HH Maintains that PF Must Stick to VAT

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has reiterated that the government must just stick to the Value Added Tax than implementing the General Sales Tax.

Finance minister Margaret Mwanakatwe has told Parliament that the Sales Tax which was to come into effect on July 1 may not be implemented because certain processes have not been completed.

“It is being reported that the PF regime has again deferred the implementation of the General Sales Tax (GST) from Value Added Tax (VAT) because the systems are not ready. We genuinely love our country when we offer alternative solutions to our colleagues on managing the affairs of this great nation. It is not necessarily because we are power hungry, bitter or because we are less patriotic as they normally accuse us. Our observations are made out of genuine love for the ordinary citizens and the nation,” Hichilema, the UPND president, has stated.

“In the case at hand, one does not need to be a rocket scientist to understand that some things just need some bit of common sense and some consultation from all those willing to avail themselves to be at service in the field of economic and financial management. The PF must learn to listen even from their own technocrats within Government that are now frustrated because of politicians’ insatiable appetite for wrong decisions that only suit politics.”

He wondered how the entire government could present a huge economic proposal to the country in the budget and “later embark on a countrywide consultative process like they are currently doing and then make a sudden twist”.

“Is it not simple logic that you first consult then consider implementing based on the outcomes of the consultative processes? In medical profession, the PF regime is that medical practitioner who prescribes any drug available on the shelves to the patient before carrying out a thorough diagnosis. The result is what is currently happening to our ailing economy because it is forever being given wrong prescription resulting in a wrong prognosis,” Hichilema stated.

“So how can citizens and the entire business community now take short and long term plans under such flip flop (Chipantepante) arrangement? How do our colleagues in the PF regime now balance the budget because some of the revenue collection in the 2019 budget are projections from collections of sales taxi? Like they say, ‘If It’s Not Broken, Do Not Mend it’.

Our advice once more, can you stick to VAT, just broaden the tax base and reduce the VAT rate…”


  1. Dude


  2. chipantepante speaker

    generally speaking, Education is the key to development. if an educational advice is given, it’s good to swallow the pride and take it….

  3. Icisushi

    Good ideal papa.

  4. Chilubula

    One wonders why the PF even talk about 2021.They have failed on every accessible means of assessing them.Things that are simple logic like when to consult to them is rocket science.Since 2021 has been reduced to avoiding jail by the PF why dont we as a nation just let them hand over power let them keep their loot,which will evaporate anyway so as to allow the nation go on?

  5. nshilimubemba

    If VAT means value addition to the raw materials produced in Zambia, I find it rather strange to talk of vat as it is misplaced our nation doesn’t add any value to anything including copper.
    It is a joke to even talk about vat , industrialised nations with a lot of industry are the right nations to have VAT and not zambia .

  6. King cool

    Yes vat is good but vat is bad. This the so called GST would be great, because there will be no refunds to any one .it will be a direct money donation to the government. Yayaya sivintu .. still watching when House And Husband will be President of Zambia.

  7. Wiseman

    Namonamo ubwikashi in u papa give them ideas since they are asleep I think I can also see our next 2021 president

  8. E M

    No leader Will come and change things no one

  9. Fisunge

    Tapali ifyo alelanda uyu satana why didn’t you say anything all this while lelo pantu waumfwa ati they have changed umutima ububi this is not advice you could have said it before

    • Wezi

      @umutima ububi? Umutima wakwe walifita.kikiki

  10. Saimbwende

    HH go and ask Gove who was standing for the conservative party leadership he is saying VAT is not good if he had won he would proceeded with sales tax in UK so sometimes don’t just talk for the sake of it do your math Ba Maggie please bring sales tax in Zambia we know why the so called great economist is fearing! PF implement the policy change don’t procrastinate move on

  11. Gary

    Why insist on a tax that is given and taken back? Mine operators and others greatly abuse the same. Waiting for VAT refunds from Govt. for their operational costs: holding the govt. to ransom with threats of job cuts, no payments to suppliers and contractors unless VAT refunds were paid to them. Have we not gone through enough of that? Many countries including some developed nations are opting out. VAT stands to benefit the manufacturer more than it does the govt. Which side are you?

  12. Dude

    Is heka heka the only economist in the country? Surely he is not the first and the last. We have so many of them at Bank of Zambia. What is worse with him is that he is an economist without experience in governance. This makes his contribution questionable. Economists will agree that every policy has its own it’s own pros and cons. It all depends on what you want to achieve and what I may call “better evil”. So please stop taking hakaivotela heka’s suggestion as the gospel truth. In most cases abwata bwata fye.


    What a shame that 9 months after announcing a government policy, a cabinet minister can come back to the nation and say “we are not ready to impliment”. Who does the minister work for? The people? And it is the people’s resources that are bring plundered!
    Of course she worked for Barclays Bank and we should have known better. I’m sure the door is open for anyone who is incompetent.
    As for the opposition views, we all know which side of their bread is buttered. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE, UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR HIM TO SAY OTHERWISE. He is the only one who should know better, and our imagination does the rest.
    Let me say this in retrorespect: Zambia is not for sale. Our wealth should not be thrown out through the window through VAT.

  14. Concerned citizen

    100% good advice,even if we in politics,we shouldnt politicise all issues.its high time we became serious when solving issues like these for the better of our nation.

  15. Nyengo

    Which one is better VAT OR SALES TAX bcoz tax we pay 4 runing govt not 4 refund like VAT and 4 sale tax no refund. Dollar is high bcoz invested want vat refund but small scale business man and woman are not refunded. It’s time 2 face it and use sale tax method than cry without using it bcoz vat refunds is weaken zambian economic by increasin demand 4 dollar 2 pay vat refund 2 invests. No law is permanent are changed if are not help the poor and sale tax can b use 2 see it goodness and badness

  16. The Seeker

    Maggie, hurry with the implementation of sales tax. We are tired of VAT refunds.

  17. Unknown person

    Some comments kupapa fye!

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