Kambwili Tells Zambians to ‘Go On Streets’ If Govt Gives KCM to Chinese

Former information minister Chishimba Kambwili has told Zambians to go on streets and protest if government gives Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) to the Chinese.

The government has taken over KCM from Vedanta Resources which owned a majority stake in the mine.

The liquidation matter is currently in court as Vedanta has challenged the decision on grounds that it stands to lose out massively owing to the huge investments made to improve the mine.

So far, several investors have come forward with a view to take over KCM, with the China Non-Ferrous Metals Corporation (CNMC) also declaring interest.

But Kambwili, the former Roan Member of Parliament and now National Democratic Congress leader, said despite PF secretary general Davies Mwila saying that KCM would not be given to the Chinese, all indicators point to the contrary.

“…thank God that Mwila went to Chingola, he was on Radio Kokoliko and he said ‘we are not giving the mine to the Chinese’. I hope he can live by his words. All indicators are pointing to the fact that they want to give the mine to the Chinese, I have warned them that Chinese running the mines is as good as not having an investor,” Kambwili has said.

“…they pay low salaries, they don’t follow labour laws and government cannot do anything about the Chinese, they have failed…if the government wants to give the mine to the Chinese, it is better to go on the streets and demonstrate. It is better to go on the street and demonstrate, all over Zambia, to say that we cannot accept this…I want to urge the people of Chingola and the Mine Workers’ Union of Zambia, reject Chinese, you accept them at your own peril.”


  1. Simfukwe

    You have ulcers in the mouth you don’t want to keep quite and listen the SG has clearly told the nation that no Chinese who are you warning? You must check what you don’t think you have influence on Zambians who are better placed to think and move forward

    • BK

      Mr Kambwili your family is in the UK go and bring your sons so that they go in the streets of Lusaka.You want innocent and Poor people to be arrested. Yourself you can manage legal services.But the people you are telling to go and demonstrate can not Manage.Sir we Humbly advice you to go and demonstrate yourself.

      • Joseph

        Simfukwe and BK, bakandile ba PF tamuli amano mukulanda kwenu, we all know that KCM is for Chines, let Kambwili talk about this, He is the voice of the voiceless. Come 2021. In copperbelt now we need change.

        • Daniel Banda

          The problem is because you don’t believe in God the owner of everything. When you are facing problems with anything created by God PRAY and he will help you to solve the problem. Remember God came to demonstrate to us that he did not want to use physical power to bring peace in the world, but good reasoning. Pause, Reason, And,Yield. The greatest reasoning is to love God whole heartedly with our strength and mind just as we should love those we share the air (oxygen) with not the copper or anything else. The mind should not be used for counter productive activities. God will one day take away from us, our common wealth the air the copper will not be of any use even when our bodies will be buried in the ground where the mineral is.

        • Biancah

          Sinfukwe and the other one are you even listening to yourselves if you have no contributions to this or whatever don’t comment Mr kambwili is totally right

    • Edwardo

      You would rather stay quiet?
      If Dr Kaunda and other freedom fighters stayed quiet would we here enjoying the freedom we have?, let’s grow us as a nation

    • Sosa

      Why are you so fast to insult Kambwili instead of talking about the issue at hand,what wrong with yo rotten head?…….I guess you are a pabwato faku.

  2. Amos zuze

    Simfukwe, this is one Zambia One Nation… Let the guy be.. Maybe he has a point… Have u ever yourself worked for Chinese guys???

    • innuendo

      Just inciting lawlessness! Surely, are there no better
      ways of expressing displeasure on who the buyers of the mines should be?

      Not everybody is good at throwing stones Doc!!!

  3. Kambwili

    Even in the so called Great America Great Britain most of the companies are run by Chinese, instead just change the laws and let them follow the law not waffling like headless 🐔🐓.Huawei is being banned cause they have seen that amachocholi have beaten America and Europe.sata said the same thing but when we elected him he saw that without chocholi his presidency would be useless.stop immitating him there is only one sata,ftj,mwanawasa,lungu and chagwa.we want to see who you are as well 🐼

    • Vbm

      Great thinking my dear. Laws will guide Chinese investments not Chinese or presidents thanx

    • Matumbo

      What is wrong with the Chinese? Just woŕk on the Labour laws. China man will come and show us how to business.

  4. Chipata boyz

    Whats going on ba zicta pa fb shows like iam using free data

  5. Kings

    Simfukwe Are You Normal? Whats Wrong With The Man Has Said? Don’t Attack Any How Ba Guy. We Have Worked With The Chinese Companies And We Know Them Better. At First They Will Behave Like Good People But Once The Roots Are Firm Enough You ‘ll Come And Regret, So Let Us Think Twice As The Owners Of That Mine, Its Not For Mwila And Kambwili Alone, But For All Of Us As Zambians. Simfukwe Ulekeko Ulubuli Mune, Avivyo Kwene Ya Mukombe.

