Yellow Card Campaigners Urge Zambians Not to be Silent

Organisers of the Yellow Card campaign have urged Zambians not to be silent but voice out against corruption and all forms of oppression in the country.

One of the campaigners Laura Miti, a civil rights activist, has said K6.1 billion of Zambia’s money has been stolen.

Miti has wondered why Zambians are being silent about it when theft is a bigger crime.

She said through corruption, thousands die in hospitals without medicine while others die from accidents because of undone or poorly done roads and infrastructure.

Miti added that through corruption, thousands are denied access to decent water and sanitation, while thousands more languish in poverty because they are denied basic human rights such as education, jobs and business opportunities to improve their lives.

She has reminded Zambians that corrupt politicians were “the biggest criminals of all” because corruption is a weapon of mass destruction and mass poverty.

Miti has urged Zambians to show the PF the #YellowCard today for  denying them their  freedom of expression to hold a peaceful protest which was scheduled to be held yesterday at Arcades Shopping Mall.



  1. Whiteson

    I say Miti and her fellow activists should use the money/resources available to them to invite and support those with evidence of corrupt activities to report to relevant institutions, otherwise they are irrelevant, Government and Zambians will give them blind eye ear

    • CN

      Which relevant authorities are you talking about ? These relevant authorities know the people involved, all they need is someone to tell them to act.

    • Zeee

      You must be criminal also

    • kufahakurambwe

      Spoken like a true coward. This is why Zambia is where it is today.. a bunch of docile idiots being led to slaughter.

  2. Whiteson

    I say Miti and her fellow activists should use the money/resources available to them to invite and support those with evidence of corrupt activities to report to relevant institutions, otherwise they are irrelevant, Government and Zambians will give them blind eye, deff ear

  3. Bbolex

    People corruption must be fought defiantly, i say much kudos to yellow card.

  4. Joseph malombe

    Good morning Zambians; It is cardinal to die for what is good than to see things going worse and you say things is alright. As a decent Zambian,this is all what I have bee crying for a long period of time that us Zambians we need to work up because, the system of governance in our country is not good. There is some elements in the governing system which are not good.people who are voted to govern the people are not doing the work we enshrined them to do.when we vote for them,they forget about his people and start thinking how to enrich themselves. Zambians, every were let us rise against any poor sot of governance. I surport mr miti and the group for the move that they have to stand in protest that is a good gesture.

    • 4real bro! am behind u...

      4real bro! I heart u…

  5. Jah rules

    If a person is denied or restricted to live the life he has, peacefully and with no basic needs,including small small things which are every human beings right..Then he or she has No choice but to be come an OUTLAW…viva yellow card…#yellowcardmovementforlife..

  6. Wiseman

    Tell them mmm

  7. Gessik

    The problem with these two is that they ve already identified themselves to certain opposition political pcarties so one

  8. Gessik

    The problem with these two is that they ve already identified themselves to certain opposition political parties so one can’t trust them.They are not just speaking for the poor but earning. ..

    • kufahakurambwe

      Regardless of whom you think they identify with the message is not diluted. Take it and run with it.

  9. Mr Peace

    I think prayers and fasting should also be involved in the fight of such kind because without God everything is meaningless.That is why HE ECL declared 18 th of October very year as such a day for every well meaning Zambian to ask God for their needs.Of course we can’t stay hand folded because we pray but also include our leaders in our prayers so they can be derlivered.It is a direct fact that presidency looks simple on someone but when you are there you may even make the worst leader so far.Philipians 4:6.

