5 Bodies Exhumed at Nakayombo Cemetery in 2 Months

The Kitwe City Council has disclosed that five bodies have in the two months been exhumed at Nakayombo Cemetery in Garnertone Township.

The Council is concerned with the rate at which bodies are being exhumed at the cemetery by unknown members of the public.

Public Relations Manager Roy Kuseka said in May and June this year, the Kitwe City Council have recorded five cases of bodies being exhumed at the said cemetery.

“So far, five cases have been reported since May this year and the latest case was reported on Monday 24th June, 2019. All the cases have accordingly been reported to state police,” he said.

Kuseka said all the five bodies exhumed at different times have been re-buried by the Council in the presence of family members and the police.

He has urged members of the public to be vigilant and report any suspicious activities at the cemetery, further warning that those who would be found wanting will be dealt with.


  1. Miller Muleya

    We are not told the motive behind that are they removing some body parts?

  2. musenge

    let the police patrolling at cementry

  3. Garufu

    Is There No Security.

  4. Kays Mayo

    Police plse, it’s your job make sure!


    The place is too isolated, you need to assign a care taker there..

  6. Doyo

    Mmmmmm at care taker

  7. Mbeba

    Mmmmm iwe Care taker

  8. Anthobalachio

    Kumanda tekwakwangalila please tulecindika abafwa

  9. F. Nsofu

    Limbi eyi sausage ifulile notuma chili bite mukomboni mutwebe bwino tuleke ukulya ichilyelyelye please

  10. MRO

    Too bad

  11. Elephant

    Blame goes to supervisors because they don’t inspect the height of the grave

  12. Statesman

    Mfwiti mfwiti mfwiti!

  13. BASU

    All these Activities Are Marking The End Of The World

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