  6. Meejee

    Let’s the Chinese work on roads not mining they are a pain in the ass please give this mine to Australians or Canadian if not lets just close it and start farming of winter crops Chinese are they worst investors followed by indians Kambwili is very right let’s protest if at all government gives the mine to this yellow skinned shenu this will affect everyone .

  7. David N

    “It doesn’t matter what color the cat is, for as long as it catches mice” This man aspiring to preside over our nation needs to understand that investment capital is what the kcm needs ! As a politician he needs to ensure that laws are in place that citizens employed are well remunerated. Everyone knows the minimum wage in Zambia is a pathetic 1200 ZMW. Chinese mines are paying above that and so are compliant to the law. He needs to ensure that the investors will pay duty on all spares that can be locally machined. He should be in the forefront of discouraging briefcase suppliers and contractors who supply “air”.

  8. donald

    Comment baka ck are you telling the people that pf should go and force the whites who have no interest in buying Kcm just because you do not want Chinese when you are selling something on the open market all you need is seat down with the buyer who ever it is and agree with what you want the Chinese you see running these mines all came the time of MMD even Mr Sata did not chase them .

  9. Herv Rena

    Chishimba is right,amachoncholi bays sana.They are not different from these Indian ba Vedanta.

  10. Mufunelo

    Let his sons and Daugters be the first ones to protest then after two weeks tukajoina mwaumfwa boss……..,don’t politicise anything Dr ck

  11. Nenex That Patrick

    Just bring that so called a killer here so that we can sort out things properly as our territory. Here we know how to treat such people very well.the punishment he has been given I think is not enough to pay back life of an innocent child.when see that your wife is keeping on repeating the same thing,why can’t you just try her to Court instead of doing such shameful thing.there people who are in charge please let the people police first do their job by beating severely punishment!!!

  12. abilima

    Davies Mwila said the Mine will not be given to the Chinese? Of course not – it should not be given to anybody but can be sold to any successful bidder — including the Chinese.

  13. Tuli Bantu

    The ones that is saying the Chinese should take over KCM, they are fools, they don’t know how Chinese people are, yes they can build something but it will not last coz they are crocked they only know how to in rich their country, they have no respect for a Zambian,

  14. Tuli Bantu

    They don’t even respect God the creator, I have personally worked with these guy, no Sunday, they don’t have fixed wages, if you break anything by mistake they will cut your money, kulibe ndalama ya vakudya,if they are mistreating you and then you try to tell them that you are going to police, they even boast to say, go who fears your feck police I will just give them money and then you no pay you money, which means no one can panic them not even ba Lungu, they are above the law, I hat Chinese people.

  15. Gessik

    Mr C K ,are there no Chinese in Luanshya? Why are there no protests in Lya ? Are there no Chinese in chambishi ? Maybe you need to ask chambishi residents .Chinese people are all over ,all we need are good labour laws big man .Stop misleading the nation ba CK.

  16. Joseph

    Zambia is the Christian nation, now which God are the Chinese pray? Ala mwe bantu uko tuleya katwishi, icalo tacili bwino, nabalelandako ifyamano ati iyo nabapena. You KANDILEs muleikuta ati fyonse filifye bwino. Wait and see 2021 is coming, ni masoshi.


    Comment: People Zambia please dont trouble the Chines, if they are ready to take KCM let them do so. what is required is to strengthen the labour laws and to have a strong UNION. Demonstrations will never take us any where, let us talk about real matters here.

  18. Lifumbela jerry

    Wefwema Zambian ubupuba,ubuloshi tunasheko Zambian on Zambian jealous this is what has caused utuma choncholi ukudelela bundabwabu Christian ubwapa sunday. Let’s check ourselves n change the way we live, the way we eat,the way we treat each other it’s not God that’s gonna solve but us!! Use ya brain use ya brain!!!!!

  19. puzzled

    u guys who ar supotn tha chocholi those people they dnt rspect zambians i saw hw 1 of my friends was toturd for suspectn hm of stealin tuma bags of cement dey locked hm in a room kickd hm badly instead of taking hm ku police n thretend not 2 pay hm hs salary he surfurd took the matter 2 zp n noting happend at last when dey realised he dd not steal they gav hm tuma change, on sunday when u tell them u wnt 2 go 2 church dey wil say wil God gv u a bag of mealie_meal are those the people u wnt 2 inhabit zed no no guys

  20. Hon G K

    Zambia for China come 2021 you run with chines ,talk ck

  21. Joe

    Mr ck,if the Chinese don’t follow labour laws what are you supposed to do yourself,instead telling miner to demonstrate ,Chinese are not bad but what is bad is you pipo who allow them not to do Zambian labour laws,let them come ,sit with them and give them what their are supposed to follow. Sign with them,don’t just talk,bring adores mr ck,miner want money and new investors who will agreed to their damands

  22. Nyengo

    Whether KCM sold 2 chinese or europeans captialism is evil and pipo hav remain poor and leave us with ground holes. Kambwili call is unhuman becoz also chinese enjoy human rights has he demand 4 his 2 respectd by pf govt. Sudan and algeria pipo went 2 streets demandin unachieveable things and kambwili citing pipo 2 rise against chinese is a case and in kenya yo friend is in jail 4 asking ugandans,tanzains and chinese 2 leave. Chinese better than european bcoz chinese has given zambia more help than these western country u praise day and night.

