Airtel Phone Tapping Incident Gets High Court Nod

The Lusaka High Court has finally set a date of hearing in a matter which two Lusaka based Journalists have sued Airtel Networks Zambia PLc for illegal interception of telephone conversations. The Lusaka High Court has set December 6.2019 as date for commencement of trial. The matter comes before High Court Judge Susan Wanjelani. In this matter, Mr. Thomas Allan Zgambo and Mr. Clayson Hamasaka allege that Airtel Networks working under instructions from Former Press Aide to President Michael Sata did intercept several text messages to and from their numbers including messages between Mr. Zgambo and former Republican President Rupiah Banda.

The civil matter started in 2015 and has mainly been investigated by Mr. Zgambo. According to the notice of hearing, trial  in the matter will start in the forenoon. The Notice of Hearing obtained from the Lusaka High Court registry is also copied to the Plaintiffs lawyers AKM Legal Practioners and Airtel’s lawyer Paulman Chungu and Ranchold. See attached a copy of the notice.



  1. The Instigator

    “See the attached copy….”

  2. E M

    Airtel u’re not the best network so far in Zambia u’re not doing it olo am using yo network u’re not.

  3. Mr Peace

    Airtel nimangwa chabe.

  4. AK

    Just withdraw a case, you can’t win a company

  5. Wise Leader

    AKM legal practitioners,isn’t this not the convicts (Keith Mukata’s) firm?

  6. Gangsta grabs

    Ak mapolo yako oro ndikiti yali colonial.They have evidence these guys,do you think they can go this far.Mwi kala pe tanta mwine ayitantamika. Fuck airtel bitches and fuck you.

    • AK

      Gangsta grab, don’t insult, you will not benefit anything, you have to comment in a fine manner

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