FAZ Dangles $25, 000 for Chipolopolo Coach

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has upped its offer for a new Chipolopolo coach by adding an extra $15, 000 (K195, 000) to the $10, 000 staked by government.

A new Chipolopolo coach stands to pocket K325, 000 per month under the announced conditions.

FAZ is searching for a new coach to take over from Sven Vandebroeck whose contract was not renewed after failing to qualify Zambia to the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.

Below is a full statement from FAZ:

Press Statement

(For Immediate Release)

Football Association of Zambia

Football House, Lusaka

4th July, 2019


The Ministry of Sports has sanctioned the Football Association of Zambia’s endeavour to recruit a quality national team coach by approving a US$25,000 package.

Following a meeting between the Ministry of Sports, Youth and Child Development and FAZ leadership, the two parties have made steps towards the recruitment of the Zambia National Team Coach.

Minister of Sports Honourable Moses Mawere has re-affirmed government’s financial support towards FAZ and maintained its US$10,000 allocation for the Chipolopolo coach.

Further the Ministry of Sports has given FAZ a go-ahead to recruit a coach as soon as feasibly possible.

The Association has secured an additional US$15,000 funding towards the salary of the head coach in response to market forces.

However, FAZ wishes to appeal to the corporate world to come on board and ensure that more support is secured to towards getting a top notch coach.

The availability of additional resources will help FAZ secure a coach at a competitive fee.

FAZ has asked the football family to support the cause towards securing a coach that will take Zambia forward.

The Association acknowledges the support government has continued to render towards football.

For and on behalf of:


Mwazi Chanda




  1. Alex

    Let’s hope even football standards will improve ,we need to see ourselves move upwards at FIFA ranking.

  2. Alex

    Let’s hope even football standards will improve ,we need to see ourselves move upwards at FIFA rankings otherwise tax payers money should be accounted for.

  3. Mufunelo

    Shafula and on top of that these guys are just failures

  4. Gift

    Good move

  5. Mn

    Gud move govt.lets hope we er going to improve in terms of the national team assignments

  6. Lemmy mwale

    Good move ba Faz

  7. Abena kafue

    But has Faz cleared the salary arrears for all the previous national team coaches? I doubt.

  8. The elders

    Good move,but we want a quality coach not conmen which FAZ always bring to the nation,in fact some are not coaches but cricketers e.g Bukkard cissor

  9. Bashikulu Emma

    So chabe

    • Kapela

      The only solution to the national soccer team is that coach from Italy Darlio bonnet,we need to re-consider that manby recalling him on We chased that without any fault after all he was the man who made us qualify to the afcon,so my appeal to faz is let the that man come back,he knows how to build players like he did to mayuka,nkausu,Evans kangwa,etc…we hated that man for no gud reasons…pliz let’s bring that man back….he transform the nation team to the level it was in 2012..

  10. Gangsta grabs

    Me the only support i can give is to steal from the trainer at gun point that is if u are able to disclose his house number once hired.

    • Fuck🦂

      Fuck your ass Gangsta grabs🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  11. E M

    let’s give jose mourinho he has no job

  12. Mac-B

    Let us have a coach who will not be corrupt then things will be okay because most of the coaches are after money. And then the other thing which makes more coaches to fail is technical assistants these guys you get from our own country they have interests in some players leaving out those who have experience so you faz should look into that rather than wasting such a huge amount of money

  13. chipata boyz

    we need best coach from Europe who have history

  14. Son of the soil

    $25,000 multiply by K12/$ equals K300,000 per month or year????
    Someone to help me!!

    • 🐍

      I we chikala read it’s monthly 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

    • Reuben silwimba

      The dollar is 12.50 My friend

  15. SIDO

    Let me do the job. I’ll take Zambia to the next World Cup

  16. SEE MIND


  17. Jk

    The income is very much interesting it’s high time we have someone from Europe to upgrade our players and national levels a lot of coaches in they’re ready to take up a big challenge. We have to have a coach now before the world cup And Afrcon qualifications start.

  18. Luck Muwaya m

    Good move Ho. Mawele and FAZ president Mr Kamanga

  19. Victor

    great move faz….we must qualify to all competition without any failure… that’s a huge amount of money for someone to earn in a month….ise tifola ma k500 ka…⚽⚽


    Ver serious issue indeed. And immediately 2 names come to mind.
    But first the money:
    Let’s not hurry to please one person.
    The coach should get $18,000/month and
    Deputy coach $7,000/ month.
    Remember that in most cases a good coach comes with an assistant. FAZ must learn to think strategically.
    1) Charles Musonda, ZAMBIAN
    He has for many years coached Anderlet Junior side. Everyone knows that Anderlet normally contributes about 50% players to the Belgium national team. This means about 5o% of that team has passed thru Charlie. One can also see how successful his children have been at soccer with all of them currently playing at high level in Europe. Charles Musonda definitely understands Zambian football, has several contacts in Europe, that may help get players contracts to play abroad. He may not make it very difficult to accept a less than acceptable wage of $18,00/month.
    2) The Brazilian who had coached clubs in Algeria and Tunisia.
    Zambia has normally had difficulty to win against North African teams. He can help us overcome that. More importantly though, he can bring us Brazilian flair. That can easily bring in lots of people to the grounds.
    I remember Malawi had brought a Brazilian coach sometime in the 70s. Before that we used to beat them 7:1 or similar score lines. But he changed the concept of Malawi footbal to this day.
    More important would be how our pmayers can lean how to us technics other that physical strength in a game, or a combination of both like Spain or Portugal have done.


    Ata nokulusa pamulu,, shame!!!!!

  22. vincent

    But one thing we are lacking is that we do not consider young players for building up a very energetic team.You are just concentrating on old and older players,which will take us nowhere at all.FAZ make sure that clubs must have academy where young players are been trained where football is concern.Let these clubs to have good stadium at all cost.Let us take football as career not as party time.



  24. norex

    good move ba faz

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