Nchelenge Teacher Arrested for Impregnating Pupil

A 28-year-old Teacher of Nchelenge Secondary School has been arrested for allegedly impregnating a 15-year-old school girl.

Tresford Kangwa was nabbed by police on a charge of defilement but it was later discovered that the said girl is allegedly pregnant.

Luapula Province Commissioner of Police Elias Chushi said the incident is alleged to have happened between February and June this year.

Chushi said the suspect has since been arrested and charged with defilement contrary to section 138 of the Penal Code Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia as amended by Act number 15 of 2005.

He said the suspect is scheduled to appear in court soon.

“We received a report of defilement in which a 28-year-old man, a teacher at Nchelenge Secondary School, is alleged of having impregnated a 15-year-old girl of the same school…the suspect is already in police custody and will appear in court soon,” stated Chushi.


  1. mwansa john

    not same school please!

  2. E M

    Try to found out more u’ll discover that she was his girlfriend for more than 2 or 3 years. girls of today they like sex to much sex has overtaken love this days

    • Ratu

      EM, what man in their right mind sleeps with a 15 year old? Are you not embarrassed to even try finding the rationale for this sick excuse of a man?

    • Yahoo man

      True sir

    • Rabbson Daka


    • Rabbson Daka

      This day girl’s love to much sex

  3. Fisunge l

    Let him marry her and pay dowry sorry for that teacher he’s just started his life cycle he could have gone to a 20year old no mulandu

  4. Savimbi

    Paipa pano, wanyeka m’dzi, vonzuna vanileterera ine, aiiiiiiii


    It’s a pity that my Bro Tresford has no continence.But What about your wife or ate you not married? Brethren, life isn’t ALL about satisfying oneself with SEX.It is more of doing the right thing with FEAR of no Man but God almighty.

  6. Mufunelo

    Ohhhh bakadodaaaaa

  7. mulilomulilo

    To bad, girls for this days they like sex to much n money, so don’t blame him.she is the one who was following him……….

    • Ratu

      Mulimolimo are you normal? Is this a 15 years old you are talking about?

      • Bana E

        as sad as it is Ratu, it’s true that girls of nowadays are in the fast lane. who knows what really transpired between the two. am a woman myself and it saddens me that you’d be talking to a 12 year old and she would be looking at you from head to toe with disgust yet you’re just trying to advise her. so I wouldn’t blame the man entirely

  8. Michael

    June balikacita 🤗fulamatically🤗

  9. The saint


    • private copolo

      Thank commissioner of police Elias chushi ,thax to be open and informing the public such nonses a teacher did,and am advise officer in charge(police) especially north western province they fordor of hide information, teach some other officers to do the same, stop hide, like what happen here in mwinilunga road,i don’t want mentioned some officer who be in trable.

  10. Jomwa

    Govt trophy ,why not go in bars and get one brother man uzamuziba yesu

  11. dyness

    Comment too bad but men so he even has a girlfriend instead of going to her you are doing bad things arest him he deserves a punishment

  12. Izzy

    Too bad,this is all because of the dress code of the female pupils,and nothing more than that.
    Both the teacher and the pupil had made an agreement of having sex before it happened, so both are involved in the matter,and they all enjoyed the act.
    Moreover,the police and the courts should just let the teacher marry that pupil,and move on.
    However, that teacher must be expelled and his teaching licence,must also be terminated, because what he exhibited to the educational management and to our nation as a whole was unprofessional.
    A concerned unza student.

  13. shaka

    you can just blaming the man but girls of today they starting life very early 15years so she as has slept with different men

  14. bombshell

    We shud blame the teacher cause he is under oath.the law is very clear “Thy shall not touch “

  15. Joshua Garufu

    Defilement Has Got Its Own Charge.

  16. Zk

    Soft meat

  17. Kaya mayo

    Too bad!kids of nowadays?

  18. Alexandrecious

    Let him marry her

  19. E M

    guyz sex ni sex here in matero 15 nimukulu kuli 14-13 so this days ni normal if u want to believe what am saying come ku devil street

  20. Bwafya

    Girls of nowardays kuli sex awe sure!!!

