Nkana MP Empowers Women Groups

Nkana member of parliament Alexander Chiteme has empowered 17 groups of women of Mindolo Township in Kitwe with 1,060 chicks each and K27,000.

Chiteme, who is National Development Planning minister, said the initiative is aimed at supporting women in the communities.

He has also handed over 10 sewing machines for women to be self-reliant and stop the dependence on men.

Chiteme said he would continue to support women in his constituency to help them engage in various income generating activities and begin to contribute to the country’s economic growth.

“Some people are not happy with what I am doing here but I will tell you that I will be for the people…because you put me where I am today. What we are trying to do is to empower you so that you can stand on your own than depending on anyone,” said Chiteme who was in the Constituency to check on various development projects and to engage with the people that elected him into office.


  1. B M

    Wow 👏👏👏… I wish our MP would do something like that for our mothers.

  2. Vb

    No wonder i ask myself what Harry kalaba did for US here in bahati constituency like his counter part in nkana. What wil this selfish man use for his presidential campaign? He empowered no group here . Let him challenge me in this.

  3. Fisunge

    We also need development in luanshya roan constueny since we have a new mp he’s quite like water in the well we want to see him do the job

    • Dude

      @Fisunge, the MP for roan promised jobs, anything like that in roan?

  4. Imbwa🐕

    Nidinda iwe🐇

  5. Os

    May God bless you Mr Chiteme .Some of our Mp we don’t even know their face or their home, children,even their husbands or wife and since when people voted for them until now they never visited us.yes please ni animal farm.

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