No Zambian is Superior, says HH

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has said all Zambians are equal and their different backgrounds should be seen as a strength and not a weakness.

In a statement to mark Heroes and Unity days which fell yesterday and today respectively, Hichilema stated that Zambia today faced the challenges of regionalism and tribalism, which brought “nothing but division and exclusion”.

“Every citizen has the right to take pride in their heritage and customs as long as it does not trample on other citizens’ rights or spread intolerance. Nobody is superior or more worthy than the next person, we are all equal, whether a Luchazi from North Western Province, Bwile from Luapula, Kunda from Eastern Province or a Zambian of Indian descent. Our different backgrounds should be seen as a strength not a weakness,” Hichilema stated.

He recalled that the first cabinet of Zambia consisted people of diverse backgrounds.

“We owe our Founding fathers a debt of gratitude for the way they formed a government of all the talents drawn from the different provinces. The first cabinet of ministers consisted also of a white Zambian, Mr Jack Skinner and a mixed race Zambian, Mr Aaron Milner. Subsequent governments also drew from the Zambian pool of talent that saw people like Dipak Patel, Dev Babar and Guy Scott in leadership positions. This is testament to what good can occur when we are united,” Hichilema stated.

He further stated that almost all religions had a common golden rule that taught people to treat others “as we would like to be treated”.

“Just last month thousands of Zambian Muslims celebrated Eid al Fitr and in October our Hindu brothers and sisters will be celebrating Diwali. This ethic of reciprocity should help us to jealously guard the peace that has reigned in Zambia since independence. We should not take this for granted by succumbing to hate on grounds of others’ tribe, colour or creed. There is hope in the promise of tolerance, love, harmony and the peace dividend has been a definite benefit to all of us. Especially when we see how some of our fellow African countries have been devastated by the ravages of hatred,” stated Hichilema.

“Like our founding fathers and mothers, let us be heroes – today’s willing heroes who are committed to good governance, uphold the rule of law, dutiful in ending all forms of corruption and have compassion for the plight of the less privileged among us. Together let us work towards building a society that is grounded on love, mutual respect and celebrates the unity in our diversity. Above all, like true patriots let us be faithful and loyal to our mother Zambia.”



  1. Bashikulu Emma

    Sense,ba HH.keep it up.Way to go.

  2. Bashikulu Emma

    I am just lying ba HH ndemisekeshakofye🦉🦉🦉🦉

    • Bj

      Come on grow up and be sober,ulesekesha ni,

      • Bashikulu Emma

        Boss,the first comment is mine,but for the second one,I don’t know who used my name to pass that comment!

  3. Dude

    That should start from you. How come in your party only a certain tribe can lead? Demonstrate this by making sure another tribe leads your party. Otherwise it is all fake.

    • Bk

      True Sir

    • Vbm

      How come u want to cheat us as if we don’t remember when u said only a Tonga can lead upnd when u campaigned against sakwiba sikota. My friend u are right. Let me remind hh that he condemned creation of muchinga province due to his anti bemba tribalism.

    • Eric

      Please follow politics ba vbm kkkk

  4. Bk

    But who has brought this animal called regionalism? Is it not you Politicians! The saying of this one comes from this part give him more Votes has brought this animal.I remember hh telling someone that southern was a no go area

  5. Mweemba Knowledge

    Ba H H forwad, basokwe balacaala kabalila muloonde.us we are going forwad

    • Mpombo

      Southern Province holds the unique position of being the only region in Zambia,where other ethnic groups from other regions have been attacked and killed. This is well documented and recorded. We can forgive but we can’t forget. Ironically the same people have been denied rainfall and they are migrating to other regions where they are received with civilised manners

  6. Me

    Vote No to tribalist party.

  7. BJ

    Easier said than done. Lead by example ba kateka waku South. When campaign period comes, the language we are witnessing will not be there. Politics of insults will be order of the day. Nani usha mwishiba ba hh. The regionalism being talked about today is mainly because of your coming into political scene. Mazoka was a national leader, MHSRIP. Mwalimonawila. Kuwayawayafye!!!

  8. mckinnie

    True talks sir

  9. Km

    Powerful words from the wise man as the true patriots let us be royal to our mother Zambia and let us love one another. Together we stand divided we fall. Tribalism is the bad act, people of zambia stand firm on this act because it can bring problems to our country. As a christian nation we shouldn’t condone such kind of behaviour.

  10. AM

    Advise of hate ,inferiority why preaching what you are not?

  11. Ba Moonga Keegan

    Tribalism will take us nowhere,, HH is also a human being ,he has something to offer in this country. Zambians have suffered a lot bcoz of the same tribalism talks. Nothing to hide here baba ,HH will be our President in 2021.Zambia Forward.