  23. Fisunge

    Have you seen that ck is not a person to reckon with how does one tell people to go to the streets what does he want to show the world let him start with his wife if the Chinese tell him today that they want to open mine in his country luanshya can he refuse ? And when Zambia is declared as Christian nation does not mean every one should go to church on Sunday let the best bidder win and take over people needs the money not demonstration sorry ba ck that’s Satanism of hh entering your heart

  24. Tuli Bantu

    Fisunge or who ever you call your self, you are a true devil, Lucifer and the demons that’s you, mulibe umunthu weni-weni multi iwe, anakudya chani HH kwakuti sumagona pali eve umachita kukukuta meno yako?

  25. Tuli Bantu

    Fisunge or who ever you call your self, you are a true devil, Lucifer and the demons that’s you, mulibe umunthu weni-weni multi iwe, anakudyala chani HH kwakuti sumagona pali eve umachita kukukuta meno yako?

  26. Hebk

    Why does ck hate chinese so much. His hatred for chinese is too muuuch.

    • Joseph

      Ninshi mulbomba bwino naba ma Chinese? Buka ndile muleke!!

  27. Honest

    these chinese are worthless investors,from own experience the chinese can not the mines,(KCM).

  28. Mufunelo

    Even Mr sata used to say the same before he became president……. But after the elections the only time thing he said is this: we welcome your investment, but your investment should benefit the people of Zambia and not the Chinese……. Mwaumfwa ba ck

  29. Kevin simwala

    We need development in Zambia for future generations,

  30. puzzled

    fisunge if idiotic was a school u wouid have been its head wat has hh done 2 u 2 deserv bn cod a satanist go n work stop colin hard workn pipo satanist

  31. Christopher M.Mutambo

    Its better the Chinese takes over and invest in the mine and create jobs for the people than going on the streets protesting..
    Mr CK go and get your kids from abroad to protest on the street.

  32. Sosa

    Ama comments yamo yalangafye ubiquity.Chinshi tulandila ngamashilu ukwabula ukutontonkanya bwino bwino pantu ili lyashi lya KCM likalamba which requires people to be sober headed when discussing,all we know is challenging one another.


    I always like to read what Mr Kambwiri says, just to check whether he will say something I can agree with. More often than not, what I hear is disagreeable!
    True, late President SATA (MHSRIP), had listened to Kambwiri and even made him Foreign Affairs Minister.
    A ver high position. Alas, very
    quickly, Pres. SATA must have realized something and he dropped Kambwiri. That was the first of many demotions, Labour minister, community minister and finally youth & sport which incidentally, we understand is the lowest portfolio at ministerial level.
    On the other hand, Pres SATA had started one Edgar C Lungu as a deputy minister at VP’s office. After the unfortunate passing on of Hon. Sakeni MHSRIP, Lungu was promoted to Home Affairs Minister, no.5 in portfolio from no. 30 or 31
    Then GBM resigned, Lungu was moved to no.4 and started to act as President. When Hon Kabimba left Lungu was given additional portifolis of Justice, party SG and also sometimes Acting President.
    President SATA had had so much experience in running public affairs and therefore most suited to help us know who would best run the affairs of government in PF.
    Is Mr Kambwiri, would he be, the best person to tell us he is the one?
    Why can’t he be patient? I call this:
    Immediately the liquidator was appointed, Mr Kambwiri had told us, that he was the first person to advocate for the take over of KCM.
    Has he got someone in mind who should run the mine? OR is he HMV ( His Master’s Voice) for you know who has already got someone?
    As a national leader, which he is, Mr Kambwiri needs to learn to consult.
    Otherwise, he may not see the pit in front where he will lead his followers. That is the first duty of a good leader.

  34. Kellys kay


  35. sotambe


  36. Biancah

    Ask people who are currently working for these same Chinese people and they will explain better,are you that desperate for loose change ati let the Chinese do what. Mr kambwili you are definitely on point wish some people can’t be this narrow minded

  37. Henry

    People who don’t work for the mines nor have relatives who do busy talking nonsense. Kambwili is right, it’s high time we guarded this country jealously. Do you know what Zambians who are studying, doing business or even just visiting go through when they visit China?

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