UPND Demands Release of Arrested Party Members

The UPND has demanded the immediate release of party members that were arrested in Petauke, Eastern Province yesterday.

Among those arrested are former PF Petauke information provincial secretary Ledger Phiri and former district chairperson Sandyfold Mwanza who defected to UPND yesterday.

They duo were arrested shortly after their defection together with some UPND provincial officials and seven party youths.

Party president Hakainde Hichilema has condemned the move and claims the victims were arrested for merely exercising their democratic right to assemble and join the UPND.

“This is what we mean when we say the PF regime is highly dictatorial and brutal to citizens who want to exercise their rights of association and expression.  Had these been UPND members joining the PF, they would have been allowed to freely mingle and traverse the country and mobilise for the PF without any police permits or interference,” Hichilema has stated.

He has since called on members of the party countrywide to step up mobilisation activities and remain strong “amidst the current oppression we are going through”.

Hichilema said the entire country was suffering due to the collapsed economy “as a result of corruption”.

“… but we will not relent on fighting for what is right and what is just for all of our citizens,” stated Hichilema.


  1. Bk

    The Placards are not for Petauke but Chipata when the UPND demonstrated against Mr Thole Can you put the Right placards. Thank you

  2. E M

    this is not good for our nation guyz lets pray for our nation

  3. mulilomulilo

    Ba PF God is watching you whatever you are doing….. lolololo 2021 iz coming

    • Brooklyn

      Their is no space available for UPND in 2021,

  4. Dude

    Happy holidays people! Hope you are having a good one. Just passing!

  5. Hdyjkvhzj

    Aaàah! Kaya pf gvmt


    What is problem

  7. Herv Rena

    Well ,expect more arrests in 2021 for those ditching PF.

  8. BLSimpamba

    Zambia Reports please narrete the story clearly,How can the police arrest people only defecting to the party of their choice is an offence?Come 2021,

  9. Tuli Bantu

    We will vote, don’t worry

  10. Kazungo Kendrick

    Aaaaa koma pf government Eli corrupted, 2021 and see the strongest power of votes, pf u are matching out …

  11. Stanza

    Justice will prevail one day

  12. nshilimubemba

    That is a half story being told better people hear the full episode than telling a lie .
    Tell people what happened and we shall sympathize with you , zambians join parties of their choice on daily basis it is democratic wright to choose .

  13. Chinyembagift


  14. puzzled

    on this one i wil just say chiwamila galu kuluma mbuzi ba people defect 2 tha ruling but we go vote 4 opp

  15. Malumo peter

    PF be careful if u don’t know Zambians are tired with yo like of vision (you can’t force a horse to drink water ) 2021 is coming mind u a vote is a secret!

  16. Ellis

    What’s wrong with this society caĺled Zambia? Is the humble leader really normal? These is absurd and unread off in the modern society. Humble leader stop this nonsense

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