Starkey to Attend to 15,000 Hearing Impaired Persons in Kitwe

Bill Austin, Chief Executive Officer of Starkey Hearing Technologies, the largest hearing aid manufacturer in the United States, has targeted to attend to about 15,000 hearing impaired people in Kitwe.

Bill and his team on Monday attended to about 1,500 hearing impaired people on their three-day tour of duty.

The health services are being offered for free at the Kitwe playing field and the turnout has been very good.

Speaking in an interview, Bill Austin said the services are being offered for free to assist the hearing impaired with no financial capacity to access such services from specialized hospitals.

And Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu has commended Starkey Hearing Technologies for supplementing government’s efforts in the provision of health services.

“You know as government, it is not everything we can do so this is the reason we need to support such organizations for their contribution to better the lives of those affected. Today, many have received such services for free,” said Mpundu.


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    good one we are greatful

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    Make sure attend Lungu as well he is hearing impaired,cant hear anything corruption due to exessive abuse of office and kachasu.By the way who on earth mixes jermason with kachasu? No wino wino that guy.

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    Thats great of u people extends to other provices if time wil allow.warmest welcome.

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