    • Bk

      we have not forgotten how are fellows were bitten by Tonga’s in Namwala and Monze and hh was Very behind this and today he is saying we are one

  12. Thembachako

    Well spoken ba kalamba, but the problem at hand is jelousy and selfishness which is not easy to eliminate, hatred is born from these two elements mentioned above. Instead of you and lungu to discuss national issue on how you can make this nation good to live in, both of you don’t want to share ideas for the benefit of zambian people and africa at large, thats where you confuse me, its like hatred has blinded both of you. When both of your followers are killing one another you pretend to not knowing what happened. As I am speaking its not known if mwaliteeta obvious is free, power hungry is causing some families to suffer for something their parents did not even do, all in the name of hatred. As Opposition Show The Spirit Of Loving The Nation And The Current Government Of Criminals As People Call It.

  13. Kazungo Kendrick

    Forward forward, good talk ba HH

    • Zodan chikubabe

      Well well ifwe nipantashi fye 2021 take it or leave it HH as ower President.



    • Bashikulu Emma

      Ba Regulator,that’s what am thinking as well.This time,ba HH has talked about something sensible!

  15. Bj

    Come on grow up and be sober,ulesekesha ni, HH forward na Zambia

  16. misozi zimba


  17. Amos zuze

    Very true… Wonderful speech and God bless u

  18. Mapesho

    HH, you have failed to take your party to victory 5 times, but still holding on to power. Is that not indirect way of saying that you are superior than any other member in UPND? Walk the talk, by leaving leadership to one of your party members. Or is it only about you?

  19. Hon G K


  20. BB

    Sense our upcoming 2021 President keep it up we are behind u

  21. Unknown person

    Wisely speech….

  22. Zangata Luchazi

    HH, on this one u are talking.

  23. puzzled

    mmm bashikulu emma if sum1 has talked sense suport not politicisn lionse

  24. Ndondo

    Zambia is biger than these four tribes am seen wanting to divide our peaceful nation called zambia. I surport your startment sir, continue with such speech even the time of compaign when it comes i pray that all those in politics wether in rulling or opposition i pray that let them preach such message i believe and trust that a while true zambian will get the point in such statements as for me a mixed blood i found so challenging to involve myself in these trible politic as i am on fall frant to make consiliation to these tribes which is practing politics of tribalisim lets unit and make a prosperious zambia like these other countries which has calture hetroginity God bless our nation as we are in this trying moment of our economy to recover good evening country men.

  25. zoonda uzalema

    Ask GBM about tribelism, went to southern province back some days together with HH to attend the meeting and the meeting was in tonga laugaege through out while GBM doesn’t know how to speak tonga besides hearing. ana muziba yesu.

  26. Fisunge

    Am so surprised who said in the mast newspaper that give tongas Chance to rule as there the only tribe in Zambia don’t cheat us with your mouth full of rage you can’t change we liar when you change the president may be it can go through but apa you’re even feeling shy to appoint your veep we know it will be Tonga ameno mafupa ubufi bulenunka no kununka it’s you who started this thing now you can’t change it with mere words we shall see umo umwine mu 2021 bye

  27. Banda

    pfools cant see that attacking hh is triblism,hh cant be the party president if the cabnet vote him out,hes not the upnd founder….Bunch of thieves hate hh’s ideas of ?????

    • Me

      Let’s face it, if UPND is not tribal, what tribe was the founder?

  28. Gessik

    Tracing the genesis of this tribal voting will be the genesis towards

  29. Mpemba Nkule

    Only Bemba’s are being shown in courts,Easteners procurement officers and southern retired on national Interest!

  30. Dumbwi

    Pipo of God lets lean to appreciate good things other than politicising every thing you see or hear, I don’t see anything wrong in what HH has said. The only problem with us PF supporters is that we see politics in everything which is very unfortunate only normal people will appreciate or support what this great man talked about, keep it up Mr President

  31. Congrats

    Spoken like a true President, Mr. HH

  32. Lisa

    Fact is Pf has failed to govern because of regionalism and trbalism. The brainy from other regions get retired in preference to brainless cadres as long as they hail from certain regions.. Spot on ba HH.

    • Joseph ,zulu

      Bane let’s remove tribelism is ilisten from her Excellency ambassador from Rwanda interview from znbc with grevazio Zulu learn from our friends ifill pity to some politicians wen they talk about tribe because Gods creation there is no tribe ,race orcolour

      • Wezi

        Joseph Zulu, we have learnt what tribalism can do that’s why we can’t vote for UPND. Not until they change.

  33. Hh

    Let it begin from you. Look at your nepotism, those who supports whatever you say are cadres from the known region. Only a Tonga can be the President of upnd, from Mulungushi conversion after the passing of Mazoka, What can you tell us about tribalism? You were born from that to become the upnd leader. There were people like sakwiba, Patrick Chisanga, Bob sichinga to name a few who were the founders………. I rest my case here, think.

    • Doubt Katwishi

      @Hh, these people you have talked about the list is endless. They all have the cited the same…….tribalism in upnd. Could they all be lying? If I were HH I would sit back and reflect instead of just talking.

