ConCourt Judge Warns HH and GBM to Comply with Orders on Speaker Petition

Constitutional Court judge Palan Mulonda has warned UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and his former vice-president Geoffrey Mwamba that he will throw out the duo’s petition in which they sought a declaration that the Speaker of the National Assembly should have assumed powers of the President when the election petition was in court.

Justice Palan Mulonda said the matter will be dismissed if the parties in the matter will fail to comply with the orders for directions.

He said this when the matter came up for status conference in the Constitutional Court.

This is in the case in which Hichilema and Mwamba petitioned the court in August 2016 after the presidential election seeking an order that the Speaker of the National Assembly assumes executive powers until determination of the presidential petition.

They also wanted the court to prohibit President Edgar Lungu from performing the executive functions.

The petitioners sued President Lungu and the Attorney General.

When the matter came up, Hichilema’s lawyer, however, defended his clients saying they were serious about prosecution of the matter but that they wanted to amend their request in the petition.

“At the last sitting, he had indicated to the court that the petitioners are desirous of amending the petition. However, after further deliberations, our instructions are that we should continue with the way things are on record as it is now a question of interpretation,” said a Mr Chimankata.

“We will rely on the skeleton arguments filed on August 31, 2016 save for an amendment to the prayer that was there. Otherwise, the petitioners are serious with prosecuting this matter and would like to see it concluded.”

Meanwhile, counsel from the Attorney General’s Chambers, Francis Mwale, said he will wait for the amendment to the petitioner’s prayer so that they could respond.

Justice Mulonda, however, said he was granting the last status conference and ordered parties to file the necessary documents as agreed by July 9 this year or he would dismiss the matter for want of prosecution.

“Having heard from the petitioner that they are serious with their intention to prosecute this matter, my court will take it that these agreed upon dates will be observed, failure to which this matter will be dismissed for want of prosecution,” Justice Mulonda said.


  1. Doubt Katwishi

    Mr Palani Musonda forget; these two are time wasters, they did not know what they were doing. Forgive them!

  2. Gessik

    The two’ impoliticians’ .let’s see how this one ends. Failed.wow unto those who were ecstatic about it .

    • Gessik

      The two’ impoliticians’ .let’s see how this one ends. Failed.woe unto those who were ecstatic about it .

  3. Hh

    I am a useful idiot who doesn’t understand myself.

    • Me

      @HH, we get you! By the way we know you better than you know yourself…….failure!

  4. E M

    just forget do u see them together anymore both of them they don’t know what their doing.

  5. Kays Mayo

    Kaya manje?

  6. Jms

    My first issue mulonda thats not your court you can be fired when found unable to do your job secondly HH and GBM are now separate but don’t worry we know how UPND can articulate that issue better than before

  7. mulobezi

    Mwamba hs ored steped onto the boat th issue z now remaining wth ths danderheaded man

  8. Bashikulu Emma

    Katwishi manje

  9. bombshell

    Am not a poltician or cadre,but my take on this is that Mr HH shud have discontinued with this petition & save his money for the coming election.remember 2021 is approaching.it’s hi time he start reorganizing for the campaign

  10. shaka

    this two are fused politician they dont know what there doing

  11. Thesis


  12. Jms

    Is bombshell a woman or a man it Sims a person who is partly mad

  13. Lindiwe Ncube

    Look at him sure. Very foolish man and his party. Viva Ramaphosa and ANC amandla

  14. vincent

    if you are daft you can not be wise no matter what.There is two events in life which occured when you are doing something in your life that is victory and losing.There is a time for victory but also time of losing.Let them spearheading on building the party and be ready for 2021 insteady of worsting their time for nothing or been distructors.

  15. FGM

    2021 is drawing very fast! Zambians are seriously looking at which party sort out corruption, fix the economy and enable our democracy to grow. Empowerment of foreigners has suffocated our economy and every one is regretting.

  16. Stanza

    Let time take its course ,surly one day victory will b spear headed. Remember their was pharaoh’s regime ,but time came for change in Egypt. Every single day goes by time counts.

  17. Unknown person

    Politics is duty game….

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