World Bank Hands Over Solar Equipment to Zambia

The World Bank has handed over equipment worth US$3.6 million to the Ministry of Energy to assist in the identification of suitable points for solar and wind energy investments.

The equipment includes six solar meteorological and eight wind energy stations.

Speaking during the official handover in Lusaka today, World Bank country representative Ina-Marlene Ruthenberg noted that lack of accurate data has contributed to low investment in renewable sources of Energy thereby putting pressure on hydro-power generation.

She reiterated the need for Zambia to continue marketing its potential that is available in the renewable sector of energy away from the dominant hydropower electricity generation in order to have sufficient energy for national development.

The Government of Zambia, with support from the World Bank, is implementing a scaling up solar programme to address the current hydro power shortages caused by low rainfall through active promotion and increased use of renewable energy technologies.

And Energy Minister Matthew Nkhuwa expressed confidence that researched information will attract investment in the energy sector thereby contributing to the agenda of embracing the energy mix away from hydro power generation.

Mr. Nkhuwa repeated that his Ministry is diversifying the National Energy Mix through the utilization of the abundant renewable energy resources available in the Country with a view to mitigate the effects of Climate Change.

So far, the government, through Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), has awarded the first 100 MW of 50MW each to two companies – Enel Green Power of Italy at a tariff of 7.84 US cents/KWh and Neoen/First Solar consortium at a tariff of 6.02 US cents/KWh.

The scaling solar will contribute to attainment of the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) goal of doubling the share of renewable energy in the Energy Mix.


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