Silavwe Summoned Over Request to Investigate Fire Truck Deal

Golden Party leader Jackson Silavwe has been summoned to appear before the Public Protector Inquiry tomorrow, June 27, at 10:00 hours.

According to Silavwe, his summon is in relation to his request for an investigation into the purchase of the 42 million fire trucks at $42 million and the $1.2 billion Lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway contract by the Zambian government.


  1. Chilankalipa

    Go and tell them the truth, we will help you if need be to prove that the prices of those wheelbarrows were corruptly inflated. We know what Scania sells brand new of those trucks and we know how much making the road costs on average in SADC Region. Do not be intimidated.

  2. John Phiri

    Ukadzudzula wa lakwa. Koma ukhala chete basi.

  3. Phiri

    Money Talks

  4. Frank

    This is a sign of a great leader.

  5. Gary

    I hope you did your research b efore making that accusation. We are tired of leaders making wild accusations at govt. which they cannot back up with facts- all for gaining political mileage. Claims of assasination attempts on one leader are yet to be presented before the ICC (that is if they ever will). Even when a house fly sits on them, one ECL and his govt. is responsible. Be serious and responsible!!

  6. Watikama Matwi

    Wat a pipo criticism is a crime in this country, criticism is a basis for checks balances let’s help democracy grow not pangono ati summoned by Law enforcement agencies cowards, just tell the truth to pipo kwasila

  7. FuManchu

    @ Gary it’s incumbent on government to explain to the citizenry in clear terms when demanded by the people. It’s one way of educating the people and addressing the transparency question. Silavwe needs no research as his concern and many others too the below satisfactory explanation of how an astronomical expenditure was created by government which raised eyebrows! Internet Technology allows all users access to information and what it has exposed on the 42 acquired fire trucks costing $ 1 million each is not justified and it is just not right not to speak out on government excesses! A $1 million fire truck is far more better than what Zambians through their taxes got!

  8. Mls

    Office of Public Protector as name suggests is on the Public’s side, so be assured, summoning of Silavwe is not like that by ACC!

  9. muntungwa

    Go Jack go. Tell them what you think. Weshall support you young man.

  10. kademaunga Shadreck

    The public protector is used as s pony by lungu to steal money for the poor, whose supposed to protect who. Zambia is being lead by opportunists, like lungu.look at him critically, he has the looks of the second president of kenya, the tyrant and despot Daniel Arap Moi.

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