Chinese Investors Must Not Be Given KCM, says MUZ

The Mineworkers Union of Zambia (MUZ) has said it will not support any manouvres by government to bring a Chinese investor to run Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) after completing the liquidation process.

A number of Chinese investors, among them China Non-Ferrous Metals Mining Group, have expressed interest in taking over operations at Konkola Copper Mines that is under Liquidation.

MUZ General Secretary George Mumba has indicated that Chinese Investors have been the worst employers in the mining industry.

Mumba stated that Chinese investors have been a challenge to work with regarding working conditions, making them unfavorable for such a mine.

He stated that the union will not accept any attempts to bring on board investors from China, saying they have poor working conditions.

Mumba stated that Chinese investors should not be entertained with their interests and intentions because their previous records in terms of looking after the workers, contractors and suppliers had been very bad.

“Their conditions of service for the workers are poor and they don’t give reasonable contracts to local contractors. The other problem with the Chinese investors is that they were putting Zambians in managerial positions, but were not allowing them to make decisions on various critical issues,” he stated.

Mumba stated that the labour movement would support investors from Canada or Australia, saying they have a good track record of mining and improved working conditions.



  1. makasims

    nice work muz

    • Joshua

      If Zambians can’t be allowed to run their own mines as owners or investors then the fight for independence was in vain.

  2. martin chilufya

    only those who are lazy are against the Chinese, one thing for sure is that with the Chinese you cant get paid for doing nothing,
    if this country is to develop, we need to copy and paste the work culture of Chinese people,
    in construction industry, if you give a contract to a Zambian, the first thing he does after getting down payment, he buys a very expensive vehicle, then goes for a holiday before commencing the works.
    give the Chinese a chance to prove you wrong.

    • martin

      only those who are lazy are against the Chinese, one thing for sure is that with the Chinese you cant get paid for doing nothing,
      if this country is to develop, we need to copy and paste the work culture of Chinese people,
      in construction industry, if you give a contract to a Zambian, the first thing he does after getting down payment, he buys a very expensive vehicle, then goes for a holiday before commencing the works.
      give the Chinese a chance to prove you wrong.

      • PM

        @Martin. What you are saying is not true. I fully support MUZ stance on this. Chinese are very poor in terms if technical, safety and social responsibilities when it comes to mining. Chinese mines, which I had the privilege to visit are poorly managed and on average kill over 14000 people per year. Please dont undermine zambian engineers. They are good and cannot operate under chinese management. Whats so special about chinese work culture? Zambians are managing big mines in South Africa, Australia and Canada. Please no chinese at kcm. Let the construct roads which crack after 6 months…you cant take such chances when it comes yo deep metaliferous mines.

        • concerned

          Martin u r a useless stupid idiot.Hav u worked with the Chinese.

        • Jvm

          Chinese are bad employers and have slave mentality in everything they do. These are not the right people for mines. Selling chickens at Soweto market yes

      • Justin Lupinda

        I dont think you are a true Zambian. Your words are a torture to me please stop talking like nonsense. In fact we should be saying we must not allow the Chinese to invest in mass sectors like mining as they dont treat our people properly. We don’t have strong unions in defend them and they suffer puberty and yet they are working.
        Let us fight Chinese Investors in Zambia

        • Justin Lupinda


          I was saying our people suffer poverty under the hands of the Chinese. We cannot allow Chinese in mining

    • Andrew

      Mr Martin we are talking about mining sector not construction

    • Mike ilunga

      You are big stupid ,Chinese are even worst mentality ,doing all activities illigaly,looting us,threating us which is possibility

      • Justin Lupinda

        Mr Ilunga
        Let’s come together and fight the Chinese Investors. They are pathetic


      Chilufya , your comment is half truth and half untrue. Our nation is far from China where development is, but we are also hard workers. But Chinese where hard work is concerned, they are very excellent but their working condition ( environment, pay negotiations ( take it or leave it such type), managerial position can’t be given to a Zambia to dictate a Chinese, language, all suppliers will have nowhere to source the materials or goods to supply to the mine except from China and that will be very difficult for a local business or supply because all the machinery will come from China as time goes.) So to my thinking, MUZ is 100% right about selling kcm to Chinese investors. Remember the mining graduates we have in Zambia and others, they need at least a pensionable jobs or good contracts that can give them a long time planning of their life. Chinese and pensionable jobs are enemies.

    • Justin Lupinda

      You dont know the Chinese and you are speaking from the position of ignorance. Mr Martin Chilufya the Chinese are bad Chief. I know working with them from Botswana and I will never work with Chinese again.
      I totally agree with the MUZ. Government must not allow Chinese in mining
      I did not know in Zambia we have misguided people like Martin. Please respect Zambians

    • Hi

      Can’t be said any better than this

  3. Gary

    We need to value our own mining engineers and give them a chance to manage these mines at a %ge shareholding. If what P.M. says about Zambian mining engineers managing big (not small) mines in S. AFRICA, CANADA and AUSTRALIA is indeed true, then it can only mean that: 1. These were trained by the Zambian govt at UNZA Sch. of Mines; 2. Gained their experience by working in the Zambian mines before the world saw their worthy; 3. Their C.Vs have been enriched by their exposure in those orgs. they are currently working for. China is where it is today because it has applied one MAO-ISM principle very effectively. “GO AND LEARN WHAT THEY DO THERE AND COME AND DO IT HERE”. Patriotism at work. Technology transfer is one thing the Western world will unwillingly do. Africa at large needs to apply that MAO-ISM PRINCIPLE if they are to do anything meaningful with their abundant natural resources or remain feeders of western industries. This is the battle we should be fighting. Not this political blame game.