  21. Amatole

    Zooona June taishile bwino , it’s part of losing weight , mmmmm awe abaice banomba balewamisha namatanta gene ayabalekashi kuti wakanyenge wee mwati bufi, I think that girl she is not 15yrs old,how come a 15yr old girl loving sex too much like that, am sure she is 26yrs old, BA Court see what u can do for that teacher don’t let him go out of job cause there are so many people who pregnanted young ones, awe June one mwee teak claim I shafts ififine kuletalalisha saana we can’t servive .mmmmmm…. Aims nalyooo shimika tumfwe…

  22. Professor


  23. Professor

    This is indeed diabolic offside

  24. Decorum

    This is indeed diabolic offside

    • B m

      The problem is, nefifine ifima privation injection’s ,Bana bamasukulu bapasiwa, so for them thy think their protected,



  26. Samson


  27. Joshua

    u zamu zaba yesu, ubuule ata.

  28. concerned

    The ka girl is also to blame.Kids of nowadays tabatina.Did the sir rape her or she had sex with him on her free will.Ba teacher lets be careful

  29. Musendo Morris

    Comment People I Think Both MHav To B Arrested Bcoz One The Teacher Forgot His Owth N Girls Of Nowerdays They Like Sex To An Extent That They Start To Dress So Bad To Intice,makolo Timabaona Bana And We Say Nothing And Yet If Such Hapens We Are The Ones Talkin Rubish,think Bfore U Talk A U The Ones Sending These Children Nha!!!! Ansa Me?

  30. Munamboka Choolwe

    I think there must be no crime committed cause the girl was interested as well.

  31. Vusi maka

    Uzakhunya mfuwetu! As we fuck girls every day but not of that age. You should ask us zulus and ndebeles when it comes to fuck. Rubbish boy

  32. Highly connected

    Chalk bonus taili bwino Sir.

  33. Jms

    Sir confused one you asked for it when you knock on the door it will be opened for you you have already knocked although you thought it to be a secret don’t disturb them give them what they wanted but with conditions (1) no divorce (2)continuation of schooling (3) check on them etc otherwise their is nothing good or bad it depends on one’s mind mwana akalila bonso give it means he or she is capable of that bonso

  34. Jayz

    Skul girls of nowdays thre ar 2 insolent in seducing male teachers bt nevertheless, he should hv execised his self-control

  35. I don't know

    Mmmmmmmmh this is June but ba sir zoona I thought💭 bufi kanshi it’s true uzamuziba yesu. 😄😃😁. Just go mukufunda bakaili ichingeleshi Mr kangwa ba sir

  36. Noted

    He was just harvesting his crops kkkk
    With the coming of GMOs and human rights things have gone to the waste

  37. Musompa

    Kasandaneni in Jesus name

  38. Mwankole 2.

    This government????
    Defilement when you don’t have money right away,
    Cash on hand case covered,,, tabalilemo.
    Guys make sure you have cash at hand..
    I don’t blame him,,,,kids don’t fear nowadays…

  39. Elephant

    Good teacher bad kasukulu

  40. Clenser

    Sometimes I feel sad when I read some postings. This is a serious issue and people are busy ululating like party cadres. There is a teacher and a young girl here. The teacher took advantage of this young girl. Imagine it’s your daughter can u say what u are saying now? How are the parents to this girl feeling. Anyway in Zambia the law allows abortion if the girl is below 16.

  41. Gesh

    bakolwe basekana ifipato. pray for our brother, criticism won’t do anything. Also pray for your self not to be a culprit

  42. Adrian Various

    Too Bad My Teacher am energyless and i nothing to say about this case

  43. BTK

    .Why can’t you go around the Nation & arrest criminals instead of arresting innocent souls,I have said so bcoz of current awkward dress-code they have introduced.

  44. EVANS

    he is a fool

  45. Tha Triple

    Too bad the child will grow without the support of the father. And no matter how much we can blame the teacher Western culture has spoiled everything in Africa. Just look at how girls of nowadays dress, they don’t mind leaving their thighs completely outside. Ati ama fashion, I like Muslims dressing…

  46. Wilson

    Let him marry her failure to which he deserves punishment

  47. mwansa wisdom

    am a pupil of nchelenge sec sku, point of collection, the girl is of another sku!!! too bad our sir.we miss u. GOD B W u

  48. Paul

    Sorry sir but God will rescue you from this bad situation but I know it just a scam but keep on praying to Jehovah and he will handle that issue OK.

  49. Nyakoko

    Manje ni ya bwangi kansi. YOUNG ones to much into sex. Boi ZP were ar u? na chepa.. Ba teacher plz dnt f*u*c*k ba ka sculu plz plz boma ya papata. Zp boi onapo Plz start giving them beans ya mwiyala

  50. Joey Zaza

    This is sad 😥!!!

  51. Ironman

    Girl has a big pussy she agreed they enjoyed give that teacher a fair charge and judgement for him to support his unborn child latter on…..

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