  10. Jms

    CN is an idiot Criminal Name

  11. Akila

    Yellow card on the right move

  12. Fisunge

    Please can one amidst the activists tell me what is corruption and where it came from,who started it and who is going to end it first of all tell me what a corrupt person look like because I can easily identify a thief,a chakolwa, a prostitute but I have never come across a corrupt person so the best they can do is to sensitive the public about what corruption is,tell the people who is involved and what are the consequences and results of corruption so in corruption everyone is involved including Laura miti cos she’s doing it for upnd who doesn’t know so she’s corrupting our minds with yellow cards one example of corruption is what hh did to his people in southern province to deny them the referendum but today Laura is complaining about human rights when your boss hh refused the bill of rights go to the dictionary and tell the people what corruption is all about than bragging because alot don’t know what it is

  13. Saimbwende

    Laura and should not force us into their demonstration let tell us how she getting from DONORS for these protest Ba Laura learn to share don’t eat alone that’s why we can’t join you it’s because you use us and after you write reports get funding alone no wonder you have said anything good about your country will not be surprised if tomorrow you register a political party that’s how Fred post Membe used to cheat us that he was fighting for the poor but he wasn’t paying tax and today he is now a communist minion,jackals,hyena how the chickens have come home Laura MITI you can’t continue my sister to use people for your partisan protests

  14. Jayalljay

    I think Miti should really use her energy and resources to help the same people she claims to be speaking for, yellow/red card really do not mean anything, there is too much general talk of corruption, if she has names or even more information about the people corrupt surely why not hand over the right organs of the state to deal with it?Be open if you have names and information take it to were it will be used. Your funders can use that money they are giving you to support students who want to better their lives. Or fight for Hon. Luo to open CBU.

  15. yokosa

    Please leave them alone, why jealous so.they suffered alot to campaign this is they time . Wait for your time to come even you, you will enjoy. We stole for the future use.

  16. Christopher Chipenka

    Forging ahead in the fight against corruption

  17. Kalubemba

    Bakapala you want to use innocent people for own benefits, you being funded through tuma NGOs call on Zambians even when sharing those dollars you are receiving from donors.

  18. Carl Mudenda

    This country is full of cowards who are busy talking in dark corners without courage if Malawian’s can have courage to demonstrate that things are not ok how about us Zambians what are we going to tell our children and grand children to encourage them our forefathers fought for independence of this country we should also leave a legacy by standing up for what is right let’s fight this corruption in this country for the seek of children so that they can have where to get courage from.

  19. Hev rena

    The youth of today atr all fast asleep,drunken in hopelessness.Yet they are the ones facing a bleak future of joblessness.They are satisfied with how cadres treat them. Viva pilato..

  20. Kays Mayo

    Teach them & go deeper plse

  21. Fisunge

    Iwe chi Carl mudenda don’t incite lawlessness in this country do you know why Malawi is protesting just start with your family or join Laura and see how the police will multiply you by 10

  22. Jms

    Thanks to have heard how Satan has captured Zambia now it will be very difficult to see or know who is a Zambian because it sims when you have more nomads who have run away from their places seeking refugee in Zambia it sims to be very difficult due to that a none Zambian will never and never never support a right decision unless a wrong one what happened in south Africa is around the corner

  23. One love

    Us poor people our duty is to vote for you and to cry for our poverty ,but all of us we go with barely foot so its pointless and our days are numbered on earth so let them steal if you have seen them just pray for them Amen.

  24. Wise me

    How do you hope to change your situation by attacking fellow human man beings. If you don’t believe that God creates situations like the poverty you are complaining about, do you think you mortals can change anything? No one will give you wealth you have to work for it. Don’t trust human beings, trust in the Lord. You will demonstrate until Jesus comes again to find you on the streets and throw you into hell. Leave the people of God for him to deal with. It is not your job to talk about other people’s poverty, deal with your own problems.

  25. Wise Leader


  26. Not in yo company

    Wanyopola mweka ati yelo cad.naufwala na satanic attire. 6.1 b uziba,foolish.civil activi vct tuma degree twakulemba na pensulo .ngati suvela mushe or bwino die,uti vute pa zed.

  27. Chipata boyz

    What a uselesss people? People are fight for us u bleam them

  28. PM


    • Vioramay

      It takes no genius to know conversations above are coming from complete idiots. No wonder they’re ruled by world-class criminals. What a bunch of cacoons! Let smart people combat crime that runs rampant on every level of the Zambian government. Go and drink kachasu! Wasteful skunks! Waste of space!

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