Chifubu MP Re-Arrest Pends: Ng’ambi Out of Country

The re-arrest of Chifubu PF Member of Parliament Frank Ng’ambi who was discharged by the Court of an assault charge against his wife is pending because the parliamentarian is reportedly out of jurisdiction.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga has since engaged the Lusaka command to help with Ng’ambi re-arrest since he is out of the country.

Ng’ambi was discharged through a nolle prosequi but the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) ordered his re-arrest.

However, Katanga stated that the prosecution entered a nolle prosequi without informing the Police.

She said in a normal situation, prosecutors were supposed to inform the police before entering a nolle prosequi if there was need to re-arrest a suspect.

Katanga explained that the prosecution of cases were no longer being done by the Police but by the National Prosecutions Authority (NPA).

She said Police can only know if the suspect needs to be re-arrested after a nolle prosequi upon being communicated to by the prosecutor.

“When Mr. Ng’ambi was arrested, the police refused to grant him bond looking at the seriousness of the matter, the accused was only given bail by the court,” Katanga said.

Last week, the Director of Public Prosecutions entered a nolle prosequi in the matter with the view to re-arrest Ng’ambi for a more serious charge.

The DPPs office wondered why the accused has not been re-arrested when instructions were allegedly given.



  1. Kelvin Mulenga

    It is good to do right things on such matters no matter who you are. Thanks DPP

  2. Chilankalipa

    Is he out of the Copperbelt country? The report makes no sense, this guy was said to be at parliament.

  3. John Phiri

    The wife also. She was not even badly beaten if she is the one in the picture. Not even a small scratch on the face. Ati bana mumenya. Muziba kumenyewa Imwe????? Go to the shanties and see how women are butchered by their so called husbands.

    • Shaz

      First of all John, pictures haven’t shown anything, the woman almost died. If Ngambi had not taken her to Luanshya, her mother’s house, she would have died. You may not see a scratch on her face, that’s aftervtgey cleaned her up. She also had internal injuries. If you are one if those who beat up wives, thstswhyvyou are talking like this. Trust me, the woman on the picture almost died. Second, whether the woman is beaten badly or not, wife battery is a serious offence, coukd be a scratch or badly bruised, it’s not allowed and the perpetrator needs to be arrested and charged.

    • Tukiya

      But you’re a big fool she’s not badly beaten bluh bluh just shut up you’re the same people that beat your wives and you think it’s right have you lost your common sense ubupuba weka weka and you’re a big man feel ashamed

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