UPND Picks Kapalasa for Katuba By-Election

The opposition UPND has picked Katuba businessman Aubrey Kapalasa as its candidate for the July 30 by-election.

UPND chairperson for elections Garry Nkombo announced that Kapalasa had been chosen ahead of nine candidates that had been interviewed.

“The 42-year old Mr Kapalasa comes from Mungule village in Chief Mungule’s area in Katuba constituency in Chibombo District,” said Nkombo in a statement.

Kapalasa stood in the 2016 general elections in Katuba constituency as an independent candidate and came out third.

The Katuba by-election was necessitated by the death of independent lawmaker Maureen Mwashingwele.


  1. Dexter

    Cngrats mr kabalasha am wishing all the best and hoping that wen u win you’re going to represent pipo’s expectations.

  2. Vbm

    Congratulations incoming MP. We know katuba is a no go bedroom area for Bantu botatwe. But mind ú. There z no business in parley but parliamentary business. So it’s not a profit making venue for u but for people

    • Frank Chombela

      Philanthropy that’s tied to an election is no philanthropy at all. Those poor villagers have no way of knowing that. I make charitable donations in Katuba without fanfare and the beneficiaries do mot even know me. The intermediary knows me and it ends there. I don’t even have political ambitions in that place bcos I can’t stand the rituals that go with politics in Zambia.

  3. Mulsanne


  4. Mufunelo

    Hope u will do better

  5. brown

    Nice development congrats mr kapalasa upnd for life

  6. Kings

    A very good selection infact, wishing you all the best mr Kapalasa.

  7. Binda

    Hon Kapalasa, you have my blessings. UPND futi na futi ku wina fye

  8. kedrick siame

    Great mr man, Mr president sir please can you do something for anwork mp e.g Nakonde, course there are destroying your name ha no development.

  9. Frank Chombela

    Right choice? I hv my doubt. I may not be a voter in Katuba but this isn’t the right choice. This is a rural constituency so the voters aren’t sophisticated. They don’t know what they don’t know and that’s a a terrible position to be in. Often they think what they see is all there’s about people. The world’s not like that.

  10. Kala mponkede mutande B

    Congratulations ba mp hope you will lead us well,

  11. Kubeja Badala

    @Frank Chombela, what are you saying? In one breath you’re saying this is a right choice but in another you’re saying the opposite.Please do not confuse your fellow bloggers!!

    • Frank Chombela

      Haven’t you seen the question mark after the sentence?

  12. Jimmy shaba

    The late mp was a member of upnd and not independent

  13. Bashikulu Emma

    Vote wisely

  14. silumbwe gift

    katuba is for upnd and hh only

  15. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Good move these are the people we want.Do you know the real reason why Zambians are so poor? Vort wisely bane we need change to another president

    • Zambia

      we will appreciate.ubucushibwacilamo.Batucushamunobakoswe.Tulefwayaukubafumyakumeendo pakutibakabe stranded

  16. SEE MIND

    If elect Kapalasha through UPND ticket. you still sleep on the glass field after you grazing. Tried to wake up the people’s Katuba to get development in your co>>>>>>>>>>>>> !!!!

    • Silumbwe gift

      Katuba is for upnd and hh only if you think that people will vote for finish paty like pf you will see your a cader for nothing people the wat change in 2021 you will see you will go pf a finish paty

  17. Peneas Daka

    Aba red

  18. Kapalala

    Pipo lets vote wisely in katuba.not forgetting the finger that is feeding us.

  19. Rubbish

    I have not seen any debate on all the posts just rubbish,fuckses

  20. Jayalljay

    If it’s just politics as usual with no agenda, Katuba will still be a midway to Lsk.

  21. John Male Kamona

    “The Katuba by-election was necessitated by the death of independent lawmaker Maureen Mwashingwele.” This statement is misleading. She was Patricia Mwashingwele under UPND and not Maureen Mwashingwele as Independent.

  22. chimpwali kampwaliosis

    Yeah atleast hez already rich and stable so he wont loot much like bena ubomba mwibala alya mwibala mmmmmmm those are criminalz

  23. BLSimpamba

    People of Katuba vote for UPND bcoz in 2021 we are changing the government.In Nakonde surely nothing is done in terms of development,there is a road which shares Zambia and Malawi formerly @Nyala border post this road during rain season is a stream.A so called chinese contructor came to look for a site to build a camp up to this time nothing is done maybe even the contructor waiting 2021.OK AVYAKULOLAVYE.

  24. Mr Peace

    Mmmmm mukashalafye muli mwamoneni.Here in chilanga we changed.No more UPND.And hey we are really enjoying our decision.Development is rampant.Health facilities, schools,police and many more are all over.Our mother ML has proofed us wrong in our trust of a dead lion than a living dog.She is always on the ground with her people and she really mean business.Katuba,vote wisely and deserve the development.This is Zambian politics.How can people who run away from the president in parliament report your problems to him.People who shan away from important things like National development Forum.Who do they represent?Their constituencies or their party and president.Wake up and bring development to your constituency.

  25. Mapesho

    Here in Roan tuli muli mwamoneni. No jobs as we were promised! Tabamoneka!

  26. osama

    Ba frank fumenipo apa

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