  34. young don

    Well spoken

  35. Joseph ,zulu

    Bane let’s remove tribelism is ilisten from her Excellency ambassador from Rwanda interview from znbc with grevazio Zulu learn from our friends ifill pity to some politicians wen they talk about tribe because Gods creation there is no tribe ,race orcolour

  36. Moonzemodify

    Zambia is not a Christian country I wonder why we col it, coz luk at all u guz u don’t love each other shame on u all

    • Bana Simon

      Just bcoz we talk about tribalism does not make us unchristian. It is better to talk and correct than to pretend that it does not exist. Bembas say “apo komaila nondo ninshi pali ubulema”.( I stand to be corrected by bembas with this adage)

  37. Chendabusiku

    Hahahahaha, state house yalileta kantu, “ yesterday you say when it is not working you change and say something else” people have changed they are not the 1964 generation, they have archives. Ba Hechi Hechi what did you say about your party leadership 15 years or so ago when you hounded non Tongas from your party?

  38. Thomas

    You are right

  39. SEE MIND


  40. vincent

    we are one let us enjoy the peace we have for long time in zambia.

  41. Jah bless

    When wise words come to us, we must learn to listen and appreciate… Our country will never change if we keep on embarking on a journey of always trying to find faults in other people… The main reason this country is called a christian nation is because our predecessors chose to commit it in God’s mighty hands, lets learn to uphold the principles of unity, love and patriotism. One thing is to be remembered , ‘all Zambians are equal ‘ no one is more equal than the other… Jah bless

  42. Kanyembo

    Politicians are the worst tribalists and the perpetrators of this animal called tribalism, us in compounds it’s a mix breed, we don’t mind or care what your surname is or where you hail from: we are one.So Mr politician sort your mess,don’t ever involve us in your bombatization concodrum-as one mpombo would put it.

  43. Kapijimpanga

    Your background is that you are a tribalist you will never mix with others for example where I’d GBM c banda sikota etc by the way who adviced to participate in this nation envent? You are very far my brother you don’t who brought the heroes and unity days there are pipo who loved Africa Zambia you have been. Not attending cz your tribslistic tendench

  44. Fisunge

    LiSa you’re a Tonga from dundumwezi I can’t even fear to point that out to every situation there rules to follow if you don’t follow the stipulated law and you want to to be spared just because you came from southern province sorry for you that’s y you’re mmmmm go to jail and check the list of names there and see if there from the same region it’s you people like Lisa who is costing the upnd to other parties check the list of your MPs from southern province does it mean there’s no other tribes in southern province be careful LiSa so don’t take this peace for granted tell your tribesmen to start following the instructions below

  45. mannel

    wina azalila cam 2021…….

  46. Saimbwende I

    In UPND one tribe is superior HH is using Noth Westerners,Westerners and other tribes who don’t know him just look at his parliamentary leadership all were TONGAS Jack Mwiimbu and Tumbwi menso Gary Nkombo so who are you cheating you dishonest person ok why can’t leave the UPND presidency to a Luchazi since you have lost 5 times no you won’t continue blabbing but some of us we know you HH you an arrogant minion

  47. KM

    People of zambia am a nonpartsan but some comments you are commenting is not good, even in pf tribalism is there in Chienge district a tonga man contested as a council chairperson in 2016 general election but what happened people did not vote him. When we are commenting lets look in all angles. The words HH has used are powerful ones but some people can condemn.

  48. Luke Javic

    Mr saimbwende if I’m to ask U A question, why do our current president Mr edga chagwa lungu can’t leave the sit for others to stand in 2021 general election? U know if u don’t have anything to comment just shut up your big mouth and let the wise comment. don’t bring division let’s support peace and unit for our mother Zambia, let’s love one another we are zambians we want our peace no one can fight for it it’s us zambians please I see nothing HH has done wrong anymore

    • Dude

      ECL has not failed to win elections for his party. HH has failed 5X. Why can’t he give leadership to others also to try? Is he superior to others?

  49. Mark

    The fact is that he (hh) is still loved by upnd across the country and that’s why 50% of Zambian people still want him to contest in 2021 general elections, tribalism won’t take us anywhere.

  50. Yahoo man

    Also tell Ba lungu not to stand in 2021 for GEs ,let him leave the seat for others…If he refuses y should HH president leave the seat for someone while we still want him.
    They say never give up but y should HH give up,wen he does that he will be called a failure and that aren’t cool.
    And how many times dd MCS fail???
    But yet at the end of it all we celebrated his victory atlast…
    Victory is coming yo way HH and will celebrate it together as one Zambian…
    And they will be ashamed…..

  51. Kasons


    • Kasons


      • Mapesho

        And only cows can’t see tribalism in Hakaivotela Heka.

    • Arnold Simutowe


  52. Doxa

    Thanks. Not only the first cabinet but also the KK 11 football team was ever winning because it was formed from across the 9 provinces then.
    Now today, alas!

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