Bbolex

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  14. Catherine kasunga

    The man no bwino bwino


    may god judge this one to open his own son virgin it is a sin

  16. JK 11

    Rituals at play. How can you experience sexual excitement with your own daughter? Shameful indeed!!!

  17. Statesman

    Honestly nangu ni nyele, how can one even begin thinking about having sex with his own flesh and blood? He must be castrated & then sent to rot in jail because he is a wild animal.

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