    • Mike ilunga

      U r right bro ,even we dont need any foreigners from anywhere

    • P.M

      @Gary . It is very true about zambian mining engineers running huge operations in named countries. Iam a retired mining engineer and I worked for a gold mine in RSA. One of my white Afrikaner mining engineer had this to say upon returning from zambia on a short aatachment to a copper mine and I quote…” If I had my own way, I would fire most of you and bring in zambian engineers, technologists and technicians because they are smart and hard working”. So please lets respect our own ecpertise and work culture. We can go out and learn how things are done outside, but we should come back and domesticate what we have learnt. It is not a cut and paste job. Upon retiring from the gold mine I joined the RSA government as mining technical advisor to the minister. Why am I boring you with this? I just want to highlight that there are a lot of zambians appreciated for their skills and expertise outside zambia. Here we adore foreigners from America, Asia, Europe who in most cases are academically lower than zambians. Where are the Shamutetes, Pilulas, Chileshes and other yesteryears finest mining engineers (General Managers). Why havent we seen young zambian mining engineers rising to positions of technical responsibilities. All we hear are HR managers….simple, kaunda had faith in zambians and developed a deliberate policy to advance their careers. He believed in unza products. Up to now the old geezer still believes in home grown products and hence doesnt rush to RSA for simple medical check ups.

    • Justin Lupinda

      You are 100% correct this is what we need NOT Chinese Investors

  4. demon

    iwe chi martin get lost with your so called chinese ok these mother fuckers kill alot of people on a 6km road construction wat mor in a mine and u are their surpoting them kachipa,shabb.

  5. Mike ilunga

    I’m 200% agree with muz, Chinese are mother fuckers ,very dirty mind and heart , I have lots of very bad experience with them

  6. Arthur

    It is not right to say “the Chinese are poor investor”
    . They are the people with money. What you should do is cone up with the recommendation of how you want any investor to behave. Push Govt to implement this and move on. Don’t be resist. Those same “people of choice” never paid you when things were tough. Don’t be short sighted

  7. muntungwa

    I worked for NFCA before and I could only stand their stupid conditions for only one year because I was being brain looted.

  8. Concerned citizen

    I agree with muz 100% we should not even dare to bring chinese investors,we must learn to do away with dependancy from other countries.lets we make use of those graduates who are languishing on the streets with the knowledge on minning.lets reduce this syndrome!

  9. kelvin Chewe

    The Chinese have their nation at heart and will do anything to develop it. They want to make profit at the expense of the local employees. I will not deny the fact that I admire their hardworking culture but I will be quick to say they are not good employers. They shouldn’t get the mine which can be ably run by the excellent crop of engineers ‘sired’ by local universities. We are well able and with patriotism and political will, we can pull through.

    • Green

      Let’s put Chinese people aside you people sure,poor condition of service.

  10. Justin Lupinda

    You are 100% correct this is what we need NOT Chinese Investors

  11. BORNFACE chisenga

    We need to have good invest in our country

  12. Landako Naiwe Lelo

    I support you sir coz those pigs from chaina treats our men like shit.
    If you visit kabwe opposite behind RATSA you can feel bad how are our men are suffering .
    You would find that pipo at the same company are getting low salaries others are getting k600 pa month ,just imagine a bricklay working for k28 pa day while he’s got a family to look after.Umuntu afuma 05:00hrs pa bondi alebwela kuma 18 but salary tukoto what more mu mining sector awe twapapa dont allow that.

  13. Mr chola m

    Chinese investors to run kcm the answer is NO their don’t obey labour laws concerning salaries and safety of workers at the mine very poor Australian and Canadian investors are very good just take look at lumwana and kaseshi in North Western good management mine workers Union don’t allow Chinese please

    • martin mulenga

      pleease not let chinese to take part in kcm.

  14. Wang Xin

    MUZ is totally blind to the bad records of Canada and Australian investors. It is FQM who threats to shut the shafts in Kitwe, and causes thousands of job loss. It is CNMC from China who help Luanshya Mines and Luanshya township recover to life in 2018.

  15. Friday simuwelu

    Go!! Go!!Go!!MUZ with undeniable authority in Jesus Christ might name.

  16. REAGAN

    People of Zambia let fight against the Chinese investors dnt be like Martin idiot

  17. Dr

    Comment: Im not in agreement with what MUZ and all those who hate the Chines are saying. Bellow are the reasons: (1) The labour laws in Zambia are very weak, that’s why the investors have taken advantage not only the Chines. (2) The UNIONS are weak and corupt that’s why they are not representing the employees effectively. (3) The so called enginears, degree holders, PHD holders you can mention them, are you saying they were not there in KCM under VENDANTA? (a) these people are the very people who missled the indians by giving them silly ideas of opressing the general worker. (b) These are the very people who made vendanta to start mining UG and the Open pit using substandard methods. (c) These are the very people who gave themselves huge salaries at the expense of the general workers. (d) These are the very people who removed all the good insentives which the workers were enjoying. (4) All in all the problem is not about the Chines or Indians it’s about the selfishness of the so called the educated Zambians.

  18. Mr Peace

    Chinese garbage.

  19. JJ

    Zambia is for Zambian,,,, How can you give powers to foreigners,,,
    Chinese people are very useless telling you,, you are there busy supporting them, while you are just sitted in the office,,, Ask me about Chinese,, Working hours from 06:00 to 18:00,,No off days ,No weekend,,if you get a sick note, Charge!!! If am lieing to come any time at ,,,China Mart market kitwe, you find out,,,ello salary is just k900 only,,,Tata Zambia MUZ please go ahead with your plans,,,

  20. JJ

    Chinese people are Evil !!!
    Try to find out to the guys who are working with Chinese guys,,,
    Lunch they buy water only,,,

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