ZRA Unearths Vehicle Import Scam

Government has been losing over K480 million in taxes through dubiously imported vehicles, Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Communications Manager Topsy Sikalinda has revealed.

Sikalinda stated in a statement after the Authority unearthed another scam where over 8,000 heavy duty vehicles (trucks and Earth Moving Machinery) had been dubiously imported into the country.

“The government has lost about K480 Million in taxes because these heavy duty vehicles were imported dubiously using VAT deferred facility for other taxpayers,” Sikalinda stated.

He stated that to encourage growth of the manufacturing sector and industrialisation, government gives incentives to businesses engaged in manufacturing or industrial sectors by deferring Value Added Tax (VAT) on heavy duty vehicles for those who qualify for the facility.

“Unfortunately, this facility has been abused by both clearing agents and importers who have been dubiously importing these vehicles by making false declarations and abrogating the Customs and Excise Act cap 322 of the laws of Zambia,” Sikalinda stated.

“Smuggling of goods through false declarations, transit fraud, misclassifications, under declarations, and under valuations are serious offences and offenders shall be dealt with in accordance with the law.”

He stated that the authority had so far revoked 136 clearing licenses for clearing companies and blocked their Tax Payer Identification numbers (TPINS) on the Asycuda World System.

“We shall tomorrow publish the first batch of heavy duty trucks that were imported dubiously and another list will be published next week,” Sikalinda stated.

He has since called upon the owners of the said vehicles to report at the Inspectorate and Customs Enforcement (ICE) unit offices within 14 days from date of publication.

Sikalinda has also appealed to all people who  imported heavy duty trucks and earth moving machinery but did not pay taxes to comply.

“We urge all citizens to pay taxes directly to the Zambia Revenue Authority to avoid being swindled by smugglers who pretend to be clearing agents. Investigations will continue and more clearing agents and vehicles will be published,” stated Sikalinda.


  1. Chendabusiku

    The direct payment to ZRA is the way to go. These mushrooming si called clearing agencies are just official corruption conduits. These guys are willing to abrogate the law at will as long as they get their commission. Just follow the Botswana route. Toll, and motor insurance and road tax are paid at the same counter and from there you are done. In zambia you pay the ferry, then pay the council, then pay third party then pay toll fees at different places, it is a night mare just to enter Zambia if you are driving. Can someone simplify this proces please.

  2. Chendabusiku wa black 😜

    🛬🛬🛬🛬🛬🛬🛬🛬🛬🛬🛬 that’s why I use the above mode of transportation.🛫🛫🛫🛫🛫

  3. Joe kawimbe

    Thou shall not cheat the Tax-Man because he will eventually catch you. “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar”, said the Son Of God – remember????

  4. Drugsquard

    Our tax system is very vulnerable to compromise.
    Most of these smuggling activities are encouraged and aided by the very customs officers, who even give advice to importers on how to evade taxes.
    ZRA should start with cleaning inside their house before sweeping the compound. Smuggling will continue if only victims are punished leaving the real culprits.

    • Joel

      If you check on the first list published
      Some companies are owned by same people in zra and government .
      Don’t blame agents because they register entries exactly based on the information in the PODs

  5. Pemphela

    When i as a pastor say,”let us pray for corruption & stealing,”you say NO this is the results.knowthat corruption is SIN

  6. vincent

    Yes what is it ZRA is doing to lose over 480 million kwacha may lack of man power employ more officers so that this problem may come to an end.

  7. Siwale

    KKK ni animal farm?.How can the government loss a huge amount of money.Maybe something as happened.

  8. Dalitso

    Where can I access the actual list?

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