DEC Confirms Raid on RTSA Boss’ House

Joint team of the Zambia Police, Drug Enforcement Commission and the Anti-Corruption Commission last night raided Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) Chief Executive officer Zindaba Soko’s house.

Drug Enforcement Commission Commissioner Alita Mbawe told Journalists in Lusaka today saying the raid is a normal investigation.

Mbawe further said that the public will be informed what the raid was all about once everything is concluded.


  1. Trust

    Job well done keep your work

  2. HH azinama!

    gone are the days when RTSA officials were praised for being very professional and clean. Nowadays the whole organisation stinks of corruption. What went wrong?

  3. muntungwa

    We shall wait and see.

  4. Daniel Banda

    Yaaah those speed cameras hidden under the trees they speak for themselves.

  5. Joey Zaza

    And where is he up to now?

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