Nawakwi Wishes Army, ZNS Were Equipped to Mine Emerald

FDD president Edith Nawakwi has wondered why mining concessions for precious stones like emeralds are being given to foreigners instead of empowering the Zambia National Services and the Zambia Army.

Nakakwi, in her brief thoughts, stated that Zambia was a land of limitless opportunities but “the only problem we have is that we don’t love each other”.

“We have the minerals and our Zambia National Service -ZNS is lubricating their equipment every week. I wish we could give them one manganese mine to excavate and raise money to even pay some of our debt. I always wonder if I had a chance, I would have given a concession of manganese mine and emerald mine to Zambia Army and Zambia Prisons Service and equip them with all the requirements and the skills they need to work in the mining industry,” Nawakwi, the former finance and energy minister in the MMD government, stated.

“Unfortunately, all the nice spots including rare earth have been given to foreigners. How on earth can you give a rare earth deposit as if you are giving away a goat for a family picnic? We are just enemies of ourselves.”

She stated that God would “weep us all” with “a Mukula tree into satan’s cage and we shall all perish”.

“We have our ZNS with all the equipment being greased weekly with taxpayers money and somehow some of the miners hire our ZNS equipment. Just take note Zambian’s; a carat of emerald is $6,000 while a ton of copper is $6,000,” stated Nawakwi. “Our mining engineers are unemployed, our ZNS have the equipment and we the people have the minds. WHERE IS THE DISCONNECT? Is it mental, physical or simply a case? These are my thoughts. What do you think?”


  1. Banda

    Zns are already employed reducing job opportunities to those not employed

    • Wiseman

      Why insulte when Thérèse à good idée are u a HH supporter or Wat.
      By the way nice idea mama I think if we have someone in the pf government we will make changes in Zambia cause even some schools don’t have equipments for science practicals and computer,s but they take computer studies that’s why leakeges come out mmmm.
      Do something mama twachula

  2. Simate silishebo

    Nice idea but I am just wondering if this minerals appeared in pf government because u had chances in mmd government why u didn’t empower zns & Zambia army.

  3. Evans Sinyangwe

    Good plan

  4. Lindiwe Ncube

    Mad woman speaking.

  5. Moses P Sichula

    Good idea my sister.

  6. Binda

    Good idea, manje corruption vikankala Va Boma. So first thing, you all in opposition team up and help Govt kill this “animal in man” called corruption.

    • Draw Parallels

      Wait a minute!
      The diamond mines were, in fact, the source of China’s increasing concerns about the Mugabe regime’s indigenization policy, which required 51 percent local ownership of foreign businesses. Although the two Chinese companies, Anjin and Jinan, began operations in 2012 with 51 percent of shares owned by Zimbabweans, the Zimbabwean government integrated them into the state owned Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC) in 2015, which led to vehement public opposition by the Chinese government. The crisis also led to the overall deterioration of China-Zimbabwe relations, and China refused to support Mugabe in his 2016 crackdown on the opposition.
      However, the threat to Chinese investments in the diamond mines also hurt the Zimbabwean military, which has reportedly collaborated with these companies under the leadership of General Chiwenga. A 30 percent stake of the aforementioned Anjin Investments, for example, is allegedly controlled by the Zimbabwean Defense Forces through a subsidiary. The Zimbabwean security forces’ broad involvement in the diamond business has especially enriched senior officers associated with the Mugabe regime. Also, during Zimbabwe’s 1998-2002 intervention in Congo’s civil war, Mnangagwa was accused by the UN of using the Zimbabwean Defense Forces to profit from illegally mined diamonds.
      After being ousted from his vice presidency by Mugabe in November 2017, Mnangagwa reportedly fled to China. He had cultivated relations with senior members of the Chinese Communist Party, which allegedly go back to the Rhodesian Bush War when China offered the guerrillas both training and weapons. General Chiwenga also visited China from November 8 to 10, on an official trip organized prior to the recent events. During the visit, he met with Li Zuocheng of China’s Central Military Commission, the organization within the Communist Party that controls defense and security policymaking, as well as China’s Defense Minister General Chang Wanquan. Despite China’s denial of any involvement in the recent coup, and announcement of a “wait and watch” approach, Mnangagwa’s presidency with Chiwenga’s backing from the Armed Forces will assure it a firm grip on Zimbabwean politics and economy, assuring China’s interest in regional stability in met.

  7. Chilifye D

    Good analytical words! It can be a progressive move.



  9. donald

    good plan madam

  10. Saimbwende

    Ba Nawakwi you were Energy minister but you never bothered to increase power generation capacity for industrial development secondly you became minister of finance show one industry which you through policy introduced and created jobs you mp but you have nothing to point at which you left in your constituency as your legacy you are now ffd president you have refused to go for a convention so when you talk don’t think you are talking to simple minded people please respect us the people you were very selfish leaders in your time in mmd because if you leaders were sincere you could have left a very strong economic foundation upon which to build upon.its like you politicians think when you are out of power it’s like those who play drafts at the market they only see mistakes when the other person is playing but when it’s their turn to play they can’t even avoid a suspension Ba Edith after becoming that’s when we saw you become a commercial farmer but before that you were sowing with your machine so if we are to distribute what you got from the national coffers where will you be God help mother Zambia others sold companies and today claiming not to have participated in privatisation and yet even the kabulonga house decided to occupy was for lima bank today he is a shareholder in all the former govt parastatles shame on the opposition tell us who you are others claim that they can go to drink coffee in London and be back but when we look a few years back these were the scrap metal thieves in luanshya who even plundered the railway line please think before you open your hypocritical mouths

  11. Shaba

    At least now you are speaking like a normal person I support you on that

  12. Simfukwe

    God is great he opens the minds of the wise without favour mama you are not politicking your wise word must be taken by this hard working government without fear or favour yes it is true the army and national service have equipment they can do the job so resourthat some of our mineral resources are coming directly to government foreigners have plundered our country since days immemorial we have to give a stop now

  13. Lk

    Just leave the mines for our children we have already failed for the past 50years.

  14. Justine c. Mukungule

    Wise idea!Ba president, please pick up.

  15. Justine c. Mukungule

    Wise idea!Ba president, please pick it up.

  16. sotambe

    well said madam let those with ears hear

  17. Wonderful

    At last someone leaves politics behind, nice idea mama

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