Court Issues Arrest Warrant against Indian Who Called a Zambian Worker ‘Black Dog’

The Lusaka Magistrates Court has issued a warrant of arrest against a 28-year-old Indian man who allegedly used derogatory remarks against a Zambian worker.

Patel Shahnawazy is accused of having referred to Ian Chilenga as a black dog.

Chief resident Magistrate Lameck Mwale issued the warrant of arrest after the prosecution complained to the court that Shahnawazy has not been attending court sittings.

When the matter came up for commencement of trial, the prosecution informed the court that Shahnawazy was not before court.

The prosecution further told the court that this is the second time that the accused is missing court without any explanation hence their application for a bench warrant against him.

Magistrate Mwale granted the application and ordered that Shahnawazy be taken to court.

Shahnawazy, a sales manager at SD Investment, is charged with one count of expressing or showing hatred, ridicule or contempt for persons because of race.

He, however, denied the charge and is on a K15,000 cash bail.



    The Indian forgets that we are all created in the image of God.

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  3. Abena kafue

    We see Indian lifestyle in Tz. Even on news by CNN,BBC, sky or aljazeera we see how poverty strike these people are. But because of Zambian peace they come and take advantage of our docility. This is what brings about xenophobia.

  4. FIC

    Even at be mwamona Engineering the manager is Patel kikikikikikikikiki,imbwili

  5. puzzled

    patel or petro learn 2 hav rspect this is not india its chambia we are all the same if am a black dog then u r a yellow dog

  6. Kays Mayo

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  7. Gangsta grabs

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  8. True

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  9. senior citizen

    Mr Patel you are such an dispeakable man, for how long have you been in our country. have u ever seen any one behaving in such a way you behaved? you have been enjoying peace in our country, still you can’t appreciate, but it’s like you want to see the bad part of us. ok any way don’t forget that it can only take a single day to deporte all of you to your respective countries. those companies you’re having, will remain in this land of mother Zambia.

    • Joseph Zulu

      Honorable kampyongo please inchito yamoka mudala after court process deportetion order .

  10. untouchable african

    Simple. You want to get rid of indians; stop buying their stuff…..stop hiring their services to sink a simple borehole for only 30 meters; Zambians are to poor to be only the ones buying and never selling. Stop your corrupt officials from doing sidedeals with indians. Cut out the export of emeralds were you dont benefit, not even one ngwee.Stop being just a one day talk shop; action is required then other races will take you more seriously.

  11. overcomer

    Let Patel go back to lndia instead of taking advantage of owners of land. Respect us.

  12. Chirundu Courtyard Lodge

    Just one question for him: What is he doing in a country of ‘black dogs’?

  13. Anon

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  14. Blago

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  15. Patrick nkhoma

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  16. nshilimubemba

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    Indians have problems with their own races right there in India.
    Some one created the caste system for themselves.

  17. One

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  18. Adelle

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  21. Ironman

    These bastards racists need to be cleaned off our country.

  22. shalben mwale

    let us all show these people that by accepting them here, we are not foolish.

  23. Pm Abraham

    Plz plz and for sure try one day to suspect us zambian as we are getting our payment in our different jobs we are slavery to Indian people and then abusing us very much plz government our honorable Mr president chaGwa Lungu..we are a avicted by this white people in our jobs plz come and give them respectful rules coz us black we belong to our mother zambia..but we are suffered alot ……one way forward government is the solution

  24. SmoTownArts

    In our own land,our land,Zambia we are being mistreated by foreign investors and it has just become an habit to them and its like leaders of this nation are enjoying the play.so my fello youths what are we going to do now?
    Our land has become somebody’s dancing stage and we as owner’s of the land are living in fears.
    There’s no place for a youth in our country.
    They have neglected us.
    Just because that investor comes in with a brief case of few dollars he or she can say or do anything to a Zambian.
    This must stop or held we will make the rules our self.
    We deserve some respect
    We are owners of the mother land.

    Lean some skills from Mugabe.

  25. professor Clerk

    Gangstar Grabs where are you? Can you please teach this foreigner some respect for the zambians

    • Peter Tosh

      Such scum bags have no place in our country. You don’t run away from poverty and come to insult your masters.

  26. Jayz

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