637 Arrested in ‘Operation Chalo’

Operation Chalo, a joint operation by the Zambia Police, Drug Enforcement Commission and the Immigration Department, has resulted into the arrest of 637 persons across Zambia.

In a statement issued by Drug Enforcement Commission Public Relations Officer Theresa Katongo, of the total, 183 are drug related offenders, 335 are police cases for property suspected to be proceeds of crime and riotous conduct while 119 are suspected prohibited immigrants.

The highest number of suspects is from Copperbelt Province which had 169, representing 26.5 per cent, followed by Central Province which had 164, representing 25.7 per cent.

“A total of 10.8 tones of fresh cannabis plants and 1.8 tones of dry loose cannabis were seized during the operation, with the highest quantity recorded in Kaisolele Village of Muchinga Province where several cannabis fields were uprooted,” Katongo explained.

She added that other seizures made during the operation include 4, 170 diazepam tablets, 1, 098 bottles of codeine, 360 grammes of cannabis seeds and two jars of cannabis hair gel.

“The Operation further yielded 10, 970 litres of smuggled petrol as well as household items such as stoves, television sets, home theatre systems and mattresses suspected to be proceeds of crime,” stated Katongo.

The operation was conducted in the early hours of Saturday, June 22, 2019 with a view to curb illicit activities in various notorious areas identified countrywide.



  1. Rudi

    Funny, the rest of the wold is moving towards completely legalising cannabis and start to use it in all sorts of products. It has huge commercial value. Can Zambia affort to not step in this emerging new aggricultural crop?

  2. Bbolex

    Imagine why confiscate treated cannabis like jell so retrogressive.

  3. Phiri

    Let poor pipo make money and give us update on FIC

  4. khuseni

    Operation chalo? You need a cool name like operation sand storm, etc

  5. MalcomX

    Motherfuck the system…
    Legalize the Ganja and stop harassing and brutalizing the poor farmers….a total of 11 States in the USA have decriminalized cannabis for recreational use this week,and you are busy putting poor farmers behind bars.

  6. Joey Zaza

    Do operation CHALO on Parliament we see how many members will walk Scot free!!!

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